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  • Our Lady Undoer Of Knots


    “The knot of Eve’s disobedience was loosed by the obedience of Mary. For what the virgin Eve had bound fast through unbelief, this did the virgin Mary set free through faith.”
    –St. Irenaeus of Lyons

    Few devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary have spread more in recent years than Our Lady, Undoer of Knots. When the faithful encounter trying moments, when all hope seems to be lost, they turn to their mother.

    “Come with me to my Son,” she tells us. And all is unbound.

    Through ordinary and everyday situations, rhymed verse, whimsical art, and subtle theology, this charming work–one of the first children’s books to celebrate this beloved devotion–will teach everyone in the family how to approach their mother when they are in need.

    Just as she untangled the knot of fallen humanity through her fiat, so Our Lady does for us in all our difficulties, both big and small, by teaching us to say yes to God.

    Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for us!

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  • For Real : Christs Presence In The Eucharist


    The teaching of Christ’s real presence in the Eucharist began with Jesus sharing with his apostles, followed by their education of early Church leaders, which extends to our priests and the Church of today. Throughout all of this time the baton never drops. The teaching has never changed from the original presentation of Jesus himself to the apostles gathered with him for the Last Supper.

    A cradle Catholic and former skeptic himself, Deacon Dennis Lambert presents evidence to radically change, affirm, or deepen your belief in the real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The book also provides a thought-provoking way to share the truth with others.

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  • 1 Disciple At A Time


    What if the Church radically shifted the focus of her mission to making disciples one person at a time?

    Everett Fritz outlines a framework for one-to-one outreach that helps us develop as mentors in faith, furthering the Kingdom of God as Jesus commanded when he told us to go and make disciples. When we learn how to focus on a ministry of one, we will multiply our efforts to create a movement that meets the spiritual needs of many.

    Whether you’re someone who’s actively involved in professional or volunteer ministry or an everyday Catholic who wants share your faith, One Disciple at a Time reveals how you can live out your calling to spread the Gospel by focusing on forming disciples one at a time.

    Drawing on insights gleaned from his personal spiritual journey and work in Catholic parish ministry, Fritz–founder and executive director of Andrew Ministries–shares practical steps for transforming our approach to living our faith and sharing it with others. In this book, you will learn:

    *There is great power in a personal invitation because it becomes the seed to develop a relationship.

    *If you want to make a lifelong disciple of Jesus Christ, you have to be committed to accompany them throughout their lifetime.

    *Lessons from Jesus’s relationship with Simon Peter can transform the way we mentor in faith.

    *Taking someone from disciple to sainthood requires assisting that person with the crosses that they bear, as well as witnessing to the reality of the cross in your own life.

    *Formation needs to include identifying the person’s God-given gifts and working with them to use those gifts to build up the Church.

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  • Remember Us With Smiles


    A tender story about the power of family, experience, and memory, this is the perfect gift book that will resonate with both kids and adults.

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  • Discovering Christ The Servant


    Because Jesus came not to be served but to serve (Mk 10:45), his Mystical Body, the Church, is essentially a servant Church. It’s precisely through this service that she carries out her mission.

    The ancient diaconate was instituted, and has been restored in our time, not simply to stand alongside priestly, religious, and lay ministry but to imbue and empower each with a renewed sense of service. Indeed, the Greek word diakonia, which is translated in English as “service,” can also be translated into the Latin word ministerium, translated in English as “ministry.” Thus, when we look at episcopal ministry, priestly ministry, religious ministry, or lay ministry, service is essential to all.

    Service is not something we do but someone we give: our very selves. It is an act of love rooted in a divine love already poured out for us. This book provides a radical but thoroughly consistent rethinking of the Christian life that takes up the tradition and builds upon it in a way that is both old and new.

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  • Sisterhood : Giving And Receiving The Gift Of Friendship


    Let’s face it: Real-life friendship is hard! We find ourselves challenged by superficial #girltribe social media posts, so how can we really achieve authentic friendship? And is friendship even worth it?

    Sisterhood isn’t just a trend or unreachable goal; in fact, friendship with other women is a necessity. Why? Because we’re made for it. We’re created in the image and likeness of the triune God. “Relationship” is stamped into our spiritual DNA — just as God desires to be in relationship with us, he also longs for us to be in authentic relationship with others.

    Whether you’re in a steady place with the women in your life or you’re not confident at all when it comes to friendship with other women, each and every one of us always has room to grow in the art of friendship. In Sisterhood: Giving and Receiving the Gift of Friendship, Catholic wife, mom, author, and friend Chloe Langr offers a practical guide to discerning, developing, and keeping authentic friendships.

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  • Reading The Church Fathers


    Heresies, schisms, culture of death, persecutions, excommunications … While reflective of headlines from today, these difficulties roiled Christians of the early Church as well. In fact, the earliest Church manual, the Didache,brought clarity to a range of moral issues that our culture continues to grapple with to this day.

