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Bill Cahusac

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  • That Gentle Whisper


    Learn to hear the voice of God speak above what overwhelms us

    The God of the Bible is a God who speaks, who spoke the world itself into being; his Word is powerful and it will accomplish what he sent it to do. Our God promises to speak to us, to be found by us when we seek him with all our heart. He promises that the old will dream dreams and the young will see visions.

    But how? What is God’s voice actually like? Can we really hope to hear him today?

    Yes, we can, argues Bill Cahusac, pastor of Emmaus Road, and not only in church. Whether we’re in a supermarket line, at a football game, or out walking, the God of the Bible loves to communicate with us.

    This beautiful book explores, in the simplest and most practical of ways, some of the important and difficult questions surrounding prophecy. Vulnerable, funny, and relatable, Bill takes readers on a journey of his experience, recounting stories and examples that taught him how to recognize God’s voice. Hearing that gentle whisper, he says, comes from spending time with God in his Word and in worship.

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