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Bob Burney

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  • Remember Whose You Are


    Remember Whose You Are! will reveal to you that:
    *God’s grace is greater than any sin.
    *God’s grace is a greater motivator to grow, change, and mature than guilt.
    *God’s grace and sovereignty are greater than any circumstance or enemy you will face.
    *God is at work in your life whether you can see what He is doing or not.
    *God has good plans and a future for your life awaiting your surrender.

    Start reading today and discover your real identity!

    We’ve got an identity problem in America – especially in the Evangelical community. Few people really understand who they are, spiritually. Bob Burney addresses this problem in his new book Remember Whose You Are! Anyone who reads this book will be encouraged in a powerful way to see their relationship with Christ in a new way.

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