    Here is one of the most lucid and comprehensive overviews of the Patristic period ever written. With simplicity and clarity, Dr. James Papandrea introduces you to all the major theologians, philosophers, and martyrs of the early Christian church and explains the theological principles that guided the Church from the New Testament era through the apologists, and, ultimately, to the development of the major doctrines. Best of all, he uniquely situates the teachings of the early Church Fathers against the social and cultural context of the Roman Empire and its relationship to the Church.

    Dr. Papandrea will introduce you to the gnostics and their influence on the early Church, as well as explain how Church mothers, such as Macrina the Younger, laid a foundation for the monastic life to come. You’ll learn how our understanding of the sacraments developed and when devotion to Our Lady and the saints emerged. You’ll also explore how the New Testament canon was formed as well as the criteria used to interpret early Christian writings.

    A must-have resource, Reading the Church Fathers offers helpful charts, recommended texts, and summaries of important theological concepts and doctrines. It also reveals:

    *How the early Church refuted heresies

    *How catechesis was taught and shared

    *The order of the liturgy in early Christianity

    *The marks of the early Church and the role of tradition

    *How apostolic succession was defined

    *What is meant by the development of doctrine

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  • Garden For Mary


    We’re planting a garden for Mary . . . but why?

    A Garden for Mary is a lyrical children’s story that gets to the root of devotion to Jesus’s mother through sacred prayer and scripture. With classic watercolors of vibrant blooms, buzzing bees, and curious chipmunks, families seeking an introduction to the rich catholic tradition of Marian Gardens will find a treasured resource to enjoy and pass down from generation to generation. Complete with an illustrated appendix of flowers associated with Our Lady, A Garden for Mary will inspire readers to grow bouquets for heaven and deepen their love for our heavenly mother.

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  • Science And The Miraculous


    Can miracles be proven by science? How does the Catholic Church validate claims of the supernatural?

    Some might say that miracles are a thing of the past, relegated to a more credulous and superstitious age before humanity fully embraced the certainty and exactitude of scientific study. According to author Michael O’Neill, the “Miracle Hunter”, true miracles are by definition rare, but still occur today. And in this present age of skepticism, where the worship of science and reason have pervaded the culture, the existence of the supernatural is to be appreciated now more than ever before.

    Though it may come as a surprise to some, the Catholic Church turns to science to assist in the investigation and validation of claims of supernatural phenomena and miracles that appear to violate the laws of nature and our common human experience.

    Science and the Miraculous takes readers through the Church’s rigorous investigation of miraculous occurrences, including:

    *healing miracles from life-threatening conditions;
    *statues that exude human tears;
    *Eucharistic hosts visually manifesting true flesh and true blood;
    *visionaries who see the Virgin Mary in an ecstatic state;
    *saints whose bodies lay in a state of perfect preservation for centuries;
    *living people whose bodies are marked by the wounds of Christ’s crucifixion;
    *and more . . .

    The Catholic Church employs a combination of strict, centuries-old criteria for evaluating proposed cases of miracles with the most modern methods of medical examination to arrive at explanations for the purportedly inexplicable. If natural causes can be attributed or if frauds and hoaxes can be exposed, the Church will uncover the truth.

    But if science can show that miracles can and do happen, what will you believe?

    While belief in the supernatural ultimately requires faith, discover in this thorough investigation how science is a gift from God to aid our faith, and to educate our minds about the truths our heart already knows.

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  • Moral Reflections On The Book Of Job Volume 6 Books 28-35


    Gregory the Great was pope from 590 to 604, a time of great turmoil in Italy and in the western Roman Empire generally because of the barbarian invasions. Gregory’s experience as prefect of the city of Rome and as apocrisarius of Pope Pelagius fitted him admirably for the new challenges of the papacy. The Moral Reflections on the Book of Job were first given to the monks who accompanied Gregory to the embassy in Constantinople. This sixth volume, containing books 28 through 35, provides commentary on five chapters of Job, from 38:1 through 42:17. The present volume contains the Lord’s appearing to Job out of the whirlwind, the Lord’s two lengthy speeches to Job and Job’s responses, and, finally, the Lord’s rebuke to Job’s friends and restoration of Job’s fortunes. Finally, Gregory speaks of his intention in writing this long work and requests that his readers grant him their prayers and tears. Includes comprehensive indexes for volumes 1-6.

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  • Tilling The Church


    Tilling the Church is a theology for the pilgrim church. In this book, Richard Lennan shows how the ecclesial community looks toward the fullness of God’s reign but lives within the flux of history, the site of its relationship to the trinitarian God. In this way, God’s grace “tills” the church, constantly refreshing the tradition of faith and prompting the discipleship that embodies the gospel. Tilling the Church explores the possibilities for a more faithful, just, and creative church, one responsive to the movement of grace. Fruitful engagement with grace requires the church’s conversion, the ongoing formation of a community whose words and actions reflect the hope that grace engenders.

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  • Exploring The Religions Of Our World Student Text Third Edition


    The popular Exploring the Religions of Our World textbook has supported introductory high school courses on world religions for more than twenty years. The revised and updated version includes a number of new student-friendly features such as infographics, section assessments, photo and image features, updated chapter reviews, and projects geared toward various learning styles.

