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Pre-Algebra Algebra I and Algebra II

Pre-Algebra Algebra I and Algebra II

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  • Removing The Roadblocks To Health And Healing


    In order to receive healing and live in health, you must prayerfully evaluate your life as a whole and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you into wellness. In this book, Annette Capps gives a insightful, practical look at the emotional and spiritual hinderances that believers face daily.

    Recognizing and removing these roadblocks can enable you to receive healing and walk in health and wholeness.

    *Claiming Sickness as Belonging to You
    *Belief in Tribal DNA
    *Using Infirmity as a Tool
    *Holding on to Negative Emotions
    *Refusing to Forgive
    *Feeding the Spirit of Infirmity
    *Ignoring the Leadings of the Holy Spirit and Your Spirit
    *Staying in an Unhealthy Environment
    *Trying to Act Beyond Your Faith
    *Believing You Will Be Healed in the Future.

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  • Mastering Essential Math Skills Pre Algebra Concepts



    This book includes all topics necessary to be successful in Algebra.

    * Sets

    * Integers

    * Positive and Negative Fractions

    * Positive and Negative Decimals

    * Exponents

    * Square Roots

    *Order of Operations

    * Properties of Numbers

    * Scientific Notation

    * Ratios & Proportions


    * Number Theory

    * Number Lines

    * Coordinate Systems

    * Slope of a Line

    * Graphing Linear Equations

    * Solving Equations

    * Algebra Word Problems

    * Probability

    * Statistics

    Also Included:


    * Glossary

    * Important Symbols and Tables

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  • Pre Algebra Teachers Edition With CD 2nd Edition


    Algebraic expressions and linear equations are applied throughout a thorough review of operations on integers, fractions, decimals, percents, and radicals. Students explore relations and functions using equations, tables, and graphs. Chapters on statistics and geometry extend foundational concepts in preparation for high school courses. Problem solving and real life uses of math are featured in each chapter. Dominion mathematics can be used to manage God’s creation to His glory.

    Teacher’s Edition with CD-student pages with overprint answers, presentation suggestions, additional problems, one-on-one activities, common student errors, and complete solutions for exercises; incudes suggested schedule and assignments to accommodate minimum, standard and extended tracks; CD contains Transparency Ready Answers, Mathardy (Review Game) and Visuals.

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  • Pre Algebra Data Analysis And Probability


    Middle School Collection Math: Pre-Algebra uses a unique approach to teach new skills while building on what students already know. The diagnostic assessment helps you pinpoint each student’s strengths and weaknesses; then use the strategically designed, step-by-step lesson format to customize instruction and practice for maximum results.

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