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Bethany Jett

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  • Florida State Devotions


    When NCAA football fans think of winners, Florida State University quickly comes to mind. And for good reason. Multiple championships. Numerous Heisman Trophy winners. The second winningest coach of all-time. And a handful of NFL Hall of Famers have come from the famed FSU program.

    The ‘Noles know how to win and create long-lasting memories for their fans. In Florida State Devotions, award-winning sportswriter Del Duduit, along with authors Andy Clapp and Bethany Jett, will show you there’s more than just victory on the football field. These forty devotions highlight a memorable biblical or spiritual lesson in each play dear to the hearts of Seminoles fans.

    So, extend that right arm, put on your war paint, and relive your favorite plays with an added biblical twist.

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  • Navigating Minefields : A Young Man’s Blueprint For Success On Life’s Battl


    A leadership book for boys by the moms who love them.

    Written jointly by boy moms Victoria Duerstock and Bethany Jett, Navigating Minefields is a very personal book filled with short inspirational thoughts, quotes and applicable life lessons for young men on the brink of adulthood.

    Addressing the needs for boys at all ages and stages, these life lessons for the journey will be practical and inspiring. In a format, boys will agree to read, Navigating Minefields will make a great gift for the young men in your life.

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  • They Call Me Mom


    Moving, funny devotions crafted for every day by moms who know the drill

    When women take on the role of mom, they take on a hundred other titles as well: healer, comforter, chef, teacher, cheerleader–and less flattering jobs such as disciplinarian, ruiner of fun times, and chief worrier. In the middle of juggling all those roles, finding room to spend time alone seeking God can seem insurmountable.

    Moms Michelle Medlock Adams and Bethany Jett understand the struggles–and the joys. They’ve pulled together their own experiences with the crazy world of parenting as well as the most requested, most talked about topics on mommy blogs. Their research nailed down what moms really want to talk about.

    They Call Me Mom is a lighthearted, transparent take on the real-life ups and downs mothers face through all stages of parenting. Whether mom just brought home her first baby or she has several kids and zero time, she’ll find relatable words and helpful encouragement in these pages. And with one devotion for every week of the year, it’s easy to fit in a few minutes with God in the middle of a full parenting life.

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  • Cinderella Rule : A Young Womans Guide To Happily Ever After


    Stop Looking for Prince Charming–Let Him Look for You Of all the fairytale princesses we know and love, Cinderella is the one who got it right. She knew the spell was about to break, and ran out of the castle just in time to keep her mysterious identity a secret. Prince Charming couldn’t help himself! He had to pursue her, to track her down and invite her to be his queen.The Cinderella Rule is your guide to letting your prince do the work. Whether he knows it or not, the man God has for you longs to experience the thrill of the chase . . . and that means running out of the castle before you give away all your secrets! Find out how to be a woman of mystery who lets herself be pursued, knowing you are worth every ounce of effort. The Cinderella Rule will show you how to be the queen your prince is already looking for.

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