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  • Behold : A Guided Advent Journal For Prayer And Meditation


    Let the Holy Family be your light through Advent as you receive the healing power of Christ.

    In this beautiful guided journal for prayer and meditation, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT–author of the bestselling book Restore–will walk with you as you explore familial wounds with the help of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

    Behold features stunning original art by Josiah Henley of Heart of IESVS. Free weekly companion videos, a downloadable discussion guide, and other resources make this book perfect for parish-wide, individual, and book club use leading up to Christmas.

    Each week of Behold will focus on a different theme that you can connect to your life in a practical way:

    *Week one: Motherhood–Receive Mary as your mother and let her tender love soften your heart toward your earthly mother;

    *Week two: Fatherhood–Adopt Joseph as your father and embrace his loving strength as you seek healing in your relationship with your own father;

    *Week three: Childhood–Become childlike with Jesus and remember the core of who you are as you release your inner joy and playfulness; and

    *Week four: Stable–Restore peace and unity in your family and regain hope.

    Each day you will journey deeper into the meaning of Advent with a meditation, reflection questions, a prayer, and journaling space.

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  • How Our Family Prays Each Day


    Are you looking for an easy way to teach your young children how to talk with Jesus throughout the day?

    How Our Family Prays Each Day is a read-aloud book for children ages 4 to 8 that emphasizes the importance of praying and spending time with God each day.

    This 32-page hardcover book includes charming, full-color illustrations that depict eight-year-old Marty and his family-parents Joseph and Maria, siblings Zelie and Baby Lou, and their pet pelican, Pascha-as they find reasons to pray throughout their day.

    From their first “Good morning, God!” to their final bedtime cuddle, the family will help your children learn an important spiritual lesson: We can talk to God whenever we need him-like before a game or test, or when someone is hurt or struggling-not just during Mass or family prayer time. The book also includes a prayer for your family to say together when you’re done reading.

    How Our Family Prays Each Day was written by psychotherapist Gregory K. Popcak, illustrated by Jacob Flores-Popcak, and developed by the Catholic HOM (Households of Mission) program at the Peyton Institute for Domestic Church Life at Holy Cross Family Ministries.

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  • 5 Minute Prayers Around The Advent Wreath


    Spend just five minutes a day praying around your Advent wreath with popular author Lisa M. Hendey’s heart-felt reflections and you’ll experience the promise, renewal, and hope of the Advent season.

    Hendey-founder of CatholicMom.com-invites you to take up the centuries-old tradition of lighting candles and gathering around an Advent wreath in prayer with family and friends. These scripture-based devotions are perfect for any age and setting, and offer a few minutes of simplicity, focus, and sacred longing as you contemplate and prepare for the great gift of Christ’s birth.Each day includes an opening antiphon and a closing prayer, a scripture reading, a short reflection, and questions to ponder, journal about, or use in conversation.

    The compact size and affordable price make this booklet perfect for homes, classrooms, RCIA, youth groups, adult faith formation, campus ministry, and parish settings.

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  • Gods Plan For Your Marriage


    This life is preparation for eternity, and from the beginning, God created marriage to help married couples become saints. Indeed, God has given to married couples the profound gift of being able to fulfill the purpose of their creation through, with, and in each other. Marriage is a foreshadowing of Heaven, and each married couple must work with God if their marriage is to be a foretaste of eternity.

    In this thought-provoking and uplifting book, Fr. Robert Altier unpacks the theological significance of the Sacrament of Marriage and brilliantly explains how it has been a part of God’s plan from the beginning – and will eventually be fulfilled at the Marriage Banquet of the Lamb in Heaven. Teeming with practical wisdom and clear examples, these pages delve into the surpassing dignity of marriage as a covenant and a sacrament – and a call to holiness.

    You will learn how the graces and virtues that are conferred in the Sacrament of Marriage transform the unity of the couple – not just in the flesh but in the heart and soul. You’ll learn how to predispose yourself to receive this divine power and, best of all, how to love your spouse more deeply. You will also explore the significance of marriage vows and how men are called to be the spiritual leaders and women are called to be the heart of their families.

    Fr. Altier tackles contemporary questions and concerns, such as the real meaning of “being subject to one another in marriage” and those sensitive and controversial issues regarding sexual morality. Arguably one of the most theologically eye-opening books on marriage ever written, this book also explains:

    * The definitive reasons why marriage can exist only between a man and a woman
    * The characteristics of true love and how to love with heroic charity
    * Why you must become vulnerable in love in order to become receptive to love
    * How marriage leads to overcoming sinful tendencies and makes saints

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  • Marys Miracles : A Traveler’s Guide To Catholic America


    You don’t have to travel overseas to discover our Blessed Mother’s miraculous love for her children. Mary’s Miracles: A Traveler’s Guide to Catholic America takes you to more than 50 Marian shrines, chapels, and statues, right here in the United States, each with a riveting story to tell. Stories about:

    *The United States’ only Church-approved Marian apparition (Champion, Wisconsin)

    *A family’s safe passage to America after invoking the intercession of the Star of the Sea, and the chapel they built in thanksgiving (Cheektowaga, New York)

    *The Grotto, the fulfillment of a boyhood vow to build a “great work” for the Blessed Mother (Portland, Oregon)

    *An old Spanish shrine to Our Lady of La Leche, the powerhouse of answered prayers for babies (St. Augustine, Florida)

    *A priest who looked like Dean Martin, sang like Bing Crosby — and commissioned a statue as big as his love for Mary (Santa Clara, California)

    Written by the author of the blockbuster Monuments, Marvels, and Miracles (OSV, 2021), this book is another must-have for all Catholic travelers. Organized by region and state, Mary’s Miracles can help you easily plan your next vacation or pilgrimage and find Marian sites you haven’t yet discovered. Additional features include color photos, miracle stories, and an explanation of site-specific Marian titles and devotions. Websites, phone numbers, addresses, and other information are included to help you plan your visit.

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  • Faith Hope And A Sense Of Humor


    Catholic parishes are staffed by dedicated, passionate members of the laity who are underpaid and overworked but nevertheless continue to labor in the vineyard of the Lord. Whether you are on staff or a volunteer, faith, hope, and a sense of humor are crucial to surviving and thriving in parish ministry.

    Down-to-earth, candid, and funny, author Karen Baker has served for over a decade on the front lines of her parish, and she can empathize and commiserate with the day-to-day struggles, like when the toilets back up during Sunday Mass. This little book intends to offer a ray of hope and humor by reminding parish leaders that developing holy habits and clothing themselves in Christ can help them navigate the challenging and changing world of ministry.

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  • Exorcism Files : True Stories Of Demonic Possession


    Drawing from his extensive experience in assisting with cases of demonic oppression and possession, in The Exorcism Files, Adam Blai presents readers with enlightening true stories and traces their causation. Whether people provided a gateway through Ouija boards, tarot cards, Reiki, Yoga, or martial arts, Blai reports from firsthand observation how they were lured into the occult.

    Blai also recounts shocking cases of participation in covens and cults under the guise of knowledge, empowerment, and liberation. This is sometimes accompanied by crimes and hauntings, which Blai also documents. An essential guide for our time, The Exorcism Files reveals numerous striking truths about the supernatural, including:

    *The key signs of diabolic possession – and how they differ from those of oppression

    *How dabbling in the occult opens the door to evil

    *Why the devil most intently attacks priestly and religious vocations

    *How evil can manifest itself in physical objects or symptoms

    *Why only priests, with their bishops’ permission, should perform the old solemn rite of exorcism

    *How engaging in mind control and ghost hunting is flirting with evil

    Blai demonstrates that there is a supernatural enemy in this world who is trying to destroy us. Our defenses are the Precious Blood of Jesus, the sacraments of the Catholic Church, Holy Scripture, and Church Tradition.

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  • Grassroots Ecumenism : The Way Of Local Christian Reunion


    The quest for Christian unity has traditionally been initiated at the international level between official leaders of Christian denominations, with the effects of their dialogue expected to trickle down to local Christian communities. In Grassroots Ecumenism, Karen Petersen Finch upends this process, proposing an approach to Christian unity that begins in your neighborhood. She draws directly from her experience equipping everyday Christians to know their own Christian tradition more thoroughly and to engage thoughtfully with separated Christians down the street and around the corner.

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  • Gift Of Joy And Hope


    God is joyful. And He wants us to be full of joy, too.

    The past few years have been extremely challenging, but even in dark times, the light of joy can shine bright.

    True joy, says Pope Francis, is not a fleeting sentiment or a short-term solution to suffering; it springs from a solid hope that nothing and no one can take away.

    A Gift of Joy and Hope is an invitation to embrace authentic beauty and a reminder to be open to encountering God, even in the midst of challenges. In this inspiring collection, Pope Francis encourages readers to change attitudes that exclude others; to reveal the deep dissatisfaction we all hide; and to overcome life’s challenges with courage and faith. He also challenges readers to hope without pessimism or doubt, to hope even in the midst of anxiety, to recognize the beauty all around us, and to let God show us how to deal with your doubts and fears.

    This book aims to encourage readers to look outside themselves and believe that hope is still possible and that joy always has the last word.

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  • Teresa Of Calcutta


    Most human beings living in the last quarter of the twentieth century knew Mother Teresa by name and appearance. They could also identify her as the saint of the gutters of Calcutta. Two years after her death, she was still recognized as “the most admired person of the century.” So, what is there still to say about her? Quite a bit, as it turns out. The story of both her public and private lives remain little known, and we continue to grapple with the extraordinary things she did, as well as the way that she interpreted the vocation of any would-be follower of Jesus.

    This biography also shows Mother Teresa as the first great saint of television. We came to know her on the screen, and, as such, we felt we knew her in a way that we could not have known the saints before her. Organized in three parts, this biography looks at The Preparation, The Call, and The Legacy of the extraordinary woman whom Pope Francis named St. Teresa of Calcutta in 2016.

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  • My Daily Visitor Advent 2022


    Reflect, pray, and live this Advent season with My Daily Visitor .This handy resource helps you to begin each day with quick and easy Scripture-focused reflection, prayer, and achievable actions to prepare for the coming of Christ.

    For each day, Aleteia editor-in-chief Fr. Patrick Briscoe, OP, offers a brief reflection based on the daily Mass readings, a prayer, and a suggestion for how to live Advent well. This approachable booklet will help you set aside time for daily prayer and grow closer to Christ amid life’s busyness during the holiday season.

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  • Come To Marys House


    Friendship with Mary is possible. She is real, accessible, and relatable. She is our companion in the life of prayer and in our whole life with Jesus.

    Filled with reflections and brief imaginative sequences, Come to Mary’s House invites you to imagine you are with the Blessed Virgin – visiting in her living room, working in her garden, or catching up over coffee. The goal is to encourage your encounter with Mary as a friend, sister, and mother – in a comfortable, gentle way. By developing a personal relationship with her, you’ll let her lead you closer to Jesus.

    This book is for all who long for Mary and want to live in spiritual companionship with her. If you want to pray more deeply, love Jesus more, and serve authentically from the heart, you couldn’t choose a better master of the spiritual life than Our Lady.

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  • Welcoming The Christ Child With Padre Pio


    St. Pius of Peitrelcina had a deep devotion to the Christ Child. The man more commonly known as Padre Pio also possessed extraordinary and unique mystical gifts: Jesus often came to him in the form of a little child.

    In Welcoming the Christ Child with Padre Pio, stories about the saint known for his stigmata and ability to bilocate are woven with scripture and prayer to help you experience Advent-Padre Pio’s favorite season-with greater hope and joy.

    Each day of Advent you will read an account from someone who knew Padre Pio, including:

    *his Capuchin brothers’ amazement as they witnessed Padre Pio walking the halls of the monastery, cradling an apparition of the Christ Child;

    *the miraculous healing of Vera Marie Calandra, who was blessed by the Franciscan monk as an infant and whose parents later founded the National Centre for Padre Pio; and

    *examples of the extraordinary spiritual gifts of this holy confessor, including his stigmata, his ability to bilocate and read hearts, and the healing gifts that flowed from his fervent devotion to the Holy Family.

