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  • Favorite Hymns Of Billy Graham (DVD)


    When the history o f the 20th century is written, one man will be remembered for his brilliant mind and humble Christlike spirit. That man is Billy Graham. Lifted from obscurity by the hand of providence, catapulted onto the world’s stage to bear witness to the name of Christ, Billy Graham has called more people to a relationship with Jesus than any other human being in our lifetime. For more than six decades he has proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ with power and perseverance and has been used mightily by God to advance the Kingdom of Christ in the earth. I first met Mr. Graham in the early 80s after n Eastern Airline flight attendant had given a copy of my first recording to Cliff Barrows. That flight attendant’s generosity began my association with the Billy Graham Crusade Association. For thirty years, it has been my privilege tossing at Mr. Graham’s crusades and share some of his triumphant moments in service to Christ. One such experience, I will always cherish. When Mr. Graham was invited to Moscow for his first crusade in Russia, George Beverly Shea, one of my musical heroes, was unable to go. I was humbled when the invitation was extended to me to sing for that crusade. Throughout the years, I have marveled at Mr. Graham’s integrity and his kind and generous spirit. When I asked Mr. Graham if he would be kind enough to share a list of some of his favorite hymns, these hymns we now present to you were featured prominently on that list. It is my honor to sing these hymns to the glory of God and in honor of one of His faithful servants, my friend Billy Graham.

    Songs include:

    *And Can It Be
    *No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus
    *Just As I Am
    *I’d Rather Have Jesus
    *It is Well With My Soul
    *And more.

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