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Bernard Lazerwitz

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  • Charitable Choices : Philanthropic Decisions Of Donors In The American Jewi


    Why People Give Charity: A Philanthropic Phenomenon Based On Consumer Spending, Situation, Self-Interest, Or Socialization?

    Is Charity Caring Compassion Or Social Justice? The Case Of The Jewish Community

    Sources Of Philanthropic Giving: Evidence From The National Jewish Population Surveys

    The Three Faces Of Giving: Donors, Affiliated, And Unaffiliated

    Group Portraits In Three Dimensions: Comparisons And Contrasts

    Perceived Incentives And Barriers To Giving

    Twenty-first Century Realities: The Views Of The Fundraising Directors

    Summary And Implications For Policy And Research

    Additional Info
    Charitable giving and philanthropic behavior are frequently the subject of media reports and newspaper headlines. Examining the incentives and barriers to charitable behavior, Dashefsky and Lazerwitz account for such giving by members of the Jewish community. A discussion of motivations for charitable giving, Charitable Choices relies on quantitative and qualitative data in one religio-ethnic community.

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