    This book contains daily readings for Advent as well as special entries for moveable feasts celebrated by Catholics around the world. Each day includes a quotation from Padre Pio, a short story about the saint, a scripture reflection, and prayer to help you follow this extraordinary saint’s example and welcome the Christ Child into your home and heart during Advent.

    An appendix includes additional resources and prayers to learn more about Padre Pio.

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  • Be Healed : A Guide To Encountering The Powerful Love Of Jesus In Your Life


    First published almost ten years ago and now available in hardcover, the bestselling book Be Healed has established itself as the classic guide to spiritual healing.

    Based on retired Catholic therapist Bob Schuchts’s popular program at the John Paul II Healing Center, the bestselling book offers hope in the healing power of God through the Holy Spirit and the sacraments and incorporates elements of charismatic spirituality while being steeped in scripture and the wisdom of the Church.

    “Somewhere deep inside each one of us is a burning desire to finally become the person God created us to be.”

    Do you suffer from spiritual or emotional wounds that are keeping you from reaching that goal?

    Schuchts’s trusted process for finding inner peace and healing is boldly Christ-centered, maintaining focus on the person of Jesus as “the life-giving and ever-present physician of our souls.” Schuchts will help you recognize your brokenness and find your hope and healing in the risen Christ. Schuchts shares his own journey of healing after enduring a series of betrayals in high school–his father’s infidelity, his parents’ divorce, his older brother’s drug addiction–and his subsequent periods of struggle with God and faith.

    The book includes helpful tools such as charts, tables, lists, reflection questions, and personal challenges to guide you on your own healing. Be Healed is lauded as life-changing by such Catholic leaders as Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT, Scott Hahn, Tom Corcoran, and Patrick Lencioni.

    This durable hardcover edition includes a new preface from the author. It is perfect for use by group leaders, individuals, and therapists and makes a great keepsake edition for gift-giving.

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  • Love Him Ever More


    Fr. Joe Laramie, North American director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, offers a nine-day retreat that draws on the wisdom of Ignatian spirituality and the Sacred Heart devotion to help you know God’s love and desires for you.

    Love Him Ever More is a powerful encounter with the Sacred Heart of Jesus that will help you encounter Christ in the world today deepen your personal relationship with him.

    Laramie leads you to reflect on your own heart, your wounds, and God’s healing mercy. He takes you on a journey of reflection on the Incarnation, the ministry of Jesus, and God’s call for each of us today. This personal retreat allows you to engage in Ignatian contemplation by using your imagination and five senses to encounter Jesus in the gospels and reflecting on your heart, the heart of Christ, and all hearts.

    Each day begins with a quotation from the Spiritual Exercises and a grace to pray for, a personal story from Laramie, and contemplation on a gospel scene, and ends with reflection questions and a prayer.

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  • Sermons On The Song Of Songs Volume 2


    Taking up Saint Bernard’s unfinished sermon-commentary, Gilbert ruminates on verse 3:1-5:10 in forty-eight sermons, leaving the task to be finished by John of Ford.
    This volume contains sermons 16 through 32.

    To encounter a person who makes holiness attractive is an enviable experience. Such a person was Gilbert of Hoyland, abbot of the Cistercian monastery of Swineshead in Lincolnshire, a friend of Aelred of Rievaulx, and the continuator of the sermons on the Song of Songs begun by Bernard of Clairvaux.

    When the great saint of Clairvaux died in 1153, his sermon commentary had reached only the first four verses of chapter three of the Canticle. Gilbert took up the task, but left the commentary unfinished at his death. It was brought to completion by another English abbot, John of Ford.

    Those who know and admire Bernard’s eloquence and contemplative insight will enjoy making the acquaintance of his successors. While conscious of continuing Bernard’s work and remaining true to his spirit, they infused their sermons with their own personalities and shared their own rich experiences of God. As Lawrence C. Braceland says in his introduction to this first English translation of Gilbert’s work, ‘Gilbert is an experience. He has found the Beloved.’

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  • Pairs Of People


    A Book on Multiplying Goodness

    In this follow-up to the award-winning 10 Hidden Heroes, kids learn about the strength in numbers and the power of working together to make the world a better place.

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  • Catholicism : A Global History From The French Revolution To Pope Francis


    A W. W. Norton And Company Title

    The story of Roman Catholicism has never followed a singular path. In no time period has this been more true than over the last two centuries. Beginning with the French Revolution, extending to the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, and concluding with present-day crises, John T. McGreevy chronicles the dramatic upheavals and internal divisions shaping the most multicultural, multilingual, and global institution in the world.

    Through powerful individual stories and sweeping birds-eye views, Catholicism provides a mesmerizing assessment of the Church’s complex role in modern history: both shaper and follower of the politics of nation states, both conservator of hierarchies and evangelizer of egalitarianism. McGreevy documents the hopes and ambitions of European missionaries building churches and schools in all corners of the world, African Catholics fighting for political (and religious) independence, Latin American Catholics attracted to a theology of liberation, and Polish and South Korean Catholics demanding democratic governments. He includes a vast cast of riveting characters, known and unknown, including the Mexican revolutionary Fr. Servando Teresa de Mier; Daniel O’Connell, hero of Irish emancipation; Sr. Josephine Bakhita, a formerly enslaved Sudanese nun; Chinese statesman Ma Xiaobang; French philosopher and reformer Jacques Maritain; German Jewish philosopher and convert, Edith Stein; John Paul II, Polish pope and opponent of communism; Gustavo Gutierrez, Peruvian founder of liberation theology; and French American patron of modern art, Dominique de Menil.

    Throughout this essential volume, McGreevy details currents of reform within the Church as well as movements protective of traditional customs and beliefs. Conflicts with political leaders and a devotional revival in the nineteenth century, the experiences of decolonization after World War II and the Second Vatican Council in the twentieth century, and the trauma of clerical sexual abuse in the twenty-first all demonstrate how religion shapes our modern world. Finally, McGreevy addresses the challenges faced by Pope Francis as he struggles to unite the over one billion members of the world’s largest religious community.

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  • Forgive Everyone Everything


    A modern-day devotional of 52 inspiring stories and captivating art from the New York Times bestselling author of Tattoos on the Heart.

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  • 2023 Saint Joseph Sunday Missal Prayerbook And Hymnal


    SKU (ISBN): 9781953152831Catholic Book Publishing Corp.Binding: Trade PaperPublished: 2022Publisher: Catholic Book Publishing

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  • Come Holy Spirit


    Come, Holy Spirit reveals a spirituality intimately connected to the daily life of Fr. Theodore M. Hesburgh, CSC, affectionately known as “Fr. Ted”- prominent priest, civil rights activist, public servant, and former president of the University of Notre Dame.

    In this first collection of his spiritual writings, Hesburgh is revealed to be a person of action with an even more dynamic spiritual life.

    Hesburgh wholeheartedly embraced his role as pastor to the Notre Dame community and counted the day of his Ordination to the priesthood as the happiest in his life. Reflecting on his legacy, Hesburgh said that if he could have only one word on his tombstone, it would be “priest.” His homilies, lectures, prayers, and invocations display his characteristic wisdom and warmth and offer unique encouragement to contemporary readers pondering essential questions in their lives of faith, prayer, family, and peace.

    Come, Holy Spirit sheds light on an underexplored facet of Hesburgh’s identity: While his life story has been widely told, few of his biographers explore in much detail how he nurtured his vocation through a commitment to prayer and daily celebration of the Mass. No collections of Hesburgh’s writings are currently in print, and no books of his spiritual writings were ever published during his lifetime.

    This book is a perfect gift for any fan of Hesburgh or the University of Notre Dame.

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  • Jesus Alternative Plan


    Richard Rohr Rohr goes through the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, explaining the historical and cultural context of each verse and offering guidance for what it means for Christians today.

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  • Bible In A Year Companion Volume 3


    The Bible in a Year Companion takes Catholics through the award-winning Bible in a Year podcast with summaries, transcripts of Fr. Mike’s daily prayers, and extra content for each episode. It’s the perfect way to remember what you’re hearing, as well as learn even more about each part of Scripture!

    The Companion presents daily content for each episode of the podcast, including:
    *The proprietary Bible in a Year Reading Plan

    *Reflect on the Word, where readers will find a summary of the key points and highlights of Fr. Mike’s commentary on the daily readings

    *Take It to Prayer, so Catholics can pray the daily prayer with Fr. Mike and the rest of the BIY community

    *Dive Deeper, which features unique content surrounding each day’s readings, from images and Q&As to prayer prompts and ways to live out the Bible in everyday life

    In addition to this daily content, each biblical period has a Time Period Introduction and Review. Written by Jeff Cavins, these help Catholics to know what to look for in the days ahead, and to recall what has happened in the days they have just completed.

    Volume III of The Bible in a Year Companion covers Days 244-365 of The Bible in a Year podcast. For Days 1-120, visit this page, and for Days 121-243, visit this page.

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  • Sins Of Parents


    If you’re tired of modern psychobabble and are looking for practical advice and spiritual solutions to bring healing to your marriage and your family, this book is for you.

    In this spiritual classic, Fr. Doyle explains the primary purpose of marriage – procreation and education of children – and offers advice on how to revive the true essence of a loving relationship. He will guide you in how to cultivate a home with faith and a nurturing temper so that your family may lead holy, happy, and healthy lives.

    Also found in these pages is priceless wisdom about child-rearing that “may spell the difference between being an affectionate and well-loved parent, or a complete failure.” Fr. Doyle relates how parents sometimes confuse spoiling their children with providing them with love. He further notes the authentic needs, rights, and privileges of children. His insights have made the difference between happy, fruitful families and broken, debilitated families for more than seventy years.

    God warned Moses that the “sins of our fathers” would create generational family dysfunction. Our civilization is reaping the fruits of easy divorce and poor marriage formation. In these pages, you will learn about the root causes behind parental sins of omission and commission, as well as the effects of abandonment, divorce, remarriage, and split families. Fr. Doyle examines their aftermath in youth who suffer from drug addiction, alcoholism, promiscuity, obesity, and crime, along with an amalgam of physical, emotional, and mental-health issues.

    Through Scripture, classical reasoning, popular culture, real-world stories, and historical examples, Fr. Doyle addresses a broad array of topics. He evaluates the indissolubility of marriage and emphasizes why it is imperative that we restore a culture of life.

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  • Written In Stone


    Who Said This? “The Ten Commandments are . . . unsuited and inadequate to modern needs.”

    The answer is the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw (Man and Superman) – but it could have been any number of modern-day skeptics.

    The once “shocking” views of such skeptics are now held by countless millions and sustained by unceasing propaganda from Hollywood, public schools, the government, and the pervasive media. The result? A widespread moral meltdown, unprecedented in human history, whose catastrophic consequences are just beginning to be felt and fully understood.

    The good news is there is hope. But the hour is even later than when Fr. P. J. Gannon spelled out our stark choices some sixty-five years ago:

    “Humanity has really two courses open to it – to get back to clear thinking and right moral principles, or to continue its perilous drift toward the abyss.”

    Those “right moral principles” derive from the very Decalogue spurned by elites, past and present, argues Fr. Gannon, who was one of Ireland’s foremost preachers and delivered these essays as sermons to packed Dublin churches in the 1930s. He shows how the Commandments, as interpreted by the Catholic Church, provide solid answers to a wide range of moral and social questions and why the widespread flouting of any one of them brings disastrous results for the whole of society. Fr. Gannon explores critical, compelling topics, including:

    Why modern morality makes sin virtuous and virtues sinful

    Why non-Christian “spirituality” soon collapses into atheism

    Why true liberty cannot and does not exist outside Christian tradition

    How to form youth in authenticCatholic teaching in the midst of a spiritual maelstrom

    When revolution is justified – and when it is not

    How societies that exalt unfettered personal freedom inevitably degenerate into tyrannies

    Can a soldier take his own life to prevent vital information from falling into enemy hands?

    Can a woman jump from a high window to escape a pursuing attacker?

    How modern conventions of speech have muddied the distinction between love and lust

    Why the communal ownership practiced by religious communities cannot be the basis of society in general

    Why every act of dishonesty is at the expense of the poor – whether the sinner is rich or not

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  • Christ And The Powers Of Darkness


    Make no mistake about it: the father of lies is waging a war against your soul. At the end of your life, it will be either he who has won – or you, through God’s grace.