    A new appendix offers background on major American Indigenous religions, atheists, agnostics, and the rising class of “nones” in the United States. You will continue to find information on Christian denominations with origins in the US as well.

    The updated Exploring the Religions of Our World maintains its easy-to-follow format of five sections per chapter–history, scriptures, sacred times, sacred places, and comparison with Catholicism. Additionally, the sequence begins with chapters on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam–the religious traditions students are most familiar with–and also includes chapters on Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese religions, and Japanese religions explained through the lens of their own beliefs and traditions.

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  • Surfers Guide To The Soul


    For world-class surfer Bear Woznick, the ocean has always been the center of his universe. He’s spent his entire life with it; riding its waves, learning from it, loving it.b The ocean also nourishes the soul as Bear shows us on his surfboard.

    In Deep in the Wave, readers ride along with Woznick through the calmest of tides and most turbulent waves. Woznick’s portrayal of the beauty and power of the ocean is truly inspiring and showcases the profound meaning surfing has had on his life.

    From the way a surfboard is painstakingly crafted, to the faith and patience that is required to ride a monster wave, Woznick weaves his relationship to surfing with his relationship to God, relating how the two are often one in the same. Instead of standing on the shore with our toes in the surf, Woznick takes us on the board–to the deep water–to watch and wait–and, if need be, to paddle hard to survive.

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  • New Faces New Possibilities


    Religious sisters have created educational and healthcare systems over the past two hundred years that have transformed the Catholic community in the United States. Through their ministry, sisters have served waves of immigrants and those pushed to the margins. The growing cultural diversity of newer sisters and the diminishing number of older sisters, therefore, is both a challenge and a creative moment to be critically examined.

    This book examines these changes in culture and ethnicity among sisters, the structural impact of diminishing numbers, and the creative response to this new reality for religious life in the United States. In it, sisters from a variety of generations, cultures, and institutes join with CARA researchers to examine and reflect on CARA’s recent research findings and their impact on the life and ministry of sisters today.

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  • 7 Steps To Sanctification


    Got a hunch?

    It may be a nudge from the Holy Spirit! In a time when man clings to the world instead of Heaven, we are in more need than ever of the Sanctifier’s gifts to guide us and to preserve our interior peace.

    The renowned Dominican priests Frs. Walter Farrell and Dominic Hughes will help you deepen your relationship with God as they take you on a journey through the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. You’ll learn how to be empowered by the Third Person of the Holy Trinity and live in imitation of the Holy Family. By developing an awareness of God’s presence, you will grow in Understanding and perceive the truth in an age of confusion. You’ll grow in Knowledge and become certain of the “things that are not seen.” You’ll inculcate Wisdom as you grow in charity, and you will foster Counsel that will aid you in docility.

    Your growth in Piety will enkindle within you filial devotion, and Fear of the Lord will give you the reverence of a child for his father. You’ll also learn how to grow in courage as the gift of Fortitude conquers your fears and enlivens your confidence. Best of all, as you learn to cooperate in cultivating the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life, you will find lasting tranquility and joy in living for God’s glory. You will also learn how the gifts of the Holy Spirit:

    *Form you in the virtues needed to exercise Charity toward God and others

    *Help you to practice temperance and overcome inordinate appetites

    *Pour out grace to build upon your nature, fortify you, and bolster your faith

    *Enable you to enter into loving communion with God and reflect His simplicity

    *Work with others and relate to the theological and cardinal virtues

    *Provide you with the armor you need for spiritual combat and final victory

    “Ours is an age for courage, it is an age for martyrs, it is an age for splendid Catholic living. Now the world looks to the mystical Christ for salvation.”

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  • How They Love Mary


    Could your love and reverence for the Mother of God use a boost? Here’s a powerful 30-day devotional to help you invigorate your love for Our Lady by exploring the many ways in which holy men and women have venerated Mary throughout time. From St. Damian of Molokai to Padre Pio, from St. Francis of Assisi to St. Thomas Aquinas, you’ll learn new ways of honoring Mary that you hadn’t considered previously, and you’ll be heartened toward a holiness and love of God that only these illustrious spiritual teachers can inspire.

    Here’s a book that will be of particular value to those who are either beginning their devotion to Our Lady or whose devotion has become stagnant over time.

    You’ll learn how St. Kateri Tekakwitha imitated Mary’s life as a consecrated virgin and offered Marian prayers that bore fruit. You’ll explore St. Faustina’s mystical experiences of Mary and how St. Francis de Sales’s depression was healed through Our Lady’s intercession. You’ll also learn how Bishop Fulton Sheen relied on Mary to remain celibate, how St. Therese of Lisieux was healed by her smile, and how Mother Angelica would pray the Rosary.

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  • They Saw Through Gods Eyes


    How do you see the people and the world around you? Have you wondered how God views us, others, and creation? When we look at things through God’s eyes, everything changes. Suddenly, for those we love, we experience greater compassion. For those we find difficult, we suddenly see them as the ones Jesus loves and died for. The saints offer great insight to this transformative spiritual practice. Follow in the footsteps of twelve remarkable saints and learn about how God transformed their view of the people and the world around them. Through their examples, receive a fresh new vision for the world and the people around you.

