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Bill Sullivan

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  • New Perspectives On Breaking The 200 Barrier


    1. What Are Choice Points?
    2. Common Choice Points
    3. A Choice Point Growth Strategy
    4. The 200 Barrier
    5. Spiritual Preparations
    6. Planning
    7. Implementing
    8. Leading
    9. Conclusion: You Can!

    Additional Info
    Your church can rise from its plateau and Break The 200 Barrier!

    New Perspectives On Breaking The 200 Barrier is directed to both the pastor and the layperson and offers insights and strategies that will help your church move beyond the average and into the extraordinary. Based on current church trends, new research, and years of experience, strategist Dr. Bill Sullivan returns to the topic of his earlier work, Ten Steps To Breaking The 200 Barrier (1988), and revisits the challenges churches face when trying to grow beyond an attendance of 200. This time he focuses on how the decisions of the congregation affect the church as a whole. He stresses why it is important to train the people, as well as the pastor and church leaders, to understand and accept the changes that come with growth and the desire to expand Christ’s kingdom.

    New Perspectives On Breaking the 200 Barrier will help your church:
    * Examine the decisions made toward church growth and understand how to make better choices
    * Develop a strategy for dealing with tacit assumptions that remain fixed and unresponsive to change without placing all of the responsibility on the pastor
    * Focus on prayer and faith with new insight
    * Recognize that the gate of change is locked on the inside and it is the congregation that holds the key

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