    Here is the book that pulls the curtain back on the devil’s strategies and shows you how to safeguard yourself and your family against his deadly methods.

    In this spiritual classic, Fr. Godfrey Raupert unveils the true aim and character of those dangerous forces seeking to destroy your peace and your way of life. You’ll learn how the devil and his fallen angels leverage your natural temperament and disposition in their efforts to inflict damage upon your soul. You’ll also learn why souls are increasingly attacked as they reach higher degrees of sanctity and how your own heroic spiritual efforts can thwart demonic activity.

    Armed with revealing examples from the Old Testament to today, Fr. Raupert shows us how the work of evil spirits is stealthy and subtle – so subtle that even their presence and operation are often layers removed and not even suspected. He also shares in chilling detail true cases of exorcisms and house hauntings and what our Lord seeks to teach us through each.

    In addition, Father Raupert answers questions such as:

    Can evil spirits read our minds?

    What is the difference between demonic possession and demonic obsession?

    Why does God not use His power to destroy rebellious angels?

    What is the difference between false and true mysticism?

    Why is spending time alone with God imperative?

    What is the most powerful defense against falling prey to the devil?

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  • Frequent Confession : Its Place In The Spiritual Life


    This is the book you need to discover the significant advantages of frequent Confession and the keys to making each Confession more fruitful. Spiritual master Fr. Benedict Baur quells criticisms of frequent Confession and shares why it is more efficacious for vanquishing sin and repairing the damage due to sin.

    In this exceptional book, Fr. Baur shows you how to develop a well-formed conscience, properly confess your sins, and develop a firm, practical purpose of amendment. He also shares how to make a meticulous examination of conscience and daily examen, and offers methods for compiling a detailed inventory of your sins. Moreover, Father provides a reflection on the most common sins of omission that lead many to fall into dangerous self-righteous dispositions.

    Most importantly of all, Fr. Baur reveals what is really meant by “Christian perfection” and how to attain it in this life. He describes concrete ways to grow in knowledge of self, acquire the strength to uproot sins, and conquer self-love. You’ll deepen your spiritual life measurably as you learn how to:

    *Focus on the root causes of sin and surmount sins that you habitually commit
    *Overcome thoughts and impulses that are occasions of sin
    *Detect when you are becoming lukewarm and promptly revive your love for God
    *Grow in reverential love for God and conform your life to His will
    *Atone for the temporal punishment due to sin – now, before Purgatory

    With clarity and wisdom, Fr. Baur explains why your conscience is holy and must therefore be obeyed. He conveys how frequent Confession increases sanctifying grace in your soul, gives glory to God, and brings healing, joy, and fulfillment.

    An invaluable resource, this book will enrich your sacramental life and inspire you to greater charity for your neighbor. It will also move you to more frequent and fervent reception of Holy Communion.

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  • Struggles In The Spiritual Life


    To navigate through the inevitable desolation and dryness that we experience in our
    spiritual lives, Fr. Timothy Gallagher here helps you apply St. Ignatius of Loyola’s
    Rules for Discernment to your own spiritual life.

    He’ll help you determine whether you are experiencing non-spiritual desolation, such
    as burnout or depression, or spiritual desolation, such as the Dark Night of the Soul.
    You’ll learn whether your spiritual struggles are due to a lack of formation of prayer,
    or if you are simply being required to share a burden with God.

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  • Gods Of Atheism


    An excellent overview of the Enlightenment theologians/philosophers and how they
    try to get us to deny God’s existence, why different forms and/or philosophies of
    atheism still involve some ‘higher power’ or deified ideal of perfection.

    This eye-opening book provides a detailed overview of the Enlightenment
    theologians and philosophers and their attempt to get us to deny God’s existence. Fr.
    Miceli demonstrates that atheism’s vigor arises from its creation of mythical gods
    in place of the true God. When the atheist has a spiritual posture against God he
    is simultaneously posturing in preference for some other Being above God. As he
    dismisses the true God he is welcoming his New God. Why must this be so? Because
    every personal commitment of man presupposes, deep in the metaphysical core of
    his being, a hunger for being and goodness.

    The aim of this work is to indicate that the great sin of contemporary atheism is that
    it consists, through a sustained act of Supreme Self-Will, a narcissistic adoration and
    love of himself.

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  • Passion Of The Christ Through The Eyes Of Mary


    “As I stood at the foot of the cross, this pure white garment became saturated with the streams of crimson blood which gushed from His precious body!” -Our Lady to Saint Anselm

    There is no human person who loved Christ more than Mary. And there is no greater act of love than Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

    In these pages, you will find two of the most stirring revelations of Christ’s passion and death ever recorded by Doctors of the Church-Saint Anselm, the Magnificent Doctor, along with writings attributed to Saint Bernard, the Mellifluous Doctor. These private revelations given by Our Lady will enhance one’s prayer life while drawing one deeper into the passion narratives of the Gospels. But what makes this book unique is the heartfelt dialogue between Our Lady and her spiritual sons. Those who read this book will be profoundly moved to not only weep for their sins but to weep for Him whose blood was completely emptied for our salvation.

    The Mother of Sorrows is the woman of the interior life who leads us to the Master of the interior life, the Man of Sorrows. There is no better way to contemplate the passion of Christ than through the eyes of Mary, she who loved Him above everything, she who loved Him with a mother’s heart, and she who stood firmly when everyone else fled.

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  • I Am With You Always


    When we are alone, isolated, afraid, and grieving the loss of a loved one, Jesus tells us plainly, “Behold, I am with you always!” It is His presence and constant companionship that brings us comfort, consolation, and hope through all the seasons of our lives.

    I Am with You Always invites the ordinary Catholic to once again “behold Jesus.” In doing so, we will realize with joy and gratitude the wonderful connection between the ordinary teachings and practices of our Catholic faith and the strength we derive from them to weather the storms of life.

    The authors gently invite their readers to respond to Christ’s perennial call to “come and see” and to verify for yourself that:
    *God truly is Love and His mercy endures forever;
    *Christ draws near in order to remain with us;
    *we truly encounter Christ in the sacraments and in the liturgy;
    *we live, even now, in the communion of His saints;
    *Our Lady of Compassion constantly intercedes for us; and
    *God hears our prayers and responds to our heartache and pain.

    This book was written as an act of friendship, as one heart speaking to another about the reality of God’s love for us. It is an act of companionship, a drawing near to a beloved friend in their time of need. It is a gift that reminds a broken heart that there is always hope in Jesus Christ. For He alone is the victory over death that we seek for ourselves and for our loved ones.

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  • Oriens A Pilgrimage Through Advent And Christmas 2022


    Oriens is a Latin word meaning “rising” and “dawn.” Your Oriens journey begins on the First Sunday of Advent and continues until the feast of the Presentation on February 2. Every day, you’ll take a step closer to “the dawn from on high.”

    Fr. Joel Sember is your leader on this pilgrimage, one in which you will learn what God is revealing to you through Scripture and prayer. With Oriens as your guidebook, you’ll learn how to pray and reflect more deeply. Each day you’ll read a Scripture passage, receive Fr. Joel’s guidance on how to pray with that passage, and find questions for reflection and journaling.

    If in years past you have found yourself on Christmas wondering how you missed Advent, this book will speak to you. If you utilized Oriens in previous years to intensify your Advent preparation and Christmas celebration, then you already know this book will open your heart to hearing the voice of God.

    Welcome, Oriens pilgrim.

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  • 150 People Places And Things You Never Knew Were Catholic


    Good luck getting through an entire day without experiencing the impact of Catholicism. Woken up by an alarm or checked the time? The mechanical clock was invented in the tenth century by a monk who became pope. A bowl of cereal for breakfast? Your milk is safe thanks to Louis Pasteur, a devout Catholic whose research was driven by a love of God and humanity. Knock on wood? It’s actually an ancient Catholic practice invoking the power of the Cross when facing trouble or danger.

    Each entry in 150 People, Places, and Things You Never Knew Were Catholic is rich with detail and nuance. Here are Catholic stories full of drama, decisions, and inspiration.

    The fruits of our Catholic Faith are all around us, and the ways in which the Church has shaped history and the secular world can be found in science, art, pop culture, sports, and more. Our most enduring (and endearing) customs, pastimes, practices, and institutions often can be traced back to an inventive, resourceful Catholic. You’ll discover things you never knew – and come away with inspiration for how you, too, can impact the world.

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  • Rehumanize : A Vision To Secure Human Rights For All


    Who deserves human rights?

    The answer to this question is the crux of all moral and political action in society, and defines our character as individuals and as nations. Murphy and her co-authors seek to answer this vital question in this accessible and succinct handbook on the Consistent Life Ethic, a moral philosophy whose central principle is that each and every human being has inherent dignity, and therefore deserves to live free from violence. Rehumanize includes a digestible yet systematic analysis of the history, ethics, and public policy surrounding modern issues of dehumanization, and casts a rehumanizing vision of a world beyond violence. Beyond the confines of political parties or religious exclusion, the founder of Rehmanize International communicates an aspiration to an inclusive ideal of a consistent movement of every human standing for every human.

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  • Do You Want To Be Healed


    “Do you want to be healed?”

    Jesus asks that question several times in the Bible-of the woman at the well, Bartimaeus the blind man, the woman caught in adultery, the rich young man-and he asks the same of you as well.

    Do You Want to Be Healed? is a 10-day personal retreat that uses a healing process similar to the one found in the author Bob Schuchts’s bestselling book ‘Be Healed’.

    Each day of the do-it-yourself retreat engages you with a question Jesus asked his followers and uses the traditional practice of lectiodivina (divine reading) to dive into a scriptural scene where Jesus heals the spiritually and physically sick.

    Through the five movements of reading, meditation, prayer, contemplation, and action, you will encounter the biblical figures who received the healing words of Jesus, you will undergo your own spiritual healing and discover your personal response to Jesus’s most probing questions, including:

    *Do you want to be made well?
    *What are you thinking in your heart?
    *Has no one condemned you?
    *Can you drink the cup?
    *Have you come to believe?
    *and Do you love me more than these?

    Through these questions and the healing answering them brings about, you will come to understand the principles of spiritual healing-such as facing your brokenness, acknowledging your sin and shame, and discovering the healing power of the sacraments – Schuchts shares in Be Healed.

    Those who have already read Be Healed will be drawn deeper into their healing with a refresher on the core principles of Schuchts’s work. The book is also perfect for those who want to begin the process of spiritual healing. Do You Want to Be Healed? also is an essential resource for pastors, spiritual directors, therapists, and those who help lead others in an integration of their human and spiritual formation.

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  • Wired For Racism


    Why is there so much racism in America, when most of us claim we are not racists?

    Drawing on evolutionary insights, the latest research on the human brain, and wisdom from religious traditions Mark Ellingsen and James Woodall explore this question with a unique perspective. They detail the ways in which we are in some ways “wired for racism”, but they also show how the elasticity of the brain enables genuine progress, particularly when aided by religious practices and best practices of the civil rights movement.

    If you are looking for a way to challenge the racial idolatry and race-based thinking that characterizes many of the social, legal, and economic structures in our world today, this is the book for you.

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  • 2023 Theology Of Home Planner


    Theology of Home strives to help ordinary families uncover the eternal meaning hidden in the quiet moments of their everyday lives. This planner channels the same beauty and inspiration of the books, while helping to order and organize daily life.

    Covering 16 months and beginning in September 2022, the planner includes:

    *Liturgical calendar highlights and saint feast days
    *Images and excerpts from Theology of Home III: At the Sea
    *Full-color interior and spiral binding
    *Quotes from the saints
    *An elegant, airy, and professional design
    *Plenty of space for notes, reminders, and events
    *Traditional Catholic prayers

    The Theology of Home Planner is a must for anyone who wants to bring more beauty, intentionality, and structure to home life, daily life, and life out in the world. Still more, this year’s planner highlights the beauty, mystery, and power of sea, both through its images, as well as the quotes and meditations included throughout.