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  • Habits Of Freedom


    Do you feel exhausted, anxious, or distracted? Do you want to free your mind from mental clutter?

    Popular retreat leader and spiritual director Fr. Christopher Collins, SJ, says that if you turn your heart to God you will find clarity and spiritual peace. In Habits of Freedom, Collins offers you five practical tools to help you develop a habit of daily discernment that will lead to inner calm.

    Drawing on the wisdom of St. Ignatius Loyola and his renowned Spiritual Exercises, Collins offers practical spiritual exercises for incorporating five tools into your daily life to help you de-stress, organize your thoughts, and experience the calming presence of Jesus. These are:

    *allowing God to show you the signs of oncoming anxiety and mental breakdown;

    *developing the ancient practice of spiritual discernment to help analyze your moods and perceptions;

    *interpreting life events with an eye toward personal growth and resiliency;

    *practicing detachment from negative influences; and

    *engaging in interior sensitivity to how God works to bring you peace.

    Habits of Freedom is an excellent resource for spiritual directors and individuals, as well as for use in prayer and parish groups seeking practical material that can speak broadly to members from a variety of backgrounds and seasons of life. The book can be easily adapted for small groups and retreat use. A free small-group guide is available at AveMariaPress.com.

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  • Open Wide My Heart


    Just before she died of brain cancer in April 2020, Macrina Wiederkehr gifted her friend and coauthor Joyce Rupp with one of the many journals she kept over the years where she reflected on scripture and her own spirituality. Rupp writes in the foreword for Open Wide My Heart, “I observed certain currents of yearning and faithfulness that remained throughout the decades: a thirst for an ever-fuller relationship with the Holy One; a tremendous respect for scripture as an incentive for spiritual transformation; a recognition of not being all she hoped to be regarding her inner growth; and a continual return to a belief in her essential goodness.”

    That is the essence of Open Wide My Heart, which pulls together two years of personal reflections by Wiederkehr, a beloved spiritual author, popular retreat leader, and Benedictine sister. These brief yet poignant writings serve as guideposts as you begin or deepen your scripture study and offer gentle direction for your faith and a better understanding of daily life.

    Wiederkehr also shares nuggets of spiritual wisdom she gained in her reading, including:

    *experiencing God in the everyday;
    *living fully present in the moment; and
    *accepting the grace that comes from God, other people in your life, and the world around you.

    Open Wide My Heart is an invitation to learn from a bestselling spiritual writer’s practice and witness her deeply meditative approach to scripture and life. In the process, you can grow in confidence in your own scripture reading.

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  • Birthing The Holy


    Do you long to feel more alive, to see the vibrancy in your daily life? Do you feel the seeds of a new calling tugging at you?

    Look to the Blessed Mother for help. In Birthing the Holy, Christine Valters Paintner–abbess of the online Abbey of the Arts–invites you to better know Mary and her heart through thirty-one of her titles, and, along the way, you’ll nurture the new growth in your life.

    The Blessed Mother is known by many beautiful titles, some of which are familiar–Virgin, Queen of Peace, and Star of the Sea–and some we may not be aware of–Vessel of Grace, Greenest Branch, and Our Lady of Silence.

    Paintner offers a flexible format to reflect on Mary’s titles through a thirty-one-day personal retreat, a series of novenas, or with visio divina exercises using striking images by printmaker Kreg Yingst. As you reflect on Mary in her role as Mother of Good Counsel, Woman Clothed with the Sun, Mystical Rose, Mother of Sorrows, Queen of the Angels, and other titles, Paintner invites you to hear what God calls you to develop in your life, help that dream or vision grow, and then nourish it in the world.

    Whether you’re meeting Mary for the first time in these magnificent titles or revisiting her as a beloved companion, Birthing the Holy invites you to see the exploration of Mary and your life as a spiritual and creative act, one that can help deepen your faith even as it sparks new growth within you.

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  • Tradivox Vol 7


    SKU (ISBN): 9781644133620TradivoxBinding: Cloth TextPublished: 2022Publisher: Sophia Institute

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  • Catholic Scientist Harmonizes Science And Faith


    Modernity, academia, and the media perceive and relentlessly advance a dichotomous, contradictory relationship between faith and science. However, from the time of Aristotle, it has been demonstrated that man is a rational being who reasons intellectually in a way that animals and technology cannot. Man is also a religious being, correlating himself to what is above and seeking answers to the ultimate questions of transcendence.

    In his definitive book A Catholic Scientist Harmonizes Science and Faith, Dr. Gerard Verschuuren draws from the reflections of St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine, St. John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI, Dr. Peter Kreeft, and numerous scientists, such as Albert Einstein and Gregor Mendel, who reveal the essential connection between reason and religion.

