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Bernhard Schroeder

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  • Simply Brilliant : Powerful Techniques To Unlock Your Creativity And Spark


    Do you label yourself as “just a numbers person”? Do you pigeonhole your capabilities to merely that of an analyst or other “non-artist”? Stop feeding yourself these lies and learn how even you can tap into the creative genius driving Silicon Valley’s success stories and begin brainstorming innovation solutions to your company’s challenges. Using his CreativityWorks framework, creativity and innovation expert Bernhard Schroeder explains how to break out of your self-imposed mental box, reignite natural curiosity, and move step by step through a set of exercises that help individuals and teams.

    In Simply Brilliant, learn how to:

    *Fuel creativity through tight deadlines;

    *Create more ideas in brainstorming sessions;

    *Radically improve products;

    *Find inspired solutions using tools such as IdeaGen, SCAMPER, Tempero, and the Phoenix List Let go of the “I’m not creative” mindset;

    *And open the door to imagination and limitless opportunity!

    Even a “numbers person” like you can capture markets with your company’s next innovative idea.

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