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  • Silent Night


    Celebrate the first Christmas with this gorgeously illustrated version of the beloved Christmas carol. Hardcover book includes sheet music for the song and a brief history of its creation.

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  • Living Liturgy Sunday Missal 2023


    Living LiturgyTM Sunday Missal combines essential liturgical content with the finest presentation on the market today. This annual, one-issue Sunday Mass pew missal is compatible with any hymnal program and affordably priced for parishes.

    -Gospel reflection for each Sunday
    -Readings and congregational dialogue in large, 13-point, bold type
    -Two-color text in sense lines
    -High-quality cover and paper
    -Includes the Rite of the Liturgy of the Word and the Rite for Distributing Holy Communion Outside Mass

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  • Saint Thomas Aquinas Rescues Modern Psychology


    In the struggle to find the touchstone between faith and reason, modern psychology is often a very problematic area for Catholics. Why? Because post-Freudian psychology is based on a mistaken idea that moral laws lead to neurosis. It argues that we must be freed from morality in order to become psychologically whole.

    In this powerful and reassuring book, Fr. Brian Mullady examines the nature of a healthy Christian emotional life, and ultimately provides the Catholic answer to the problematic theories of Sigmund Freud.

    Made in the image and likeness of God, man is created for communion with the Holy Trinity – to love and be loved. Our immoral and destructive culture, devoid of authentic love, promulgates utilitarian views that in turn give way to various types of emotional illness and unrestrained passions. As you discover how sin damages the moral and emotional life of man, you’ll come to see that the only source of true happiness is through the acquisition of virtue, as mankind is healed through grace.

    Drawing from the writings of St. Teresa of Avila, Fr. Mullady clarifies the purpose of prayer and the stages of spiritual growth. He then shows how the Holy Spirit can create authentic communion between your intellect, will, and passions, and how through openness to sanctifying gifts, you can be restored to the original integrity of a child of God. The turmoil within you will only be calmed when your mind and body are no longer at war with your soul.

    In these pages, you will also learn to advance from spiritual infancy to maturity, as Fr. Mullady shares:

    *How to overcome emotions of fear or unrestrained energy
    *The power of hidden acts of patience and virtue
    *Why fidelity to our state in life leads to sanctity
    *How God uses our sufferings to draw us closer to Him
    *The importance of allowing God to purify our wills and help us root out our sins
    *How it is through struggle that we become holy

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  • Pilgrimage To The Museum


    Have you ever visited a museum and found the narrations in the self-guided-tour headsets a bit tedious? Slightly too clinical, perhaps? And have you ever noticed that God is rarely mentioned in art museums these days, unless in a cold, archaeological, “scientific” way? All of that is about to change.

    In Pilgrimage to the Museum, author-curator Stephen Auth takes you on a provocative and colorful journey through the history of Western art, interpreted through a lens of profound Christian faith – appropriately so since, in Auth’s view, much of Western art expresses humanity’s search for God, the Divine Artist-Creator.

    In this beautifully illustrated voyage, you will experience with Auth and his wife, Evelyn, the ups and downs of man’s determined quest. Leaving all the art-history jargon at the front door, Auth will transport you in his spiritual time machine from Egypt’s Old Kingdom, through Greece and Rome, to medieval Europe; from the age of the Renaissance, through the Ages of Exploration and Enlightenment; and from the rise of atheism in the late 1800s to the seeds of a spiritual rebirth in the modern era. Along the way, you will experience anew the masterpieces of many artists, from Polykleitos to Raphael, Duccio to Rembrandt, Monet to Picasso.

    Through the works of these great artists, you will encounter the profound truths that lead many to God and cause many others to wonder. You will discover how various themes and motifs of man’s struggle to find God occur, morph, fade, and then reoccur centuries later. As you laugh, cry, and pray your way through this illuminating voyage, you will emerge refreshed and renewed in your own journey to God- and you will never look at a work of art the same way again.

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  • Diary Of Saint Gemma


    From 1899 until her death in 1903, the young Italian woman St. Gemma Galgani physically experienced the wounds of Christ every Thursday evening. The stigmata would appear and bleed on her hands, feet, and side, stopping only on Friday afternoon and leaving white marks as a reminder. St. Gemma also experienced countless visions, raptures, ecstasies, and other mystical graces – as well as intense temptations from the devil.

    Here is the remarkable diary of this young saint, which her spiritual director ordered her to write. It will give you an enthralling glimpse into her numerous encounters with Jesus Crucified, with Our Lady, and with her guardian angel, whom she saw almost every day and would even send on errands, usually to deliver messages to her confessor in Rome.

    You will witness St. Gemma’s courage in fulfilling even laborious duties while wearing the hidden crown of thorns, and you’ll learn what St. Gabriel Possenti, to whom she was especially devoted, taught her about the connection between bodily illness and spiritual healing. Moreover, St. Gemma will teach you:

    *What to do when you are mocked, tormented, or experience powerful temptations

    *How to overcome the hesitation to receive Holy Communion due to scrupulosity, dryness, and desolation

    *The key to overcoming struggles in prayer

    *How to remain faithful during periods of intense suffering

    *How obedience will defeat the enemy and help you overcome sinful habits

    *How your prayers and small sufferings relieve souls in Purgatory

    St. Gemma was a laywoman who lived near Lucca, Italy. She yearned to be a Passionist nun, but her poor health prevented this. Instead, she was mystically espoused to Jesus and faithfully lived out the Passionist spirituality.

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  • Good The Messy And The Beautiful


    God draws spouses closer to the Heavenly marriage through the sanctifying power of the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.

    However, that means it is not always easy, and it certainly is not like what newlyweds may imagine.

    In The Good, the Messy, and the Beautiful: The Joys and Struggles of Real Married Life, Edward and Beth Sri – national marriage speakers – show readers that the struggles of marriage are to be expected and, even more so, they are purifying us to make us saints.

    No marriage is perfect, and neither is the Sri’s. This book is packed full of hilarious and relatable stories from their 20+ years of marriage. From their experience, see helpful tips, mindsets, and reminders of how to live out the beautiful vocation of marriage.

    In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, God has an incredible vocation for all for spouses. The Good, the Messy, and the Beautiful goes into the nitty-gritty, explaining what to do when reality hits-when the rubber hits the road.

    From discussions about:

    *And more

    You will dive into new depths of the reality of Catholic marriage-from the messy to the beautiful-in this practical, entertaining, and wise book.

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  • Pedro Arrupe : A Heart Larger Than The World


    This biography is an introduction to the life, spirituality, and impact of Pedro Arrupe, whose cause for canonization has been recently introduced by the Vatican.

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  • 2023 A Book Of Grace Filled Days


    2023: A Book of Grace-Filled Days provides a concise and structured way to listen to God’s voice every day of the year.

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  • Between Heaven And Earth


    In this book the New Testament scholar Gerhard Lohfink interprets a spectrum of biblical texts, some familiar, others not. He explores them in a spirit of curiosity, questions them insistently, and confronts them with the realities of our present day, from COVID-19 to the inner loneliness experienced by so many.

    In light of central biblical texts Lohfink asks: what would a life look like today if it were wholly in the world and at the same time wholly in God-sweeping joyously between heaven and earth-aware of the immeasurable breadth of the universe and still able to marvel at the tiniest flower-knowing the depths of the human heart and being comforted by a child’s smile.

    This book takes up the colorful threads of many Old and New Testament texts and weaves from them a many-hued tapestry of biblical theology. It reveals things unknown, sheds new light on things known, and is full of surprises. It speaks not only to the curious or the “nones” who want to know more about the Christian message; it is addressed to everyone who senses a desire to understand the Bible better and more deeply.

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  • Memoirs Of Saint Peter


    This new translation of the Gospel of Mark reveals startling nuances and idiosyncracies in the original Greek text that have traditionally been camoflauged by English translations. Dr. Mark Pakaluk, who previously translated Artistotle’s Nichomachean Ethics for Oxford, presents his new translation alongside a fascinating commentary that draws forth new meaning and context about the Gospel, which is long understood to be Mark’s retelling of what St. Peter told him first-hand.

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  • Francis : The Journey And The Dream


    In 1972, a young Franciscan friar named Murray Bodo wrote a unique book about the life of St. Francis of Assisi.

    Francis: The Journey and the Dream offered readers a unique combination of lyrical prose and brief, absorbing vignettes that inspired hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to contemplate the life of the famous saint and see him in a new way.

    Fifty years and over 200,000 copies later, this book still captivates people everywhere, and Fr. Bodo is still writing about St. Francis and the Franciscan way of life. His poetic style continues to draw readers in, and he himself continues to gaze in wonder at the saint who worked nearly his entire life to rebuild the church.

    This special anniversary edition includes a new preface in which Fr. Bodo reflects on a half century spent immersed in the Franciscan way.

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  • Genesis Of Gender


    The question of gender–who we are as men and women–has never been more pressing, or more misunderstood.

    Weaving personal experience with expert knowledge, Dr. Abigail Favale provides an in-depth yet accessible account of the gender paradigm: a framework for understanding reality and identity that has recently risen to prominence. Favale traces the genealogy of gender to its origins in feminism and postmodern thought, describing how gender has come to eclipse sex, and how that shift is reshaping language, law, medicine, sexuality, and our own self-perceptions.

    With substance, clarity, and compassion, Favale teases out the hidden assumptions of the gender paradigm and exposes its effects. Yet this book is not merely an expose–it is also a powerful, moving articulation of a Christian understanding of reality: a holistic paradigm that proclaims the dignity of the body, the sacramental meaning of sexual difference, and the interconnectedness of all creation. The Genesis of Gender is a vital, timely resource for anyone seeking to better understand the gender paradigm–and how to live beyond it.

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  • 2023 Cathedral Wall Calendar


    Our newest addition, the 2023 Cathedrals Wall Calendar is here to present the crown jewels of Holy Mother Church’s architecture from around the world. See the greatest basilicas and cathedrals of the Catholic world month by month as you journey through the year witnessing the greatest throne rooms for the King of Kings.

    As always, TAN calendars contain special feasts and fascinating Catholic traditions. They are marked with days of Fasting, special Saints Days, and the Sundays of the Liturgical Year for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Calendar.

    The 12×12 Wall Calendars allow ample space for personal notes, appointments, and special occasions. With gorgeous Old Master artwork, meditations and prayers – each one is a labor of love for our designers.

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  • 2023 Mary And The Saints Wall Calendar


    Our most beloved calendar, the stunning Mary and the Saints Wall Calendar is ready to chart your year for A.D. 2023.

    Carefully selected from classic art tradition, this calendar is designed to inspire greater devotion to the Blessed Mother for every day of the year.

    TAN calendars contain special feasts and fascinating Catholic traditions. They are marked with days of Fasting, special Saints Days, and the Sundays of the Liturgical Year for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Calendar.

    The 12×12 Wall Calendars allow ample space for personal notes, appointments, and special occasions. Filled with gorgeous Old Master artwork, meditations and prayers – each image is hand chosen and designed with love and attention to detail.

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  • Freedom Of Missing Out


    Rev. Michael Rossmann, SJ offers a practical plan for developing emotional courage, increasing focus, and learning to say no to what depletes you and yes to what gives you meaning, vitality, and joy.

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  • 2023 The Life Of Our Lord Wall Calendar


    The Life of Our Lord Wall Calendar is ready for 2023, as requested by popular acclaim.
    Designed to suit every taste and inspire greater faith and devotion to Our Lord for every day of the year. This stunning Catholic Calendar features scenes from the public life of Our Lord as He teaches, heals and ministers to His apostles and followers – urging them all to believe!

    TAN calendars contain special feasts and fascinating Catholic traditions. They are marked with days of Fasting, special Saints Days, and the Sundays of the Liturgical Year for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Calendar.

    The 12×12 Wall Calendars allow ample space for personal notes, appointments, and special occasions. Filled with gorgeous Old Master artwork, meditations and prayers – each one is a labor of love for our designers.

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  • 2023 Saints Calendar With 16 Month Daily Planner


    The ever-popular 2023 Saints Calendar and Daily Planner is a 16-month calendar ready to use in September. Our spiral-bound design allows plenty of space for daily appointments in a lay-flat format.