    Dr. Verschuuren confirms the necessity of reasoning in scientific theory. Relying on true stories from scientific developments in medicine, astronomy, and physics, he asserts that the scientific method alone can’t explain the origins of the universe. By the same token, he decries blind faith and shows how science doesn’t threaten the Church. On the contrary: it confirms those truths that Christians have always believed.

    That is why the Father of Lies has always sought to pit faith against reason and science against revelation. Dr. Verschuuren explains how the progress of doubt, from agnosticism to atheism to antitheism, is not a result of increased scientific knowledge. Rather, it’s part of a diabolical attack on the Faith. The devil means to enthrone a new religion ? scientism ? in Christianity’s place.

    This attack can be repelled only by true religion and real science working together, hand in hand, as they always have.

    Clarifying the assumptions upon which science and religion are based, this cogent book reflects on how:

    *Authentic reasoning inevitably leads us closer to God and belief in His attributes

    *Both science and faith are guided by logic and deal with facts

    *Faith needs science to avoid fideism, and science requires belief

    *The New Atheism, including the views of Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins, is erroneous

    *Our thoughts should be “controlled by reality” and objective truth

    *Christianity helped produce modern scientific advancements

    *There is no “double truth” between evolution and faith and between the Big Bang theory and faith

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  • Prudence : Choose Confidently, Live Boldly


    Decisions, decisions … life presents us with so many, big and small. How can we confidently make choices that bring us to true happiness? One virtue — the queen of virtues, actually — holds the key.


    No, this isn’t your grandmother’s definition of prudence. This virtue actually teaches practical wisdom, allowing us to make good choices confidently and bring order into our lives. In Prudence: Choose Confidently, Live Boldly, Fr. Gregory Pine, OP, shines a new light on our understanding of prudence and explains how it can transform us in our path toward what really matters.

    In the face of fleeting emotions, conflicting convictions, and challenging experiences, learn how prudence will help you find wholeness, happiness, and freedom.

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  • Understanding The Bible


    You know the eternal value of the Bible and have been moved in your heart to pick it up, but you’ve found it hard to navigate. Perhaps you’ve already tried reading the Bible and have been overwhelmed. Maybe you’re more familiar with the Bible but don’t understand how its wisdom can be useful in the world right now.

    If you’re trying to get more out of Sacred Scripture, Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD, is here to provide you with some down-to-earth, pastoral guidance in Understanding the Bible: A Catholic Guide to Applying God’s Word to Your Life Today.

    This book shows that the Bible is accessible, understandable, livable, and enjoyable. Each chapter provides a quick, easy-to-read summary of a book of the Bible, touching on the history and themes, applying the book to our own issues and struggles today, and offering guidance for getting started reading that specific book. By growing in confidence and understanding of the Bible, we can discover more fully the words and deeds of God and apply the revelation and wisdom contained in Sacred Scripture to our lives today.

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  • Way Of Beatitude


    What if we look at the things we see wrong in the world with empathy, dig below the surface of people’s disappointing actions to experience their pain, and understand hurtful words as a cry for consolation? What if we respond with sorrow instead of outrage and love instead of hate?

    We’d be living as Jesus taught us in the Beatitudes. Fr. Casey Cole, OFM–host of YouTube’s Breaking the Habit–wants you to embrace the pain caused by anger and division in the world, and then look to Jesus for hope through the Beatitudes.

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  • Befriending Saint Joseph


    After Pope Francis declared 2020 the year of St. Joseph, interest in the patriarch of the Holy Family and patron of the Universal Church was heightened worldwide.

    In Befriending St. Joseph, popular blogger Deacon Greg Kandra leads you on a journey of imaginative exploration and spiritual renewal rooted in the few Bible stories where Joseph is written about. This book offers a fresh take on the centuries-old devotion known as the Seven Sorrows of St. Joseph and provides an opportunity to ponder Joseph’s role in our salvation and to become more like him.

    Although the Bible doesn’t record St. Joseph saying a single word, we know he became what God wanted him to be with patience, attention, trust, and prayer. The biblical account of Jesus’s life shows us that St. Joseph had faith in times of uncertainty and courage in times of danger. Kandra shows us Joseph as a gentle man, pure of heart, trusting in God, and a role model for those who feel unworthy or unready.

    Through guided reflections, Kandra helps you imagine what life may have been like for Joseph, Mary, and Jesus and offers guidance to help you better navigate your own life, with particular attention to trust, purity of heart, courage, and persistence in faith. Kandra invites you to:

    *trust the mystery of God when life seems shattered;
    *persist in caring for those you love, guide, and protect;
    *be courageous and compassionate in the face of suffering;
    *find strength to comfort others;
    *attend to those on the margins;
    *pray for the grace of endurance; and
    *expect to find Christ in unexpected places.

    Each chapter of Befriending St. Joseph includes a scriptural verse about Joseph that lies at the heart of the devotion, original prayers by Kandra, and questions for self-reflection, journaling, or faith sharing. The appendixes include additional prayers to St. Joseph and an adaption of the Seven Sorrows devotion for group prayer.

