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Felicia Silcox

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  • What Did Jesus Do All Day


    Excellent text for church study and confirmation classes for tweens, teens and adults

    * Thoroughly researched with up-to-date resources, field tested and with a website to
    keep material current at www.whatdidjesusdoallday.com

    What Did Jesus Do All Day? bridges two worlds-the one we know today and the one
    Jesus knew in the Holy Land under Roman rule. Archaeological discoveries, historical
    writings, and early-Jewish studies continue to uncover what everyday life was like back
    then. Surprisingly, as the distant past comes into sharper focus, similarities emerge that
    are far beyond sharing basic needs like food, drink, sleep, companionship and housing.
    Like us, Jesus’ contemporaries worked and studied hard, worshipped in community, and
    observed holidays with family and friends. Like us, they struggled with temptation and sin,
    failure and loss, political upheaval and war, betrayal and violence, sickness and death.
    Somehow, the closer we look into Jesus’ world, the more familiar it feels-and the more
    his words ring true.

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