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Betsy Blessing

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  • My Pets Are Etched In My Heart


    I remember how hard it was to find a cat, Chelsea. How lonely I was before I got a dog, Holli? How helpful it was being around a dog when my dog died, Gracie. When I didn’t even want a puppy, Bailey. How wonderful it was to have two dogs, Jenny.

    Anybody that owns a pet knows just how special they are. Once you bring a pet into your home and you teach them that you are from, this moment on, going to take complete care of them they become your pet child. They are a part of your family and when they die a part of you dies with them.

    If you have had your pet for a long time like I did I’m sure your thoughts are the same as mine were, “How will I ever go on without this pet in my life?” And I say, you will. It will be hard at first, but Jesus will help you, just like He did me. Just like when you are close with anyone, the pain hurts a lot at first, but it will soften as time passes.

    On the front of this book is a picture of my puppy Bailey whom I love and when she died a part of me died right along with her. This was hard!

    I didn’t write this book the way I intended, I wrote it however it fell out of my heart. The loss of a pet is a big deal.

    The next time you see a dead animal of any kind, a funeral passing, or even a news story of a death you should pray for Jesus to give the family and friends peace, contentment, strength, courage and closure and for them not to feel guilty over having these blessings.

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