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  • Catholic Pilgrimage Through American History


    Historian Kevin Schmiesing takes you to more than two-dozen sites and events that symbolize and embody America’s rich and sometimes tumultuous Catholic past, including the Santa Fe Trail, Gettysburg, and the Bourbon Trail. You’ll also meet both famous and infamous Catholics–including Augustus Tolton, Dr. Samuel Mudd, and Francis Cabrini–who impacted our nation’s history.

    The idea for A Catholic Pilgrimage through American History came from Schmiesing’s mother, he says. She turned every childhood vacation into a pilgrimage, purposely inserting religious sites into the family’s journey to places such as Niagara Falls, Washington, DC, or Myrtle Beach.

    Catholics have been part of the American experiment since the beginning–in founding the colonies and expanding the west, building education and health care systems, abolishing slavery, fighting on the front lines, and advancing science, technology, and space exploration. Each of the twenty-seven sites on Schmiesing’s virtual itinerary–including, the Washington Monument, Wounded Knee Creek, the University of Notre Dame, and Mission San Diego de Alcala–transports you to a significant time in US history and connects the dots to our Catholic heritage. You will meet notable Catholics such as John F. Kennedy, Black Elk, and Katharine Drexel, and learn more about their contributions to history.

    You will explore the various and sometimes conflicting roles Catholics have played in key periods and events through the stories of shrines, memorials, and other historic places including:

    *the Catholic Plymouth Rock–St. Mary’s City, Maryland;

    *the Bourbon Trail–Church of St. Thomas, Bardstown, Kentucky;

    *the Pope’s Stone–the Washington Monument in the District of Columbia;

    *a Catholic mission and a Native American tragedy: Wounded Knee Creek, South Dakota; and

    *the home of the first Black priest–the churches of Quincy, Illinois.

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  • Church And The Age Of Reformations 1350-1650


    In 1517, Augustinian monk Martin Luther wrote the infamous 95 Theses that eventually led to a split within the Catholic Church. The movement became popularly identified as the Protestant Reformation, but Church reform actually began well before the schism.

    In The Church and the Age of Reformations (1350-1650), Church history scholar Joseph Stuart and writer Barbara Stuart highlight the watershed events of a confusing period in history, providing a broader–and deeper–historical context of the era, including the Council of Trent, the rise of humanism, the formation of papal states, and the impact of the printing press. The Stuarts also profile important figures of the time including Thomas More, Theresa of Avila, Ignatius Loyola, and Francis de Sales, and give you the guidance they need to understand the deeper context and consequences of these tumultuous centuries.

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  • Antichrist : The Final Campaign Against The Savior


    Fiction and nonfiction books and movies speculate about end-of-the-world scenarios, proposing a rogue’s gallery of corrupt leaders and a host of chilling, apocalyptic theories. Disillusioned by the crippled state of our Church and our world, people are increasingly placing faith in prophecies that claim to know details and dates about upcoming chastisements.

    Will the “final confrontation” include unprecedented bloodshed or the subtle trickery of seduction (or both)? Have the current intellectual, political, and sexual “liberation” movements – including within the Church – created the platform required for the Antichrist to emerge?

    In an age of diabolical disorientation, this captivating book provides much-needed clarity on relevant biblical prophecies – from Old Testament times to St. Paul and Revelation – and writings of early Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church, including Sts. Augustine, Gregory the Great, Jerome, and Thomas Aquinas.

    This prescient book will enlighten you on whether there is more than one Antichrist, the types of leaders and societies that Cardinal Newman believed would be forerunners of the Antichrist, and how long the Antichrist will reign. You will also explore the Church’s teaching on millenarianism and the prospect that the reign of the Antichrist is drawing closer.

    A valuable and timely resource, this book will aid you in understanding views on the Antichrist through history and how they are linked to predictions about the end of the world, the Second Coming of Christ, the role of false prophets, and the devices the evil one uses to cultivate apostasy. You will also discover:

    *What the persecution of the Antichrist will entail and events foretelling his coming

    *How to avoid being deceived by the Antichrist

    *Our Lady’s role in the End Times

    *The significance of sacrilege, idolatry, and the “abomination of desolation”

    *The consequences of attacks on the Holy Eucharist, the Sacred Liturgy, and the Blessed Mother

    *The correlation (if any) between Rome and the Antichrist

    *How contemporary heresies, occultism, and immorality plant the seeds for evil

    This book will empower and encourage you to hold fast to your beliefs, bear witness to the truth, and defend against false teachings that subvert the fortitude of the faithful.

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  • Unraveling Gender : The Battle Over Sexual Difference


    In the modern era certain ideologies have appeared with growing rancor that threaten the truth and meaning of human sexuality. Gender ideology is one of the greatest moral errors of our times. It is essentially the mistaken notion that gender is not necessarily connected to the sex of the body, but is a personal construct. The Church in her wisdom has stood up to stem the tide of this harmful new attack.

