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Benita Dear

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  • WHJD What Has Jesus Done


    When was the last time you actively shared the good news of how Jesus Christ changed the course of your life?

    Are you sometimes reluctant, consumed by judgment or even fearful to proclaim your love for Christ?

    Award-winning gospel singer and songwriter, Babbie Mason and instructional math coach and entrepreneur, Benita Dear, are sisters and pastor’s daughters. They know personally when Jesus Christ changes your life for all eternity, it’s a really big deal! In WHJD–What has Jesus Done, Babbie and Benita challenge believers to use their own personal testimony of faith as a catalyst to stand up for Christ, step up in faith and speak up about the amazing difference Jesus makes.

    In WHJD–What Has Jesus Done, you’ll realize the great things God has done for you deserve to be celebrated each and every day. In a time where more Christians are sharing their faith less than ever before, Babbie and Benita motivate the community of believers to use their own God-story to make a great commotion of the Great Commission. In WHJD–What Has Jesus Done, you’ll discover:
    *God wants to spread His love for the world through you
    *Every Christian has a God-story to share – including you
    *Your God-story is important, beautiful and as unique as you
    *Sharing your God-story makes a big difference empowering you
    *Sharing Christ with others is much easier than you think
    *You can fearlessly share your faith through acts of kindness

    In WHJD–What Has Jesus Done, you’ll find that sharing your faith is not an old-fashioned practice for pastors and evangelists but a daily privilege for every Christian. On each page, you’ll gain confidence and encouragement to shine your light for Christ no matter where you are in your faith walk. Discover how to put your faith into action to effectively tell your God-story, impact others for Christ, overcome life’s challenges, strengthen relationships, deepen personal worship, integrate faith and culture and much more. Changing the world for Christ starts with you. WHJD–What Has Jesus Done can show you how.

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