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Immaculee Ilibagiza

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  • Left To Tell


    New revised edition, now with an afterword by the author!

    In the spring of 1994, more than one million people were murdered in the Rwandan genocide. This is the story of how Immaculee survived certain death, along with seven other women, by hiding in a very small bathroom for more than 3 months. Day after day, for months, the killers would search nearby ? gleefully chanting “kill them big, kill them small, kill them, kill them, kill them all!”
    With uncommon sincerity, Immaculee shares with us her soul’s struggle through disbelief to anger and rage and, ultimately, forgiveness. She is living proof of the power of prayer and positive thinking.Her story will touch you deeply. You will feel her fear, you will cry, and you will ask yourself the same questions that we as a people have been asking forever: How could this happen? Where does such animosity come from? Why can’t we just be like God, Who is the Source for all of us? But you will also feel something else most profoundly: You will feel hope, a hope that inch by inch, we as a people are moving toward a new alignment?that is, we’re moving toward living God-realized lives. Illustrated

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  • Our Lady Of Kibeho


    Foreword By Jim Caviezel
    Introduction: Show Us A Miracle
    1. My Faith Was Born In Fatima
    2. Mary Arrives In Rwanda
    3. Mary Is Accepted
    4. The First Visionary: Alphonsine
    5. The Second Visionary: Anathalie
    6. And Then There Were Three: Marie-Claire
    7. My Father’s Pilgrimage
    8. Dad Sees The Visionaries
    9. Joy In The Land, And Mary’s Seven Sorrows
    10. Jesus’ Old Choice Of Visionaries
    11. Three More Visionaries
    12. Miracles In The Sky
    13. The Mystical Journeys
    14. Mary’s Tears In A River Of Blood
    15. Mary, Above Kibeho And Throughout History
    16. Mary, Through Happiness, Heartache, And Horror
    Epilogue: The New Jerusalem
    The Rosary Of The Seven Sorrows
    About The Authors

    Additional Info
    Thirteen years before the bloody 1994 genocide that swept across Rwanda and left more than a million people dead, the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ appeared to eight young people in the remote village of Kibeho. Through these visionaries, they warned of the looming holocaust, which they assured could be averted if Rwandans opened their hearts to God’s love.

    Much like at Fatima and Lourdes, the messengers of Kibeho were first mocked and disbelieved. But miracle after miracle eventually brought tens of thousands to Kibeho. For years onlookers watched as Mary and Jesus spoke through the seers about God’s love, sending messages they meant not only for Rwandans, but the world.

    Mary also sent messages to government and Church leaders telling them how to end the ethnic hatred simmering in their country. She warned Rwanda would become “a river of blood”-a land of unspeakable carnage-if the people’s hatred was not quickly quelled by love. Some leaders listened, but few believed; the prophecies tragically came true during 100 days of savage bloodletting and mass murder. After the genocide, and two decades of rigorous investigation, Our Lady of Kibeho became the first and only Vatican-approved Marian site in all of Africa. But the story still remains largely unknown. Now, Immaculee Ilibagiza plans to change all that. She made many pilgrimages to Kibeho both before and after the holocaust, personally witnessed true miracles, and spoke with a number of the visionaries themselves. What she’s discovered will deeply touch your heart. Illustrated with 16 color pages.

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