    This Calendar has become a favorite for home or office with professionals, students, and busy homeschool families.

    TAN calendars contain special feasts and fascinating Catholic traditions. They are marked with days of Fasting, special Saints Days, and the Sundays of the Liturgical Year for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Calendar.

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  • 2023 The Angels Wall Calendar


    Our popular The Angels Catholic Wall Calendar brings God’s Heaven-sent messengers, guides and guardians to mind throughout each month for the year 2023.

    This high-quality Catholic Calendar is paying close heed to the classical art tradition and is intended to remind us of and inspire greater devotion to the Angels for every day of the year.

    TAN calendars contain special feasts and fascinating Catholic traditions. They are marked with days of Fasting, special Saints Days, and the Sundays of the Liturgical Year for both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Calendar.

    The 12×12 Wall Calendars allow ample space for personal notes, appointments, and special occasions. With gorgeous Old Master artwork, meditations and prayers – each one is a labor of love for our designers.

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  • Living Liturgy For Extraordinary Ministers Of Holy Communion 2023 Year A


    This easy-to-use pastoral resource provides spiritual nourishment for extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. Rooted in the Sunday gospels, this indispensable aid invites reverent and prayerful preparation for liturgical ministry. Living LiturgyTM for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion highlights the connections between the Word, Eucharist, and living in service of others. Ministers will find this resource to be formative for their own personal reflection and a helpful tool for facilitating prayer with people who are sick and homebound.

    Living LiturgyTM for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion begins with the First Sunday of Advent 2022 and includes the following:

    -Gospel readings for each Sunday and other significant liturgical celebrations

    -Prompts for personal reflections and prayer

    -A separate insert card with the Rite for Administration of Communion to the Sick by an Extraordinary Minister

    -Inscription page for the minister’s name, ideal for commissioning ministers of the Eucharist

    -Ministry prayers that correspond with the Music Ministers and Lectors editions of Living Liturgy, promoting unity among all liturgical ministers

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  • Adoring Christ Journal


    Come adore Jesus with the Saints!

    This beautiful spiral bond journal is perfect for children 2nd grade and older. With this journal, children will be guided through simple reflections drawn from the life and words of the saints. Slow down and share yourself with Jesus through this beautiful book!

    Featuring original art.

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  • Stages In Prayer


    Here’s the spiritual classic that will elevate your prayer life from the “ordinary” to the “supernatural” by exploring and guiding you through the five fundamental stages of prayer.

    Contrary to popular belief, true progress in your prayer life is not solely a function of adherence to a fixed set of rules. Rather, it is governed almost entirely by the emerging fruits of your prayer as the Holy Spirit leads you to live a life ever more pleasing to God. Thus, progress in prayer is more of an art than a science. Few Christians become mystics not because few are called but because few figure out how to navigate the stages of prayer and leverage the fruits to achieve union with God.

    Fr. Arintero will show you how to progress from simple vocal prayer to the depths of spiritual meditation. You’ll learn how to “travel by foot” when those inevitable moments of dryness in prayer surface, and you’ll learn how to maximize progress in times of deep consolation.

    With the writings of Sts. Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Francis de Sales, and Thomas Aquinas as his touch points, Fr. Arintero explains what is happening to the soul as it begins to enter into union with our Lord, including such manifestations as locutions and intellectual visions. Additionally, you will learn what to expect at each stage of contemplation, as well as the corresponding gifts many receive, such as ecstasies and raptures. Through the wisdom of the mystics, Fr. Arintero unpacks these mysteries and shares insights about:

    *The importance of making specific resolutions to grow in virtue
    *Why times of both great and light aridity are natural
    *How God pours out the gift of wisdom on souls through prayer
    *Why attachment to specific methods of prayer can hinder God’s movement
    *What distractions in prayer may indicate and how to approach them
    *How to prepare yourself for prayer of quiet and infused recollection

    You’ll also receive guidance from the saints and mystics on difficulties in prayer, the fruits of the Holy Spirit, passive and active purgation, and the practice of mental prayer.

    There is no authentic active life without a fervent contemplative life. Fr. Arintero will teach you “not to think much but to love much” in prayer. You will glean how to attain peace and joy in God’s presence in this life and the next. By striving to grow in virtue and union with God, you will be emboldened to work for His kingdom and the salvation of souls. Through prayer, your charity will

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  • Glories Of Heaven


    “And yet the visible sun, as splendid as it is, is a mere created object, and is therefore certainly less radiant than the divine splendor, and less beautiful than the glory of the God Who fashioned it. It consequently follows that the bodies of the saints–suffused with this glory of God–will surpass the beauty and radiance of the sun itself.”
    –Saint Anselm

    The great Doctor of the Church and Benedictine monk Saint Anselm has assembled one of the greatest books ever written on heaven. Relying on his profound insights from prayer and his deep love for Sacred Scripture, Anselm systematically describes various aspects of the happiness of heaven: the beauty of the bodies of the blessed, the velocity of the glorified bodies of the saints in heaven, the strength of the blessed, the pleasures of heaven, and much more. At the same time, Saint Anselm does not shy away from the reality of hell and its unending torments. Nothing spurs the soul to repentance like the thought of being eternally separated from God.

    To obtain our celestial homeland, Saint Anselm instructs the reader to meditate daily on the day of judgment and the blessings of heaven. Saint Anselm, who later became an archbishop of Canterbury, exhorts the faithful to daily conversion and heartfelt prayers. It is a book that will make you long for heaven with all your heart and slowly detach you from this world, where “the pleasures, joys, and honors of this mortal life are but brief and ephemeral.”

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  • All I Am


    The teen years can be a confusing time of figuring out where you belong, who you are, what you can do, and who you can become, all while searching for a sense of safety as you engage with the world. In All I Am, these core needs of belonging, identity, ability, purpose, and security are explored through God’s traits in the Bible, showing readers 13 and up that the great I AM not only meets our needs because of all the amazing things he is, but how we also embody those traits because we are his children.

    Inside the pages of All I Am are 90 devotions from a Catholic perspective that use conversational language to apply God’s truth to your life through relatable examples and real-world applications, each helping you think, act, and be like Jesus and grow your faith and self-esteem.

    Content also includes:

    *Scripture from the NRSV edition
    *A two-color interior with an engaging design
    *”Digging Deeper” and “Rest and Remember” features for deeper daily or weekly reflection
    *Encouraging quotes from saints, popes, and inspiring Catholics
    *Original and traditional Catholic prayers that help you easily connect with God every day

    All I Am is perfect for:

    *Graduation gifts, Confirmation, and holiday presents
    *Encouraging teens in their faith journey
    *Use in spiritual development classes

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  • Hildegard Of Bingen Pilgrimage Book


    The Hildegard of Bingen Pilgrimage Way is a new path that invites pilgrims from all over the world to walk along the historic sites where the saint lived in the twelfth century. The route leads pilgrims on 140 kilometers (87 miles) from Idar-Oberstein via Disibodenberg and Sponheim to St. Hildegard’s Abbey in Eibingen on the Rhine. It is a path through a fascinating Central European landscape, into Hildegard’s visionary work, into one’s own spirituality, and into God.

    The Hildegard of Bingen Pilgrimage Book directs you along the way, offering short descriptions of each of the ten stages. It also provides profound information about Hildegard’s life and her theological, musical, medical, and botanical works. Biblical texts and meditative poems are included to offer you additional inspiration, furthering the potential for your own spiritual discoveries in the company of Hildegard.

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  • Advent And Christmas With Saint Joseph


    Prepare for and celebrate Christ’s coming with brief daily meditations for Advent and the Christmas season. Scripture readings, a personal reflection, a question to ponder or act to consider, and a short prayer to Saint Joseph are sure to touch your heart and lead you to a deeper relationship with Jesus and his foster father, Joseph.

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  • Icon Of Trust


    Here is the singular book you need to grow in total abandonment to divine providence and deepen your trust in God – and to appreciate as your mother and model in faith Mary, whose loving obedience is central to the achievement of your salvation.

    Icon of Trust juxtaposes the Blessed Mother’s trustful and unwavering yes to the archangel Gabriel with Zechariah’s doubt and hesitation. You will learn how Mary’s total surrender, as the tabernacle of the Lord, ushered in your redemption. Whether searching for the Child Jesus for three days or standing at the foot of the Cross, Our Lady remained a faithful witness to His love.

    This small book will unveil for you the ways in which the Virgin Mary teaches us to trust in Jesus – such as in the episodes of the Wedding at Cana and the Upper Room. It will show you how Old Testament words and events are fulfilled in Our Lady’s mission and how, as the New Eve, Mary mediates for us at Calvary and Jesus entrusts us to her maternal, intercessory care. It also reveals how Mary’s self-emptying, or kenosis, aids in the salvation of the world.

    You will learn the parallels between Our Lady and the Temple and will explore the meanings of the “Ark of the New Covenant” and “Daughter Zion.” And you will delight in how this essential feminine symbol of Israel elucidates the Wedding Feast of the Lamb in the Bible.

    Icon of Trust reflects upon the deep meaning of the words Totus Tuus. Through the lens of Scripture and Catholic authors, it explains how to place yourself in the hands of Mary and love Jesus with her heart. Best of all, Icon of Trust explains how Mary was created by God “full of grace” and sheds light on her key role in building up the early Church community.
    This book will help you realize your call to:

    *Imitate Our Lady’s fiat at the Annunciation and rejoice in her Magnificat
    *Accept that God first loved you and then respond to His overture with love
    *Foster docility by emulating Mary’s heart of openness and simplicity
    *Be attentive like the Blessed Mother and ponder God’s mysteries in your heart
    *Follow Our Lady’s childlike faith, even in dark and difficult times
    *Pray with Mary for the coming of the Holy Spirit and the salvation of souls

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  • Wrath Of God


    The end of the world is an unmistakable focus of Christ’s teaching. Yet contemporary Catholic preaching ignores it, leaving it almost exclusively to Protestants and to the growing number of believers in private revelations or alleged Marian locutions.

    “This book does not intend to further multiply such messages,” writes Fr. Livio Fanzaga, notable Rome-educated theologian and founder of Europe’s largest Catholic radio network, Radio Maria. Instead, Fr. Livio seeks to acquaint ordinary Catholics with the biblical and Church teachings necessary to evaluate various kinds of speculation about the end of the world, to read the signs of the times and recognize the evils of our age, to prepare ourselves spiritually for the end whenever it may come,” and to discern the answers to such urgent questions as:

    What will be the “supreme religious deception” that will lead countless Catholics to abandon their faith?

    Will the Antichrist be a clerical traitor? A religious leader? A politician? A collective phenomenon? Some combination?

    How will the Antichrist succeed in posing as the friend, even protector, of the Church – while seducing her members?

    Which of us will be most vulnerable to seduction?

    Will the Antichrist’s appearance coincide with the end of the world?

    Which prophetic visions or private revelations about the end times fall within the bounds of right doctrine, and which don’t?

    Drawing numerous prophetic insights from Hugh Benson’s Lord of the World and Vladimir Soloviev’s Tale of the Antichrist – which he carefully evaluates in the light of Scripture, magisterial teaching, and recent history – Fr. Livio compiles a persuasive and vivid portrait not only of the Antichrist, but of the world as it will be when it welcomes him.

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  • Tradivox Vol 8


    From the brief “penny” catechisms of the 16th century to our own late 20th-century Catechism, scores of faithful priests, bishops, popes, saints, and even Church Councils have for Catholics young and old published succinct, reliable summaries of our Church’s perennial teachings: catechisms.

    In them, readers have encountered Catholic doctrine presented in refreshingly clear and even elegant language, often accompanied by handsome woodcuts on lovely pages.

    Now, for the first time ever, dozens of historic catechisms are being unearthed and painstakingly restored. They are being reformatted for publication and presented to you in this gorgeous 20-volume, cross-indexed collection.

    What’s in Volume VIII:

    Two of the greatest Italian catechisms have been paired together for the first time in Volume 8 of the Tradivox collection, composed by authors renowned for their excellent teaching as well as their outstanding holiness.

