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Beverly Wernet

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  • I Open Myself To You Oh Lord


    Born and raised in Massillon, Ohio, Bev attended St. Barbara’s Grade School and graduated in 1969 from Central Catholic High School. She received her Master’s Degree in the Science of Nursing at The University of Akron. She retired from a 20-year career in nursing, spanning Intensive Care nursing to Director of Nursing Practice and Research.

    Bev is married to Douglas and has two Aussiedoodles “Amos and Annie” (pictured in her book). They reside next to Onondaga Lake in Liverpool, New York.

    Her return to Catholicism, after a 30-year absence, has culminated in a very close relationship with the Lord, as reflected in her writings. Bev experienced the deaths of both parents within a 9-month period, her young brother-in-law the following year, and the “death” of her marriage.

    “Throughout those many years, I strived to avail myself to the needs of others through nursing and with family members during illnesses and deaths. I always felt like these were my crosses to bear, kept in silence within.” The path was being paved and Bev followed on, “I started to attend Mass, and felt like ‘something’ I had missed was there for me, arriving at my heart and inviting me. I was not alone anymore and I longed to learn and experience this even more, deeper.” She met with the parish priest, “I felt like the glass slipper was placed on my foot and I was about to take a trip beyond description!” She was invited to take part in a Cursillo. “After that weekend, I rediscovered the Lord and my questions /fears/doubts melted into the past, revealing a glorious future with the Lord!”

    “The Lord’s Gifts showered upon me! My desire is to share this through my writings and hopefully, readers will also experience this Wonder of the Lord!!”

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