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Ben Higgins

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  • Alone In Plain Sight


    Are you tired of people knowing who you are but no one really knowing you?

    As the star of the twentieth season of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins looked like he had it all together. Instead, Ben felt dissatisfied, fearful, and deeply alone. Like so many of us, he thought of himself as the kid who never got picked for the game, the person always on the outside of the joke, the friend who knew a lot of people but was never truly known. He wondered if he mattered at all.

    In Alone in Plain Sight, Ben vulnerably shares how he found authentic connection with himself, with others, and with God. As Ben helps us name our own yearning for meaning, he explores:

    *ways to understand ourselves more deeply so that we are free to connect with others;
    *how shared pain can bridge even the widest gaps between two very different people;
    *why we must deconstruct our culture’s fairy-tale view of love; and
    *how the God who longs for relationship with us is the answer to our need for connection.

    As Ben discovered, in a disconnected world, it is still possible to have lasting purpose and peace. You are already known. You are already loved. You are already seen. Discover how to live out how much you matter as you embrace the true meaning of your one incredible life.

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