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Isaac Ampadu

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  • Welcome To Life On Earth


    No one is taught how to become the president of a nation; one who is elected president has to discharge his or her duties without prior orientation or boot camp training whatsoever. The same applies to the human race: we find ourselves here on this earth without opting for it, and yet we are faced with the scary realities of living on this earth whether or not we are prepared, and like it or not, here we are. The question is, how do we as humans live on this planet Earth once we are born onto it?

    The answer to this question has since time immemorial been a mystery that really needs to be unraveled.

    This book uncovers the shocking facts and revelations as to how to live life on this planet Earth. After reading this book,

    The naive will be enlightened.
    The believer will be empowered.
    Parents, guardians and teachers will be strengthened and equipped with knowledge to offer.
    And finally, the skeptic will be at rest to make informed decisions about life.
    My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

    Isaac Ampadu, son of renowned missionary Joshua Ampadu (popularly known as Ampadu Methodist), answered the call of the Lord in 1989 while pursuing his mechanical engineering technician discipline in Ghana.

    As an evangelist Isaac has been a minister of the gospel, a teacher, and a worshipper and has since then propagated the gospel through Zimbabwe; Swaziland; Lesotho; Transkei, South Africa; and finally Canada. He is gifted in administration, music, creativity, writing, healing, deliverance and counselling, to name a few. Isaac lives in the city of York, Toronto, Canada, where he runs an accounting business. It has pleased the Lord to place upon the heart of Isaac the struggle for dying souls, and book writing has become one of many efforts through which many will come to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus.

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