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Beverly Cook

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  • Sacred Space : Meditations For Common Places


    1. Sacred Space: An Introduction To The Prayer Journey
    2. Meditations For Common Places
    3. Traditional Meditations
    4. Using A Prayer Path (Prayer Labyrinth)

    Additional Info
    Ever want to just get away and be with God? Does your mind wander when you sit down in one place to pray? Want to spend more than 5 minutes with God without looking at your watch wondering how to fill the time? Here is a way to let your body wander so that your mind and heart can stay focused on God. Sacred Space blends the ancient practices of the 12 stations of the Cross and the “prayer path,” and brings it into the everyday lives of youth and young adults. Inside these pages you will find stations for prayer and reflection on the Scripture designed to give you a new perspective on your everyday life settings. You will walk through meditations that can be practiced anywhere-the mall, a park, a campus, on a mission trip, or even at home. There are also traditional meditations, and an explanation of how to set up a traditional prayer path for your group. Sacred Space is about turning everyday space into sacred space-and integrating the ancient practices of the faith into everyday life. So, with a copy of this book in your hand, and a searching heart, take a journey through these “mini-retreats,” that will have you spending your lunch, devotional time, or Saturday afternoon interacting with your surroundings and reflecting on God and your world in a new way.

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