    In this book, Dr. Grabowski lays out where gender ideology comes from and identifies its sources-the poisonous currents of modern secularism, the chaos of the sexual revolution, and the ever-expanding reach of technology. In the end, Unraveling Gender shows that what may seem like a new fad is actually the most recent manifestation of one of the oldest heresies in the Church’s history, one which is best refuted by the enduring beauty and clarity of her teaching about the body and the gift of sexuality.

    Drawing upon Scripture and Church teaching, this timely book equips parents, religious educators, and clergy with the information they need to confront this dangerous ideology with clarity, confidence, and charity. As gender ideology continues to spread its errors, infecting our culture like a deadly virus, this book is a must read for every Catholic.

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  • Whats The Message


    In an attention-challenged world, this book attempts to present to a new generation the core of biblical teaching so as to be both accessible and relevant for a new generation of spiritual seekers from all religions (or none), and all walks of life. Here twenty-five key passages from the Bible are presented, along with ten major scriptural themes. The author’s approach involves specific scriptural passages from Genesis through the New Testament, along with a brief reflection aimed to make these more understandable and helpful for modern readers. The themes include love of God and neighbor, guides to prayer, service to others, mercy and forgiveness, as well as spiritual renewal.

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  • Christian Social Principles


    In her penetrating exploration of Catholic Social Teaching, Sr. Mary Consilia O’Brien, O.P., Ph.D., offers the most clear-eyed description ever written on this foundational subject. She explores the Church’s authentic teachings on the dignity of the human person as well as man’s freedoms and obligations to society. She describes when individual liberties must transcend social control – and when they must not. Best of all, she explains the final purpose of society, to which all its activities must be oriented.

    Skillfully crafted to appeal to both students and adults, each chapter features a probe of the content, leavened by practical examples, excerpts from the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas, quotes from encyclicals, as well as discussion questions and additional study resources. In Christian Social Principles, you’ll also learn:

    *The Church’s teachings on communism, liberalism, and capitalism

    *How free will is the source of our obligations to society

    *Why Communism is a natural offspring of Liberalism

    *How freedom of thought and action is a false concept that can degenerate into license

    *Why neither the “liberty” of Liberalism nor the “equality” of Communism can serve as the reliable cornerstone of a social order

    *Why no one can be both a sincere Catholic and a true Socialist

    *Why norms of morality must be universal in scope across society

    *Why the work of government will be of little avail without religion to enlighten the mind

    *Why justice alone can never bring about a union of hearts and minds

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  • Spiritual Direction From Dante


    In Spiritual Direction from Dante: Yearning for Paradise, the Oratorian Father Paul Pearson provides a detailed but accessible spiritual commentary on the last volume of Dante’s masterpiece, Divine Comedy. Fr. Pearson takes readers step-by-step through the text, explaining the spiritual lessons Dante intends his readers to learn. These lessons are particularly important, both in Dante’s day and in our own, due to the watered-down image of heavenly bliss the world offers us. Dante’s Paradiso corrects this misunderstanding , showing the faithful a paradise that is more real and more fulfilling than anything we have experienced here on earth or even dreamt of.

    Father Pearson’s text is an indispensable companion to the poem for both the scholar and the neophyte. It brings Dante’s poem and its lessons into our modern context so that readers will discover:

    *our true individuality is not obliterated in heaven, but is allowed to continue, and is fostered and highlighted.

    *even as we struggle now, we are never alone – everyone in heaven is interested and involved in our salvation.

    *the human unity we strive for here (often unsuccessfully) is a shining fact there, with each person rejoicing in every other person’s joys and working together for the salvation of those still striving for heaven. There we are finally understood fully and appreciated.

    *all our human desires are fulfilled in heaven, not abandoned.

    Fr. Pearson, having already guided readers through the realms of hell and purgatory in this 3-part series, now brings before our eyes the saints and angels, the Virgin Mary, and the Blessed Trinity! But Spiritual Direction from Dante: Yearning for Heaven is more than a guide to the last book of Dante’s Divine Comedy. It is an introduction and an invitation to eternal happiness, an invitation that is just as compelling as it was 700 years ago when Dante wrote it.

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  • Sanctify Them In Truth


    We live in a world that has become secularized, marked by ideology and partisanship. In such a world, how are we supposed to know what is right and wrong? As Christians, how are we supposed to approach the social issues of our day? With conflicting voices surrounding us, how can we hear and know the voice of Jesus Christ and receive His teachings?

    As Christians, we seek to live the way of the Lord Jesus, but that’s easier said than done. We want to demonstrate the Lord’s love and kindness to all men and women, but we’re faced with issues that cause us to discern what that looks like and how it’s virtuously expressed. We want to do what is right and good, but trying to determine right and wrong can at times be confusing and unsettling.

    The teaching authority of the Church is here to help. Appointed by Jesus Christ, our shepherds discern, interpret, and apply His teachings to our everyday lives.

    Sanctify Them in Truth, by Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, is an approachable, easy-to-read guide on eight of our most pressing social issues. The book applies divine wisdom and the guidance of the Church as it dissects oft-debated topics, presenting helpful teaching so that the reader knows how to navigate today’s contentious world with conviction and a clear conscience.

