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Blake Winter

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  • Sword Of Philosophy


    Part I: Being–Initial Investigations Of Acquaintance, Speculative Metaphysics, The Body And Physical Sensation, The Outside World, The Existence Of Other Mental Entities, Physical Science And Metaphysics

    Part II: Value–The Nature Of Value And Valuation, A Partial System Of Values, Interpersonal Values, Government And Society, Interpersonal Values Revisited, Nature

    Part III: Logic–The Foundations Of Logic, Paradoxes And Finitistic Languages, An Investigation Of The Use Of Infinitistic Graded Languages To Solve The Paradoxes, An Alternative: Model Theory, Godel, Mathematical Realism, And Formalism

    Part IV: Coalescence–Theological Considerations

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    Sword of Philosophy attempts to address some of the fundamental questions in philosophy. Beginning with the problem of our conceptions of the outside world and reality itself, it moves into an application of these issues to our experiences of the world and the consequential scientific systems we create. The problem of the nature of values and ethics are considered, and the applications of these problems to society are delineated. The nature of logic and mathematics are considered, with a focus on the incompleteness, model theory, and the differing approaches of formalism and realism. The nature of God is also considered.

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