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Belinda Gerdt

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  • Swipe Right Customer Experience:


    The global COVID-19 pandemic forced everybody to rethink how they operate and the role that digital plays in business and in our lives. While digital may have been top of mind for many businesses, the pandemic made it essential, not just to interact and sell products and services, but as a way to meet the critical needs of your business.

    More than ever, people are looking for experiences, not products. And not just any experiences-but real ones that turn transactions into engagement and materialism into experimentalism. The pandemic has changed our view of the world, shifted us away from consumerism, and made us appreciate the basic human needs of finding balance and focus. In this new era, customer experience is not just a digital experience, but a perfect combination of real life and digital interaction. It could be a meditative museum experience combining art with augmented reality, or an entertaining shopping experience at a mall with omnichannel support in a virtual fitting room.

    The Swipe-Right Customer Experience shows how the best companies have transformed the customer experience beyond offering a technology add-on and built or rebuilt their infrastructure, processes, talent and culture around the customer experience. You will learn:

    *How the world has changed since the global pandemic, the role of digitization, and why customer experience means everything.

    *The secret to how top-performing companies in five different industries have rebuilt themselves around the experience they offer to customers.

    *The internal components of organizations that must be transformed: culture, skills, processes and workflow, brand, and measuring.

    The new technology trends that are driving next-level customer experience.

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