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Bill Sizemore

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  • Fractured Church : Denominations And The Will Of God


    There are literally tens of thousands of Christian denominations in the world today. A visitor to a typical city will find churches scattered all over the landscape, all with different names and doctrinal beliefs, each proclaiming to the world just how divided Christians truly are.
    Who are those people attending all those other churches, the ones you pass by on your way to your church? If they are perhaps fellow believers, do you somehow need them or can you get along just fine without them? Where did all of those denominations come from anyway? Who started them and why? Are denominations scriptural, or do they somehow contradict the will of God merely by existing? Is it possible that some church divisions are justifiable, or even necessary? Will Jesus Christ return for a deeply divided church, or does He have a plan to end our divisions before He returns?
    Author Bill Sizemore, a former Bible college professor, addresses these challenging issues head on in The Fractured Church, a book that is easily the boldest discussion to date of the topic of church unity.
    Jesus prayed that all who believe in Him would be perfectly one, just as He and the Father are one. The apostle Paul wrote that Christians were not to be divided, but were to maintain the unity of the faith, speaking the same things and being of the same mind and judgment. Is such a thing really possible, or are our fallen natures and the power of all those denominational giants simply too much to overcome?
    Somewhere in the middle of reading The Fractured Church you will find yourself deeply stirred and believing, perhaps for the first time, that genuine church unity is not only possible, but inevitable.

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