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  • Impact On Algebra Vs Geometry Of A Learners Ability To Develop Reasoning Sk


    In this master’s thesis, Dr. Lisa A. Johnson Q.M.E. examines the impact of three reasoning skills-number sense, structure sense, and abstract reasoning-on algebra and geometry. The study concentrates its efforts on data compiled from more than twenty researchers in this area, an extensive annotated bibliography, and work done at fictisciously named Union High School, real school classes consisting of 48 math students and eight math teachers. Through the efforts of this study, Dr. Johnson determined that algebra relies on abstract reasoning and structure sense, while geometry does not. Moreover, Dr. Johnson observed that further instruction needs to be given to teachers on communicating the three reasoning skills, as the teachers studied were not sufficiently knowledgeable in these areas. With teacher improvements, students in non-sufficient school systems could better excel in mathematics.

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  • Mastering Essential Math Geometry


    Produce motivated and confident math students with this innovative, easy-to-use system of teaching basic math! Each daily lesson contains three key components that can be done in only 15-20 minutes per day: review exercises, helpful hints, and problem solving. Teachers have the flexibility to modify lesson plans, while the program’s structure provides a solid framework. Chapters cover points, lines, planes, angles, perimeter, circumference, the Pythagorean Theorem, estimating area, solid figures, volume, cubes, surface area and more. Help your students really master the essential math skills with enthusiasm and consistency. Answer key, chapter review, glossary, final reviews and tests are included. 80 pages, softcover. For Grades 4-5. This book is not reproducible.

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  • Geometry Workbook For Dummies


    From proofs to polygons – solve geometry problems with ease.

    Got a grasp on the terms and concepts you need to know, but get lost halfway through a problem or worse yet, not know where to begin? No fear – this hands-on guide focuses on helping you solve the many types of geometry problems you encounter in a focused, step-by-step manner. With just enough refresher explanations before each set of problems, you’ll sharpen your skills and improve your performance. You’ll see how to work with proofs, theorems, triangles, circles, formulas, 3-D figures, and more!

    100s of Problems!

    Step-by-step answer sets clearly identify where you went wrong (or right) with a problem

    Get the inside scoop on geometry shortcuts and strategies

    Know where to begin and how to solve the most common problems

    Use geometry in practical applications with confidence

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  • Measurement And Geometry


    Middle School Collection Math: Measurement & Geometry uses a unique approach to teach new skills while building on what students already know. The diagnostic assessment helps you pinpoint each student’s strengths and weaknesses; then use the strategically designed, step-by-step lesson format to customize instruction and practice for maximum results.

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  • Janice VanCleaves Geometry For Every Kid


    This entertaining, learn-by-doing book explores two different kinds of geometry: plane geometry, the study of two-dimensional figures, and solid geometry, the study of three-dimensional figures. Explains geometry’s simple language in a manner that kids can easily understand and use. Designed to teach geometric concepts using examples that can be applied to many similar situations. Features numerous problems, experiments and other activities guaranteed to make learning geometry a most enjoyable and educational experience.

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