    The first is A Dogmatic Catechism, first published in 1842 by Ven. Fr. Giuseppe Frassinetti and regarded as one of the clearest and most compelling Italian presentations of the Faith in that century. From an early age, Ven. Frassinetti had a reputation for remarkable holiness and even brilliance, coming from a family of such faith and devotion that he and his three brothers all became priests, and his sister a religious foundress and canonized saint. Known as “the Italian Cure of Ars” in his own time, a contemporary priest would say of Ven. Frassinetti’s doctrinal instructions: “they combine solid doctrine with a quality rarely to be found, that of adaptation to the capacities of all. There is in them a union of devotion and spiritual affectionateness with discretion, in no way inferior to the sweet spirit of St. Francis de Sales.” His catechism is thorough and detailed, and may be regarded as prophetic in many places, as he anticipates a number of heretical errors that would not be systematically condemned until decades later.

    The second catechism in this volume is that Pope St. Pius X, first published in 1905 as Compendium of Christian Doctrine, which still remains one of the most beloved “short catechisms” ever printed. As Pope Benedict XVI observed in 2010: “Because of its simple, clear, precise language and effective explanations, this Pius X Catechism, as it was called, was a reliable guide to many in learning the truths of the faith,” and remains so today. Because many different works are currently in circulation claimi

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  • Meaning Of The World Is Love


    Hans Urs von Balthasar (1905-1988), a prolific Catholic theologian from Switzerland, has been called a “new Father of the Church”. His work–shaped not only by traditional theology and philosophy, but by literature, art, and music–made an impact on both Saint John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. Aidan Nichols, O.P., describes Balthasar’s fifteen-volume masterwork, the Trilogy, as “perhaps the high-point of twentieth-century Catholic theology”.

    Yet for all Balthasar’s brilliance, the core of his theology is extraordinarily simple: love–for God is love. Love lies at the center of life, indeed, at the center of being itself. For Balthasar, the answers to all of man’s big, existential questions revolve around love.

    The Meaning of the World Is Love, compiled by psychologist Richard Clements, brings Balthasar’s meditations to a wider audience, using brief excerpts from the theologian to walk readers through the landscape of divine love, which is our home. The path of love is the path of self-gift–as well as of truth, goodness, and beauty–and it is the only way to genuine fulfillment. Balthasar, as Clements shows, can point us to the very heart of reality: God, who gives himself to us without reserve.

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  • Visions And Revelations


    Many Catholics feel deficient, if not hopeless, when they read of the many saints who experienced visions and revelations – mystical phenomena that seem so distant from their own experience. Or worse, those who do experience such visions and consolations can come to feel that they are especially favored by God and consequently become overly confident in their spiritual progress.

    This is the book that explains everything you need to know about true Catholic mysticism. Spiritual master Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D., will guide you in understanding contemplative prayer and the preeminence of faith over revelations in the spiritual life. Drawing from the writings of Sts. Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross, he lays out principles of discernment for both spiritual directors and laypersons on the journey to holiness.

    Fr. Gabriel invites you to consider souls such as St. Therese of Lisieux, arguably the greatest saint of modern times, who wrote of only two visions in her life – but experienced mystical union with God. The real goal, he explains, isn’t seeking gifts but, rather, opening ourselves to God’s grace to attain a Spiritual Marriage with Him.

    St. Teresa elucidates what is really meant by phenomena such as ecstasies and raptures in the spiritual life. Fr. Gabriel unpacks her profound mystical insights from Interior Castle to describe the various stages in the soul’s journey to God and how one’s prayer life develops in each mansion. These teachings are introspective, filled with psychological insights, and reflective of St. Teresa’s personal experiences. In this book, Fr. Gabriel also summarizes the many types of visions and locutions the great saint experienced.

    In addition, you will receive St. John of the Cross’s advice about supernatural experiences, as well as possible sources of these phenomena – God, the devil, or the soul. Fr. Gabriel further shares his spiritually edifying and even awe-inspiring wisdom on:

    The attitude a soul should possess regarding divine favors

    How a spiritual director should respond to souls experiencing visions or revelations

    The importance of exercising common sense and prudence in the spiritual life

    How obedience helps the soul avoid deception and rest tranquilly

    Why exercising the theological virtues is the shortest road to holiness

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  • Book Of Psalms


    This 27th volume in the popular Ignatius Catholic Study Bible series leads readers through a penetrating study of the Psalms using the text itself and the Church’s own guidelines for understanding the Bible.

    Ample notes accompany each page, providing fresh insights by renowned Scripture scholars Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch as well as time-tested interpretations from the Fathers of the Church. These helpful study notes provide rich historical, cultural, geographical, and theological information pertinent to the Old Testament book–information that bridges the distance between the biblical world and our own.

    The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible also includes Topical Essays, Word Studies, and Charts. The Topical Essays explore the major themes of Deuteronomy, often relating them to the teachings of the Church. The Word Studies explain the background of important biblical terms, while the Charts summarize crucial biblical information “at a glance”.

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  • Unleashing Hope : The Biography Of Vernerable Mother Luisa Josefa Of The Mo


    Here is the book that you need to “live in hope” in uncertain times. This seminal biography of Venerable Luisa de la Pea Navarro (1866-1937), “Mother Luisita,” reveals gripping historical events and stories of the atrocious persecution of Catholics in Mexico in the 1920s and 1930s. Mother Luisita’s Carmelite spirituality, illuminating each page, will remind you that God has your back and keeps His promises. Mother’s life and late religious vocation bears witness that it is never too late to begin, that you can trust God, and He will never abandon you.

    You will learn how Mother formed her sisters to prepare a dwelling place for God within. This helped them withstand violence and remain faithful in the face of death, when they had to flee for their lives repeatedly. There were times when they had no food or money, but God always provided.

    Mother Luisita is still a beloved spiritual mother to the faithful in Jalisco, Mexico, and beyond, and memories of her holiness and kindness continue to bring hope and healing. Included in this biography are firsthand testimonies, Mother’s inspirational maxims, excerpts from her letters, a prayer for her cause, and other compelling documents.

    You will also learn about Mother’s early life: her poor health from youth, her privileged background, and her marriage to a medical doctor, with whom she founded a hospital for the poor.

    Fortify your faith as you read about Mother’s adventures, trials, and joys in establishing two religious orders – the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles and the Carmelitas del Sagrado Corazon de Mexico – as well as numerous foundations and institutions. The work of the Sisters proceeded even during a smallpox epidemic and periods when it was illegal to be Catholic in Mexico.

    Discover the truth about the atrocities that the faithful suffered during the Mexican Revolution through a rare testimony of a Carmelite religious superior before the U.S. Congress.

    Best of all, you will be encouraged by Mother’s:

    *Devout Catholic family and great devotion to Our Lady and the Rosary

    *Character and faith formation and love of intercessory prayer and the Holy Eucharist

    *Transformation as teen and how she overcame self-centeredness and worldliness

    *Compassionate and indefatigable care for the poor, the sick, and orphans

    *Obedience to God’s will, regardless of the painful sacrifices it entailed

    *Profession of vows – in secret, despite the dangers


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  • Dream Bigger : A 21-Day Journey To Unlock God’s Dream For Your Life


    A book about dreams. How cute. Maybe you picked this book up looking for cotton candy and fluffy marshmallow clouds, but that’s not what I’m about. This is a book for world-changers. For people ready to lay down everything in order to give God all the Glory He is due.

    A book for people willing to work hard and sacrifice greatly in order to advance the Kingdom of God here and now. Are you ready for that? Because you can turn back at any time. You can compromise for the world of comfort and pleasure seeking at any moment. But if you want to live a life of significance, prepare yourself for the cross.

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  • Soul Of Christmas


    With his trademark blend of storytelling, faith and psychological insight, New York Times bestselling author Thomas Moore turns his attention to the most enduring story of them all: the birth of Christ in Bethlehem. Moore uses passages from the Gospels, archetypal stories and ancient myths to explore the idea that Christmas can only be fully understood as belonging to everyone-as a plan for the entire human race. This may be the most profound reflection on the meaning of Christmas in a generation.

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  • In Gods Holy Light


    Renowned spiritual writer Joan Chittister explores the sayings of the Desert Mothers and Fathers, finding wisdom from that ancient tradition that speaks to your life today. This popular introduction to a powerful source of Christian wisdom can be a companion to your own spiritual journey.

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  • Paschal Paradox : Reflections On A Life Of Spiritual Evolution


    In this provocative spiritual autobiography, Diarmuid O’Murchu explores the many paschal journeys in his personal life as well as in the life of the church and the world. He shows how the paschal paradox-the movement through death and resurrection-is at the heart of God’s creation and gives meaning to all life.

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  • Meditations On The Holy Angels


    “O my soul, contemplate the surpassing beauty of these citizens of paradise! They shine like a vast constellation of radiant stars, or even like the sun itself, in the splendid city of God.”
    –St. Aloysius Gonzaga

    In the history of the Church, there are few saints who wrote with such angelic purity and devotion on the subject of angels as Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. Much has been written on this Jesuit novice who died at the young age of twenty-three while caring for plague victims, but little has been available on his actual writings–that is, until now. For the first time in English, Meditations on the Holy Angels, Saint Aloysius Gonzaga’s longest and most significant work is offered to readers. Discover this great saint’s love for the holy angels, no doubt a powerful inspiration for his own angelic purity. Those who read this inspiring work will fall more deeply in love with God and His holy angels. Learn about our angelic companions’ excellence, nobility, and glorious order. Contemplate the powerful roles of Saints Gabriel, Raphael, and Michael through the eyes of one of the Church’s great Jesuit saints.

    Included in this volume are two important versions of the life of Saint Aloysius. The first is from the Office of the saint, first published in 1737, and subsequently incorporated into the Roman Breviary . The other version, published in 1699, is somewhat longer and offers further beautiful details of his sanctity, piety, and ardent charity.

    As the patron saint of youth and students, Saint Aloysius Gonzaga’s writings and life reveal that one cannot live an angelic life without angelic help. Here is a saint who sought his guardian angel’s help three times a day. Here is a book that will enflame the hearts of both young and old to love our angelic friends–messengers from heaven–with even greater fervor.

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  • Secret Of The Holy Face


    From the creation of man to the current ecclesial infiltration and world revolution, the devil and his minions have sought to destroy the human race made in the image of God. No longer attacking from without, they are now secretly laying siege from within the Holy Roman Catholic Church. But why is God allowing this? He loves to see souls heroically battle for the faith.

    In the nineteenth century, Venerable Leo Dupont said that Communists would one day enslave the world–that is, “close up their churches, and make them slaves of the state . . . unless reparation is done, unless men come before the Face of their Saviour to ask His forgiveness and His help!” In this powerful book, Father Carney reveals the essence and history of the Holy Face Devotion, her apostles, and how to save society and the Church from her foes. “Reparation is destined to save society,” said Blessed Pope Pius IX. Join the ranks of Saint Therese and other saints in the Archconfraternity of the Holy Face and contemplate His Face to help restore Christendom from the evils of Communism and Freemasonry. Heaven longs for this devotion. Here is a timely book that provides a counter-revolution of reparation, reverence, and reversion.

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  • Invitation And Encounter


    Let’s face it: Real-life friendship is hard! We find ourselves challenged by superficial #girltribe social media posts, so how can we really achieve authentic friendship? And is friendship even worth it?

    Sisterhood isn’t just a trend or unreachable goal; in fact, friendship with other women is a necessity. Why? Because we’re made for it. We’re created in the image and likeness of the triune God. “Relationship” is stamped into our spiritual DNA — just as God desires to be in relationship with us, he also longs for us to be in authentic relationship with others.

    Whether you’re in a steady place with the women in your life or you’re not confident at all when it comes to friendship with other women, each and every one of us always has room to grow in the art of friendship. In Sisterhood: Giving and Receiving the Gift of Friendship, Catholic wife, mom, author, and friend Chloe Langr offers a practical guide to discerning, developing, and keeping authentic friendships.

