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Monday thru Thursday 10 am - 6 pm , Friday 10am - 3pm, Sunday 9am-2pm

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship


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Bethany Williams

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  • Truth And Love Journey


    You know it when you see it.
    You desire it.
    You dream of it.
    A connection.
    A soul mate.

    A deep driven desire to share your life with someone authentically.
    You’ve seen the spark in others and you are searching for it today.

    Bethany and Vince are known for their intensive one-of-a-kind transformational retreats where people journey within their inward souls to find what’s been missing, finding untold truths that allow them to walk into their own relational ‘garden of Eden’. In a world of Facebook filters and dating sites that hide the true person behind the images, Bethany and Vince take you on a raw and real journey to true relational discovery. Become the YOU that you were meant to be. Explore the Truth and Love Journey that sets a new course for your future and releases the prisoner within.

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