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Benjamin Scolnic

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  • Thy Brothers Blood



    Fraternal Relationships In The Myths Of The Ancient World

    The Sin Of Cain: Fratricide In The Bible

    Sibling Rivalry In Greek Mythology

    Fraternal Pietas: The Foundation Story Of Romulus And Remus

    The Fraternal Bonds Of The Attalids Of Pergamon

    The Attalid Brothers

    Present Power And Future Expectations

    Fraternal Dissension And The Fall Of The Attalid Dynasty

    Perseus Vs. Demetrius And The Fall Of The Antigonids

    The Foundation Of Macedonian Kingship

    Philip V Of Macedonia

    Polybius On Perseus And Demetrius

    Polybius On The Crimes Of Philip V

    Supernatural Paraphernalia

    Polybius On Philip V’s Earlier Crime

    Tyche In Polybius

    Livy On Perseus And Demetrius

    Why Did Macedonia Fall?

    Jason And The Fall Of The Zadokite Dynasty

    2Maccabees On Jason

    Jason And The Agon

    2Maccabees 1:1-10a

    1Maccabees And Josephus On Jason


    Jason’s Return To Jerusalem

    Jason’s Name

    Jason In History

    Fraternal Relationships And The Hasmonaeon Dynasty

    Judas And His Brothers

    Why Did Johnathan Become The Next Hasmonaean Leader?

    Why Were The Maccabees Bured In Pyramid Tombs?

    Aristobulus And His Brothers

    To Value The Present More Than The Future


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    Through exploring the particular importance of the fraternal relationship among the dynasties of the Hellenistic world in Thy Brother’s Blood, Dr. Benjamin Scolnic demonstrates how adherence to or rejection of the “morality of kinship” literally changed the world. This in-depth book reviews fraternal relationships in the Bible and Greek and Roman mythology to create models for the falls of the Attalids of Pergamon and the Antigonids of Macedonia. The ancient writers from Rome to Jerusalem valued fraternal bonds and used fratricide as the symbol for internal dissension within nations. Using a focalized approach, Dr. Scolnic cautions that historians sometimes were so consumed with the metaphor of fraternity that they ignored the historical realities. He demonstrates this by providing a historical and moral context for the fall of one Judean dynasty, the Zadokite high priests, and for the rise and fall of the Hasmonaean dynasty, known to the world as the Maccabees.

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