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  • Liberating Mindfulness : From Billion-Dollar Industry To Engaged Spirituali


    In an attempt to reclaim mindfulness from the commercial and corporate juggernaut it has become and to demonstrate its usefulness in spiritual (including Christian) life, the author incorporates insights from retreats she has attended at top meditation/mindfulness centers and from interviews with key leaders in the field. This is a spiritual manifesto about the perils and promise of the contemporary mindfulness movement, in which Stearns exposes some of the ways in which mindfulness meditation has been coopted in Western culture as a tool for individualism and consumerism, revealing new possibilities as mindfulness tools are interwoven with ethical and spiritual practices. Drawing from stories of her own spiritual journey as a mindfulness teacher, professor, and minister, interviews with mindfulness teachers and practitioners, and critical analysis using gender and race theory, she invites readers into a deeper understanding of mindfulness and its potential for communal liberation.

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  • Way Of Love


    A collection of inspiring stories, poems, and essays that show the way to love–with God, with one’s self, with one’s neighbors.

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  • My Dear Far Nearness


    The Holy Trinity of Christian theology is either incomprehensible or hopelessly abstract to most people. Why bother with it today? Robert A. Jonas reveals, in this strikingly original work, how opening the mysteries of the Trinity is key to discovering the Divine within and around us. As the poet Rumi said, Don’t look for me in a human shape. I am inside your looking. This approach to the Trinity, although faithful to ancient Christian doctrines, is not focused on dogma or belief, exploring instead spiritual practices that transform our awareness of God, each other, and ourselves.

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  • Sister Wisdom : Women Of Faith, Fortitude, And Inspiration


    A collection of short meditations on women of faith-including saints, social reformers, and contemporary theologians.

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  • Peace In Pregnancy


    Pregnancy is a blessing, an incredible gift from God — and one of the hardest things a woman will ever do. In the midst of this experience, God invites us to offer him the concerns of our hearts, whatever they may be, and to draw close to him through prayer, reflection, and meditation.

    Peace in Pregnancy: Devotions for the Expectant Mother is a place of rest to embrace the peace God offers. It serves both new and seasoned mothers, as the effort to embrace a state of peace renews itself with each change in life.

    This important resource offers helpful tools for expectant mothers to find peace and comfort, including:

    *Reflections to accompany you on the path to peace
    *Profound lessons in peace from saintly mothers
    *Meditations on the mysteries of our faith, including the Rosary and the Stations of the Cross
    *Fine art illustrations to help you discover the therapeutic power of beauty

    As a child finds rest in his or her mother’s, so God calls you to rest in him, to trust that he works all things for good for those who love him.

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  • Do You Have A Moment


    From the author’s experiences of brief encounters with others who long to enjoy the life God has given them, come these moments spent in deepening his own reserves of grace, peace, and joy. Readers will find refreshment if they are spiritually weary, inspiration if they are being stirred to action, and, ultimately, renewal for their ongoing pilgrimage?their walk with God.

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  • Hikers Guide To Purgatory


    One morning, attorney Dan Geary, seventy-seven years old, finds himself in the middle of a rolling, polychrome landscape. The greens are bold and bright. Birds sing in the distance. Tall grasses surge like a sea before the wind. He has never seen anything quite like it. But somehow–with the doctors and beeping monitors suddenly gone–he knows exactly where he is: the afterlife.

    What a relief not to be floating on a cloud, playing a harp. Instead, a hiking pack full of gear sits on his back, and he feels the familiar itch to start walking toward the far-off mountains. But he finds there is no trail, no map, no signage, and no one else in sight. As gorgeous as the scenery is, Dan feels in his bones: this is Purgatory.

    Growing up, he’d imagined Purgatory as a detention center for delinquent children. What a surprise to see its beauty, and to feel so much hope. Yet along the winding way, Dan starts recognizing his tangled, imperfect, often wasted life, and he wonders if he will ever be ready to meet God. With no clue how long his hike will take, he gradually learns–through memories and through encounters with other Heaven-bound hikers–how to desire the good, how to wait, and how to long for love.

    With confessional honesty and a sense of humor, this book reimagines the purification of the afterlife as a tough journey saturated with faith, hope, and love–and with overwhelming beauty.

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  • Song Of Ascents


    The Truth is bigger than we are, and if it comes for us, everything might break open. “It falls from heaven,” writes Tom Hiney. “It can fall at four in the morning when you are cold with insomnia, and it can refuse to fall when advertised. It has a life of its own, and sometimes appears with a special intensity.” God calls, whether we are ready or not.

    The Song of Ascents tells the stories of lives laid bare by love, stories that, over the years, gradually spurred acclaimed English biographer Tom Hiney up the ragged mountain of his own conversion to Roman Catholicism.”These stories,” he says, “are about people turning to God in horrible moments, with faltering human hearts like mine, and finding Him to be faithful.”

    Written in lean, vigorous prose, the book is a visceral study of faith, in which the holiness of other men and women leads the writer to realize that, despite everything, anything is possible with God, even joy.

    A medieval king awaiting a Viking invasion (King Alfred), a Jesuit evangelist at the court of Akbar (Father Monserrate), a West African prince in 1890s Indiana (Samuel Morris), and a composer in Communist Poland (Henryk Gorecki), as well as a trapped Arctic whaling vessel (the Diana), a lost explorer (David Livingstone), a disobedient general (Charles Gordon), and an aging war hero (the author’s own father)–all these become unlikely companions in Hiney’s messy, fumbling journey to Christ.

    The Song of Ascents is about coming to faith through stories, including the humanly incredible storytelling of the Church’s unique, heavenly, and inevitable destiny.

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  • Your Roadmap To A Conversion Centered Catechumenate


    Change can be hard. As human beings we are, by nature, resistant to change, especially when we think what we have right now is just fine as it is. But God is not static. Our relationship with God is dynamic, living, breathing, and constantly evolving. How do you bring that dynamism to your initiation process? How do you transform your current catechumenate from a one-size-fits-all program to an apprenticeship process customized for each seeker? John McGlynn is here to tell you that it’s not as hard as you might think.

    In this “report from the trenches” the author shows how his parish team was able to transform their process from a traditional academic model to true training in Christian life, focused on the goals of the individual seeker. Through the author’s real-world experience readers will discover how to develop their own roadmap to transform and renew their parish initiation processes.

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  • Becoming Eucharistic People


    We can’t just talk about Christ’s presence in the Eucharist; we have to believe it, celebrate it, and live it both individually and as a community of the faithful. And we must cultivate a culture in our parishes that treats Real Presence not only as an important Catholic doctrine, but also as the most important part of parish identity.

    In Becoming Eucharistic People, theologian Timothy P. O’Malley, author of Real Presence, outlines four essential dimensions of a Eucharistic culture in a parish–one that fosters reverence and unity among the faithful, includes every dimension of human life in the mystery of Christ’s Body and Blood, and invites people back to parish life or to become Catholic for the first time.

    O’Malley–director of education at the McGrath Institute of Church Life at the University of Notre Dame, academic director of the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy, and a member of the executive planning team for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Eucharistic Revival–shows what it means to foster a parish culture where the Eucharist infuses the worldview, priorities, and practices of its members. O’Malley leads you through discovery and discernment about how to create a parish culture where each person is called to holiness and receives the spiritual, theological, and pastoral help they need to meet Christ fully present in the Eucharist and to become a witness to him in the world.

    O’Malley will help you reflect on four essential facets of a Eucharistic parish culture:

    *liturgies of joyful reverence that celebrate the gifts of diversity;
    *formation that engages the mind, imagination, understanding, and will;
    *a rich life of popular piety and the vibrancy of the domestic Church; and
    *a commitment to solidarity with your neighbor.

    O’Malley says that when we reflect Christ’s Real Presence to others, our parishes will become sacred spaces in which every person is led to deeper communion with God and with their neighbors.

    Online resources, including ideas for parish retreats, teaching resources, and videos based on this book and the US bishops Eucharistic Revival are available from the McGrath Institute for Church Life.

    Books in the Engaging Catholicism series from the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame help readers discover the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith through a concise exploration of the Church’s most important but often difficult-to-grasp doctrines as well as crucial pastoral and spi

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  • Declaration Of Dependence


    This book reveals the shocking truth you need to know in a world riddled by irrationality, emotionalism, and violence. Religion is under attack, whether from totalitarian governments or modern education. Our tacit submission to politics, “freedom,” and science has made us slaves to a diabolical New Atheism and fear.

    With his prescient wit, wisdom, and fervor, Archbishop Fulton Sheen provides clarity amid propagandist lies and pagan societies united in purpose to destroy. He reminds us why we must fear what kills the soul more than what kills the body. He exposes the false prophets and philosophies at work in the world and the many “believers” who no longer worship or act in accordance with their beliefs.

    Archbishop Sheen masterfully decries the divisions and hatreds in America, explaining how we have turned from God and are on the precipice, that there is “too much tolerance of evil and not enough intolerance of injustice.” The chastisements the world is facing, he declares, are a consequence of its sins; they are the result of our abandonment of God, our idolatry; and man’s attempts to replace God serve only to show that the world is devoid of goodness without His presence.

    By declaring ourselves independent of God, we have brought down His wrath and made ourselves slaves to the world, the flesh, and the devil. Archbishop Sheen invites us to examine our consciences to see how we have, in fact, caused the wars in the world.

    By reading this book you will see how “isms” control people where the seeds have been planted for them to be controlled. You will learn how, throughout history, God punishes to destroy evil and, at the same time, to heal His sons from their sins. In addition, you will absorb the future saint’s teachings on:

    *The presence of the Antichrist in history
    *The cause of war – whether or not it is just – and where its greatest tragedy lies
    *How to truly fight for peace, justice, and unity in our country and among nations
    *The standard to which all Christians should hold themselves
    *Why the Church is opposed to extreme militarism and pacifism
    *Why those without conscience persecute those with conscience

    Best of all, Archbishop Sheen explains how God’s wrath is not capricious but is a consequence of our actions, how He is good and loving and will not let us drown in our sins, and how the key to our restoration – repentance – is readily in our grasp.

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  • Springtime That Never Came


    The faithful deprived of the Mass. Persecution and removal of clergy. Promulgation of communism and rampant heresies. Dehumanization, dictatorship, and the destruction of life.

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider experienced these sufferings growing up in the 1960s in the former Soviet Union, and they are now a reality in the West. A witness to the truth passed down from the apostles, Bishop Schneider explains that, especially since the time of the French Revolution, natural law, order, and a sense of the supernatural have been eroded and replaced, through Freemasonry and other false ideologies, with widespread apostasy, to the point where society is now almost entirely devoid of God.

    This riveting and climactic interview with Bishop Schneider tackles each and every controversial issue of our time. With charity, wisdom, and occasional humor, Bishop Schneider provides a rich historical and theological perspective with straightforward answers to a profusion of startling questions on topics such as ecumenism, ecology, Mass reforms, the German Church, Hell, Purgatory, sin, heresy, the roles of women in the Church, the traditional liturgy, and much more! Amid the encircling darkness, this compendium of straight, authoritative answers elucidates the truths of our Faith with a piercing light. It will make you cheer as it reorients you on your journey with Christ. Be encouraged, as Bishop Schneider provides inspiring insights for the battle. Be enthused to uphold Church teachings and worship God no matter the challenges that may lie ahead. Be strengthened to trust God and follow the examples of the saints. Be energized to live your vocation and stand up courageously in our chaotic times.

    In The Springtime That Never Came, Bishop Schneider calls for a “new apologetics” and “re-Catholicization” of countries that have lost the Catholic Faith. He teaches us to avoid the “mental gymnastics” caused by theological confusion and assures us that souls return to the Church through repentance and reverence for the Blessed Sacrament, Eucharistic Adoration and processions, Confession, and the Holy Rosary. Bishop Schneider believes our current situation, marked in many places by a deprivation of Holy Mass and Communion, is God’s “merciful appeal for a true eucharistic conversion of the whole Church.”

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  • Precious Gift Of Old Age


    The fear of growing old is a universal burden. Here’s the book you need to ensure that you move into and through old age with grit and grace. Fr. John LaFarge shows you how to conquer any fear of aging – and how to make your golden years the best years of your life.

    At age 84, Fr. LaFarge was struck by the many advantages and blessings of aging, and he observed that modern men and women have lost touch with the traditional view of old age as the crowning summit of life. Seeing old age instead as a calamity, he says, is what makes aging such a misery for many.

