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Bill Blankschaen

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  • Live A Story Worth Telling


    What if you could live a story worth telling, a life of such lasting significance that your story would not just be told but celebrated in places and times you cannot now imagine?

    Legacy. Politicians, athletes, and writers talk of leaving a legacy. As people grow older they realize the importance of living a life that matters but don’t know where to begin. It begins with faith, and this powerful book serves as a field guide to take along on that journey.

    Readers will learn to recognize:

    Truth: the essential protection to walk safely in a chaotic world.
    Vision: the belief and beliefs necessary to see what is possible.
    Fear: only when afraid can we be courageous and overcome fears, real and imagined.
    Action: the powerful dynamic between what we believe and what we do.

    Blankschaen challenges readers to dare to live their own story and to make that story worth repeating. Every life is a journey, but if we choose it, that journey can be a grand adventure that lasts long after we are gone.

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