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Betty Robertson

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  • Changing Places : A Christians Guide To Caring For Aging Parents


    11 Chapters

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    The U.S. Census Bureau tells us that our population is graying. More and more people will face the concern and expense of caring for their very old, frail relatives since so many people now live long enough to experience multiple, chronic illnesses. As medical technology provides more ways to save lives, we can expect to see the duration of chronic illness and the need for help for our aging population increase even more.

    If you are facing the demanding task of caring for an aging parent, Changing Places can help you know what to expect. You will find resources for:
    *Organizing the care-giving process
    *Selecting the housing option that is appropriate for your loved one
    *Running a household with three generations under the same roof
    *Coping with the emotional challenges
    *Nurturing yourself spiritually in the midst of difficult times

    You’ll also find forms, checklists, and how-to information that will be invaluable in caring for your loved one.

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