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Boniface Ramsey

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  • Homilies On The First Epistle Of John


    Saint Augustine’s ten homilies on the First Letter of John are among his greatest and most influential works. John and Augustine both develop the same central theme – love –and in these homilies Augustine uses John’s epistle as a point of departure for exploring the meaning and implications of love with his customary profundity, passion and analytic rigor. As with John, a context of dissension and conflict within the Christian community (the Donatist breakaway from Catholic unity), gives his preaching a tone of urgency and poignancy. Anyone who reads these homilies, universally viewed as classics, cannot fail to be moved and challenged both intellectually and emotionally.

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  • On Christian Belief


    The seven works of Saint Augustine that are contained in this volume all deal with the problem of faith in God. They were written over the course of three decades, beginning with True Religion (390) and extending to the Enchiridion of Faith, Hope and Charity (c.421). Hence this selection of writings provides an impressive insight into the intellectual and spiritual development of one of the greatest of all Western minds, as it grappled with a question that has never ceased to preoccupy and stimulate Western thought: Is it reasonable to believe in God, and what form might such belief take?

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  • Marriage And Virginity


    “This volume presents new translations of five of Augustine’s works: The Excellence of Marriage, Holy Virginity, The Excellence of Widowhood, Adulterous Marriages, and Continence…. The volume is to be commended on several points. The translation itself is in eminently readable, clear English that should be accessible to anyone interested in Augustine…. The general introduction does an excellent job of placing these works in the context of Augustine’s career, showing how Augustine reacts to controversies with the Manichees, Jovinian, Jerome, and the Pelagians, while maintaining a commitment to the threefold goods of marriage – procreation, fidelity, and sacrament. This is a wonderful collection that allows readers to see the complexity of Augustine’s thought on a difficult topic.”
    -Kim Paffenroth
    Journal of Early Christian Studies

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  • On Genesis


    This volume brings these three works together for the first time in English and provides a valuable and comprehensive introduction to each one.

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  • Confessions


    “Boulding’s fresh new translation of this classic captures the essence of Augustine’s struggle to integrate faith and understanding as his heart seeks to rest in God.”
    Publishers Weekly, RBL

    “Augustine,,s Confessions has been much translated: but it is no exegeration to say that Sister Maria Boulding,,s version is of different level of excellence from practically anything else on the market.”
    Rowan William, Bishop of Monmouth

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  • John Cassian : The Institutes


    This first written work of John Cassian in which he shares the wisdom of Egyptian monasticism, especially rules of monastic life and lessons on battling the eight principal vices.

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  • Teaching Christianity : De Doctrina Christiana


    The most original book Augustine ever wrote is not so much a treatise or scholarly work but an instruction manual on how to teach Christianity. He wrote this how to book for those who would be preaching and explaining Christianity. It is entirely based on the Bible and helps the reader express its truths of faith with soundproof methodology so that they can communicate their message in a clear and effective way. St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430) was possibly the greatest Christian writer ever a Master of Rhetoric who was educated under the influence of Neoplatonism and Christianity. With over 113 books 200 letters and 500 sermons he has left a lasting impact on Western philosophy and culture. His most well-known works are his which are still best-selling titles today.

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