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J. Jeffrey Means

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  • Trauma And Evil


    1. Evil In A Larger Context
    2. Unveiling Evil: Obstacles And Indicators
    3. The Nature Of The Self, Its Development, And Its Continuing Vulnerability
    4. Trauma And The Self
    5. Evil’s Attack On The Self And Soul
    6. A Call To Pastoral Care: Walking Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
    7. Wrestling With The Angel Until Blessed
    8. Grieving: A Bridge Between Suffering And Hope
    9. A Call To Prophetic Response: No Friend Of Evil
    10. God And The Devil: The Ultimate Example Of Splitting
    11. Revisiting “The Wounded Healer”

    Additional Info
    This book helps those who provide care to victims of abuse and violence add to their knowledge base an understanding of evil_and how it works to destroy. Arguing that “the worst forms of trauma are the human intentional type,” or trauma perpetrated consciously and intentionally, the authors define radical evil as trauma-inducing acts engaged in consciously and unapologetically.

    This understanding of evil helps caregivers move toward the moral, ethical, and faith dimensions of life. The book integrates victims’ experiences and those who seek to help them with a socio-cultural and theological understanding of evil, a psychological understanding of trauma, and the resources of Christian faith.

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