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Bill Bolde

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  • Lead The Way


    “Effective leadership is a life-long journey on a trail blazed by God. It requires you to reflect on the past, find purpose in the present, and pack for the future, all while keeping your focus on eternity.” Bill Bolde

    Lead the Way is written for anyone who desires to become a more effective leader in their homes, workplace, and community. Bill Bolde, a successful and highly respected high school principal, as well as a devoted Christ Follower, takes one of his favorite pastimes, hiking, and uses it as a vivid analogy in taking a journey which presents four distinct principles of leadership.

    Know Where You’re Going
    Know What to Pack
    Know How to Manage the Journey
    Know Why You’re There

    From formulating purpose and vision to understanding essential core elements that all quality leaders develop on the journey, Lead the Way calls us to a higher standard of leadership. Bolde weaves God’s word through every chapter while studying what the Bible says about leading others.

    Bill Bolde invites you to join him on this leadership quest as you chart a course, pack your gear, and set out on a pathway to discover the splendor of a journey orchestrated by God, the Ultimate Leader, one designed to help you become the leader He calls you to be.

    The Bolde family – Bill, Jody, Faith, and Barney

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