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Bette Nordberg

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  • Book Of Jeremiah


    Lesson One: God Calls A Boy
    Lesson Two; Refreshing The Soul
    Lesson Three: Knowing God
    Lesson Four: Clinging To God
    Lesson Five: The Cost Of Serving God
    Lesson Six: When Bad News Is Good News
    Lesson Seven; Redefining Success
    Lesson Eight: God Keeps His Word.

    Additional Info
    Bette Nordberg knows how to bring the Bible to life. In this Old Testament study, Bette asks students first to observe the text of Jeremiah, then to understand the text and finally to apply the biblical passage. Using this three-part technique, any student-regardless of prior biblical experience-can mine valuable gems from Jeremiah’s account. After establishing the historical setting of the book, students begin with Jeremiah’s call to ministry. Then, working with ever-larger sections of scripture, students will complete the entire fifty-two chapters in eight weeks. Nearly every page of this study is enhanced by historical, contemporary, and archeological sidebars-the familiar Following God series features that thousands have come to love. Students will learn about siege warfare, water management, and the Babylonian Dynasty while wrestling with challenging applications for modern believers. These applications include topics such as: God’s definition of success, the cost of serving God, the danger of disobedience, and God’s faithful care of those who love him. In the final lesson, students will use other scriptures to see how God keeps his word through Jeremiah

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