    In these insightful and encouraging pages, Fr. John helps you recognize that old age has its own inherent meaning and that the wisest thing we can do when it creeps up on us is to explore this meaning and adopt a general plan of action to profit from it.

    Specifically, you will learn how to overcome loneliness and assist others who are suffering from the pains of poverty or neglect. Fr. LaFarge addresses the challenges of caring for elderly people who are too sick to live at home and require admission to nursing homes. He also clarifies the duties of the younger generations toward those in old age and how it is incumbent upon them to turn the tide of our utilitarian culture of death.

    Best of all, Fr. LaFarge affirms that old age affords more time for quiet communion with our Lord, for contemplation, and for reaching out to others to help provide for their spiritual needs. He imparts the invaluable lesson that to embrace old age is to value the opportunity to strengthen yourself on the road to eternity after a lifetime of sin. You will also discover:

    *New opportunities, dignities, and privileges that come with old age
    *How old age is a time of great strength, beauty, and resurrection
    *An attitude of thankfulness and joy that attracts others to the Faith
    *How the “greatest social power in the world” rests in old age
    *What the older and younger generations can teach each other
    *How practicing the four cardinal virtues in our senior years leads to an authentic love of God and neighbor

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  • Kidnapped In Iraq


    Blindfolded, tied, prodded by guns, Alexandre faced intense interrogations, fearing all the
    while that torture and death were imminent.

    In Kidnapped in Iraq, Alexandre Goodarzy describes in gripping detail his abduction by
    Islamic terrorists in January 2020, how prayer and his Catholic Faith sustained him, and why he now views the entire ordeal as a blessing from God.

    After learning of the fate of untold Christians in the Middle East, Alexandre was among a cadre of young men who agreed to assist Christians in danger. As the war in Syria quickly turned into a religious war, Alexandre provided aid to Christians there who were caught between a hardening regime and increasingly bloodthirsty Islamist groups.

    The brutalization of Syrian Christians was only recently exposed, since the real story was often distorted by the media. In recent years, Syrian Christians faced the grim choice of fleeing from ISIS and abandoning their homeland or enduring barbaric martyrdom. Their cities were leveled and their churches destroyed. Goodarzy describes how these Christians, loyal to their country, were sporadically kidnapped by Kurds and held for ransom or forced into military service. In Syria, priests provide both spiritual and temporal care, assisting with basic necessities in the community and working to preserve their culture while mediating with secular authorities.

    In what reads like a dystopian thriller, Alexandre describes the dangerous episodes he experienced assisting Christians, including the perilous twelve-hour bus ride from Damascus to Aleppo and the numerous face-to-face encounters with Islamic rebels – the last of which resulted in his abduction and sixty-six-day captivity by Iraqi terrorists.

    “What is affecting us here today will strike you tomorrow!” people in Iraq and Syria told Goodarzy, predicting that the radical Islamic atrocities in their countries would soon assail France and other Western countries.

    Kidnapped in Iraq is a riveting story of bravery and courage and one man’s extraordinary efforts to aid Christians in need. It is also a chilling guidebook on how to fight for justice and proclaim the hope that comes in the triumph of the Cross.

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  • Jack Giorgio : Future Priest


    This is the story of Jack Giorgio,
    who dreamed of becoming a superhero….

    With bright and moving illustrations and a fun, rhyming story, your child will love the spirited Jack Giorgio and his quest to find heroes . . . and become one himself.

    This beautiful tale shares a touching father-son relationship and emphasizes the heroic nature of the Catholic priesthood, as well as introduces young readers to a host of holy saints and inspires a love for the Blessed Eucharist.

    Following on the heels of the beloved Lily Lolek: Future Saint, this picture book will be enjoyed by both boys and girls alike for years to come!

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  • How The Angels Got Their Wings


    With these charming rhyming verses, Anthony DeStefano begins this enchanting children’s book on perhaps the most fascinating of all God’s creatures – the angels.

    How the Angels Got Their Wings is a winsome introduction to the story of the angels – pure spiritual beings of extraordinary power made by God to assist Him in carrying out His will. Beginning with the creation of the angels and the “war in Heaven” between the good angels and the bad, this book introduces children to the famous archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael – as well as to Satan, the ringleader of the fallen angels, who chose to rebel against God.

    This book also acquaints children with those special angels who are here with us right now, helping to protect and guide us – our guardian angels. It shows children how angels can assist them with all the problems they encounter in life, from communicating with others to choosing between right and wrong, and can protect them from physical harm.

    How the Angels Got Their Wings is a beautifully illustrated, highly entertaining, biblically correct, and theologically orthodox introduction to angels. Once children read it, they will be forever comforted in knowing that God’s love for them is so strong that He gave them not only His Son, but the angels above so they will never, ever be alone in life.

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  • Treatises : A Mirror For Novices A Threefold Exercise On The Recitation Of


    Translated here for the first time are four works written by Stephen for his monks: A Mirror for Novices, A Threefold Exercise, On the Recitation of the Divine Office, and Meditations on the Joys of the Blessed Virgin. Each expresses the devotion of his day and provides an insight into the inner life of an early thirteenth century Cistercian monastery.

    A monk at Fountains Abbey and later abbot of Sawley, Stephen in his Meditations on the Gospel, on the Virgin, and on the Divine Office, delicately expresses the monastic devotion of the early thirteenth century.

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  • Sermons On The Final Verses Of The Song Of Songs Volume I


    In completing the sermon-commentary begun by Bernard and continued by Gilbert of Hoyland, John ’emerges as a lively and original commentator, writing sensitively from a deep experience of the spiritual and monastic life. Carrying on where his great predecessors, including Saint Bernard, left off, John knows grace and its counterpart humility, are central to all Christian spirituality; he also has an exceptionally keen awareness of the church as a body whose members share in each other’s treasures and rejoice in each other’s blessings’.

    This volume contains sermons 1 through 14.

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  • Confessions Of A Cafeteria Catholic


    One day, philosopher Peter Kreeft reads an open letter published by a friend, Nat Whilk. He’s Catholic, but he sees the Church as unsteady, outdated, obsessive. As a challenge to the “True Believers”, Nat pens a twenty-point manifesto for “cafeteria Catholics”, who pass up certain Church teachings and scoop up others like a diner in a buffet line.”I find in [Catholicism] both much to accept and even love and also much to refuse and even despise”, he asserts. “If you insist on tying God to the Church, you will make me an atheist.”

    Kreeft has an answer for Nat–one that spans over a hundred pages. The result is this book: a sharp, friendly, and funny debate between two honest thinkers trying to understand the Christian life. Nat “is the’cafeteria Catholic’, “writes Kreeft,”and I am the ‘eat all the food Mommy puts on your plate’ Catholic.” Taking on Nat’s manifesto point by point, the Boston College philosopher builds his case for a full-package Catholicism, addressing the themes of authority, love, freedom, conscience, sex, abortion, social justice, science, and more. “Our hopes differ”, he points out to his friend.”Your hope is in man; mine is in God.”

    If, like Nat Whilk, you find yourself wondering why the Church asks for so much commitment, Confessions of a Cafeteria Catholic could be the book for you. This debate serves as a fun and accessible introduction to some of the knottiest aspects of Catholic doctrine. Readers of Peter Kreeft’s apologetic works and his Socrates Meets dialogues will enjoy the latest venture by one of the most celebrated contemporary Catholic writers.

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  • Faith And Science


    Deacon Robert Hesse is uniquely qualified to write this scientifically accurate and inspirational gateway into the mind and heart of God through the interrelationship between faith and science. Drawing upon his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, his background in Trappist mystical theology, and years of leadership in interreligious dialogue, he provides a glimpse into the unrestricted consciousness from which springs the equations of physics, the space-time continuum, molecular structures, the biophysical leap into life, and the biospiritual leap into human consciousness, free choice, loving relationships, and mystical ecstasy.

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  • On Earth As It Is In Heaven


    Encounter an authentically Catholic perspective on God’s vision for the universal Church to be united “on earth as it is in heaven.”

    From Fr. Josh Johnson, co-author of the popular Pocket Guide to the Sacrament of Reconciliation, author of Broken and Blessed and host of the weekly podcast “Ask Fr. Josh,” comes On Earth as It Is in Heaven: Restoring God’s Vision for Race and Discipleship.

    This book follows Fr. Josh’s journey of serving as the only Black priest in the diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Fr. Josh draws from the riches of Scripture, personal experience as a Catholic of color, his priestly ministry, and the wisdom of the Church to encourage Catholics to understand more deeply the call of Christ to make disciples of “all peoples and nations (Matt. 28:19).”

    With the help of On Earth as it is in Heaven, Catholics can work towards bringing the kingdom of Heaven to earth by reaching out to people of all backgrounds.

    Through this book, readers will:

    *Learn more about bringing unity to the Church by living as the communion of saints on Earth

    *Read practical tips for encouraging discipleship and bringing unity into your community and parish

    *Hear Fr. Josh’s story about becoming a priest and other stories from his life of ministry

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  • Gratitude And Grit


    Gratitude and Grit tells the startling story of the simple friar whose loving concern for everyday people dramatically transformed thousands of lives. A warm, straightforward account of Casey’s life from someone who knew him personally, this book is a testament to the fact that God is present in even the most unlikely places.

    Detroit in the first half of the twentieth century was a place of industry, a place of hard work, grit, and determination-an unexpected place to find miracles. But God does some of his best work in unexpected places, and so Detroit became home to one of the Church’s most gentle and humble souls, a Capuchin Franciscan now known as Blessed Solanus Casey. From his simple cell at the monastery where he worked as doorkeeper, Casey’s ministry of spiritual counsel and divine healing captivated the Motor City-and eventually, the world.
    This reissue of Meet Solanus Casey: Miracle Worker and Spiritual Counselor includes a new foreword from Edward Foley, OFM Cap, vice postulator for the cause of Solanus Casey’s canonization.

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  • Living Calm : Mastering Anger And Frustration


    This is the book you need to master your anger so your anger won’t master you. Popular TV host, clinical psychologist, and best-selling author Dr. Ray Guarendi incisively cuts to the heart of the matter to help you determine whether your anger response is justified – and what to do when it isn’t.

    Dr. Guarendi unpacks for you the many types of anger and the types of people who suffer most from anger. For some, anger is a trait; for others, it is a state. Some are “wired fiery,” with an anger that is always simmering or on a low boil, while the anger of others often comes and goes quickly.

    You’ll learn why feelings aren’t neutral, and whether anger is a product of your nature or nurture. You’ll also learn the difference between righteous and unrighteous anger – and why those closest to us can anger us the most.

    In his straightforward, engaging, and humorous style, Dr. Guarendi also unveils healthy strategies for coping with those who make us angry and how we can make choices to regulate our emotions. From this compelling, life-changing book, you will also learn:

    *The danger of harboring negative feelings
    *The surprising benefits of anger, as well as its liabilities
    *Pros and cons of venting anger and of holding it inside
    *The advantages of exercising self-control in the heat of an argument
    *Ways to take ownership of your thoughts, words, and actions

    Best of all, this book will help you grow in virtue as you develop Christlike patience, charity, self-control, forgiveness, and humility in your relationships with others. By responding prayerfully and choosing to love deliberately, you will attain greater happiness, clarity of mind, and peace of heart.

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  • Our Lady Undoer Of Knots


    “The knot of Eve’s disobedience was loosed by the obedience of Mary. For what the virgin Eve had bound fast through unbelief, this did the virgin Mary set free through faith.”
    –St. Irenaeus of Lyons

    Few devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary have spread more in recent years than Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. When the faithful encounter trying moments, when all hope seems to be lost, they turn to their mother.

    “Come with me to my Son,” she tells us. And all is unbound.

    Through ordinary and everyday situations, rhymed verse, whimsical art, and subtle theology, this charming work–one of the first children’s books to celebrate this beloved devotion–will teach everyone in the family how to approach their mother when they are in need.

    Just as she untangled the knot of fallen humanity through her fiat, so Our Lady does for us in all our difficulties, both big and small, by teaching us to say yes to God.

    Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for us!

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