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Becca Stevens

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  • Practically Divine


    A Harper Horizon Title

    If we seek them, signs of God’s love for us abound–on a walk in the woods, in a church or temple, or in a dusty refugee camp. And when we see, taste, and smell the divine during extraordinarily ordinary days, these become sacred breadcrumbs that mark our paths to experiencing this love.

    We can all learn to live a life that’s practically divine by
    *Redefining old lies and stories, to learn from the past and move forward
    *Appreciating the divine gifts that come from imperfections and traumas
    *Using creativity to reconnect to our divinity and to others
    *Accepting the divine chaos of the unknown before us
    *Sharing in a feast of love, knowing there’s always enough mercy and forgiveness to go around

    Embracing the practically divine compels us to do something, anything, to share in the feast of love together. But we must start somewhere. And when we do–as Becca Stevens has seen from her own journey as a social justice entrepreneur–the results are both instant and exponential.

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  • Passion


    Marcus Hummon is the Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter husband of author and 2016 CNN Hero Award winner Becca Stevens. With a grant from Christ Church Cathedral in Nashville, he has created a cantata based on narratives from the gospels – and a five-session book that gives some of the musical history of each piece as well as reflections on its theological significance written by Stevens. The Passion book may be used in conjunction with the CD or MP3, sold separately, which includes twelve cuts, with six of those being songs and six being scripture readings. The musical score is also available for separate purchase. Book, score, full CD/MP3, and individual tracks may be used individually or together, providing flexible programming options. Churches could choose to study the text during the Sundays in Lent or at weeknight Lenten evening programs, with the choir performing the piece on Palm Sunday or during Holy Week. The book and/or CD or MP3 are also perfect for personal devotional use.

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  • Way Of Tea And Justice


    In 2012, reverend and social entrepreneur Becca Stevens began work on the Thistle Stop Cafe, a business designed to provide employment opportunities for the residents of Magdalene, as well as Thistle Farms, the social enterprise benefitting women recovering from violence and addiction. As she explored the legacy of tea, she uncovered not only its healing mysteries but also the dark secrets that have overshadowed this ancient brew. In THE WAY OF TEA AND JUSTICE, Becca draws readers into the world of tea-making, as she works with cooperatives and coalitions across the globe to ensure fair trade and community enhancement in every cup of tea the cafe brews. But beneath the beauty of the tea ritual, she found an underbelly of corruption, abuse, and extortion that plagues laborers in the tea industry. True to her nature as an activist and a storyteller, she recounts stories of triumph for impoverished tea pickers and the tales of struggle and hope that have poured in with hundreds of teacups that have been donated to the cafe.

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  • Gift Of Compassion


    Unfortunately, grief and loss are inevitable parts of living. No one escapes. Even so, it’s difficult to know how to console those who have reached a broken place in their lives. What is the best way to show compassion when words cannot be enough?

    In this book, the author offers practical help for pastors, Stephen ministers, congregational caregivers, and other laity serving the brokenhearted. With a central message on the importance of simply being present for people who are grieving, Stevens combines practical how-to’s with prayers, Scriptures, suggestions for ways to serve the sacraments, and inspiration about the peace of God that passes all understanding.

    This small book outlines meaningful ways to show compassion through planning visits, writing notes, finding appropraite Scriptures and prayers to read, avoiding cliches, and offering the presence of God to people suffering through the dark and searching experience of grief.

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