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Bill Jones

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  • Masters Master : My Personal Journey With God


    Alive Books
    With nearly 50 years’ experience in a variety of martial arts styles and having taught for nearly 40 years, Grand Master Bill Jones is a 17 time world champion. He has held the “Competitor of the Year” award nine times, is a Grand Master and 9th degree Black Belt, and holds three Masters’ Degrees and eight different Black Belts. Despite all of his accomplishments however, the true tests for Jones weren’t about martial arts at all–they came by way of his life and death struggles with major illness and personal loss. In his first book, “The Master’s Master: My Personal Journey with God,” Grand Master Bill Jones tells of his first hand experiences and conversations with God, and how his life, both physically and spiritually, was saved and directed by the true “Master” of all creation–God himself.

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  • Teenage Q And A Book



    1. .Parents
    2. .Self-Image
    3. .Peer Pressure
    4. .Friends
    5. .Dating
    6. .Love
    7. .Sex
    8.. Abuse
    Selected Bibliography P. 197

    Additional Info
    Here are the ANSWERS You’ve Been Wanting…To the QUESTIONS You’ve Been Asking

    In The Teenage Q & A Book you’ll find answers to more than 230 questions like:

    * How can I get along with my parents?
    * Why do I feel the way I do about myself?
    * How can I resist when all my friends do drugs?
    * How can I make more friends and keep them?
    * How can I get a date?
    * What’s the best way to turn down a date?
    * How do I know if I’m really in love?
    * How far can I go physically before it’s wrong?
    * How can I handle the feeling I have from being sexually abused?

    In The Teenage Q & A Book no question is off-limits. Josh McDowell and Bill ]ones answer your questions with honest, frank and straight-to-the-point answers. You’ll find simple, biblical solutions to your life’s toughest issues!

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