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Bob Reed

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  • Choir That Couldnt Sing


    1. The Choir That Couldn’t Sing
    2. The Snowflake And The Church Bell
    3. I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
    4. Too Fat For Paopao
    5. The Great Episcopalian Bear Hunt
    6. Meanwhile Back At The Manse
    7. The Eleventh Commandment

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    Seven Hilarious Tales That Celebrate the Christian Life

    This delightful collection of illustrated short stories offers a funny look at some of the follies and foibles of mainstream Christian churches. Humorous yarns about God’s people of all denominations elevate quirky characters to a state of grace through their adventures and misadventures.

    If some of the characters in these merry tales seem familiar, it may be that they reflect our ability to find some buoyant laughter in our own pious posturings.

    * In “The Choir that Couldn’t Sing,” a collection of Methodist misfits form a sign-language choir for a deaf boy amidst opposition and controversy.
    * In “The Great Episcopalian Bear Hunt,” a nutty newspaperman devises a church fund-raising event that ends in disaster, but he is saved by his nemesis – an eccentric Englishman.
    * In “Too Fat for Paopao,” an American educator draws on his Baptist past to engage in a dueling biblical quotation battle with a Samoan chief over the establishment of an educational television system.

    These tales and more come alive with hilarity and warmth to show how God works through even the most bumbling and misdirected human efforts. Author Bob Reed’s humor is laced with insight, his descriptions with inspiration, and his characters with God’s love.

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  • Listen To The Heart


    This book is divided into nine sections, one for each of the fruits of the Spirit, with several meditations on each of these gifts. The stories have been collected from the author’s twenty years of experience leading inspriational seminars and conferences across the country.

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