    The book answers:

    *Why is abortion above all other social issues in importance?
    *Can immigration be both moral and limited?
    *What is the Christian responsibility to the environment?
    *How are we called to approach the LGBTQ+ movement?
    *Is healthcare a human right?
    *When can artificial nutrition and hydration be suspended for a dying relative?
    *Is the Critical Race Theory within the bounds of justice?
    *Why can’t women be ordained priests?

    In all these matters, the truth of Christ is the foundation for any response. Fr. Kirby’s pastoral guidance helps to build that foundation in our intellects and in our wills, so that we can serve as a beacon for truth in a world that despises it.

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  • Life Of Jesus Christ Part Two Volume 4 Chapters 58-89


    This fourth and final volume of The Life of Jesus Christ presents extensive meditations on the passion of Christ, a favorite theme for Ludolph’s contemporaries. He then conducts the reader through the events of Easter and Pentecost, concluding with meditations on the return of Christ at the end of time, bringing to a triumphant conclusion the sweep of salvation history begun in the first volume. Along with presenting the final part of the Carthusian’s magisterial work, this volume includes a detailed index to all four volumes.

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  • My Daily Visitor Eucharist


    Grow closer to Christ in the Eucharist with My Daily Visitor: Eucharist. This handy devotional with 40 reflection themes helps you to pray and reflect on the source and summit of our Catholic Faith.

    For each entry, Aleteia.org editor-in-chief Fr. Patrick Mary Briscoe, OP, offers a brief reflection on a particular quote from a saint and concludes with a prayer. Reflection themes include the Real Presence, the Virgin Mary, forgiveness of sin, sacrifice, breaking of the bread, the Lamb’s Supper, the new covenant, and more. This devotional also contains a collection of prayers before the Eucharist written by saints.

    Perfect for Eucharistic adoration, prayer groups, and personal quiet time, My Daily Visitor: Eucharist will help enliven your relationship with Jesus in the holy Eucharist.

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  • Mychal Judge : Take Me Where You Want Me To Go


    The world came to know the Franciscan priest Mychal Judge through the bravery and self-sacrifice he displayed during the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001. But long before his lifeless body was carried out of the rubble (a moment captured in a photograph that became immediately famous), and before he was officially designated “Victim 0001” of that day’s attacks, Fr. Judge was, to a great many people, a beloved priest known for his compassion and faith.

    In Mychal Judge, Francis DeBernardo offers a spiritual biography that will move and fascinate readers. It details the personal history and experiences-including his Irish-American upbringing, his struggles with alcoholism, his care for the marginalized, and his ministry to fire fighters-that formed the man who ultimately died running into the North Tower to try to save and minister to the terrified and the dying. Whether meeting him in these pages for the first time or getting to know him better, readers will encounter in Fr. Judge a figure they will not soon forget.

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  • Prayer 101 : Foundation For Faith And Formation


    Prayer 101 is both an introduction and a complete course on reaching out to God for His mercy or strength. Teresa A. Jones addresses seemingly simple questions like What is Prayer? but delves deeply into why and how we seek intercession from heaven for love and guidance.

    Using real life examples, Jones applies the lessons of the Bible and dissects the intricacies of prayers we sometimes repeat from rote memorization. With a complete vocabulary of the elements of prayer, and reflections following each chapter, readers will find themselves drawn into more spiritual communications.

    In the Scriptures, God repeatedly called his people to pray and He continues to call us today. This connection with God can take many different forms; seeking, talking, listening, meditating, crying out, interceding, and more. Not only are there several forms for prayer, there are many ways of understanding these very words and of putting them into practice.

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  • You Shall Stand Firm


    Nihilistic attacks. Iconoclasm. Catholic apostasy. Fractured families. School shootings. Epidemic drug abuse. Pornography. Infanticide. Gender dysfunction. Rampant suicide.

    We have become bewildered and overwhelmed by the appalling state of affairs in our culture, with many of us choosing to turn away from the evil and withdraw to our own safe enclaves. But for how much longer will even our neighborhoods and homes remain safe?

    This riveting book is a clarion call to Catholics to “wake up” in the face of pandemic irrationality and worsening medical fascism. Now is the time for you to begin truly to understand and live the Faith, to speak the truth, and to share it.

    Regardless of your vocation in life, you need this book to help you grow in holiness and sanctify the world. Through engaging real-life stories, relevant reflections, and inspiring quotes, you will be motivated to answer the call of St. John Paul II to be “co-responsible for the Church,” while learning about the indispensable and distinct roles of laity and priests in the Church.

    In this watershed book, you will find four fundamental facts of our existence and four ways to experience God’s healing, peace, and mercy. Challenging and enlightening, it exposes the horrors of Communism ? the ideology that is visibly engulfing the West ? and reveals what should be done about its proponents, including pro-abortion Catholic politicians. Shockingly, Fr. Bill Casey also reveals the truth about Critical Race Theory and its dark objective: to sabotage America’s foundation.

    Best of all, Fr. Casey offers genuine solutions to the Church’s moral crises and vocations shortage. Moreover, he provides authentic answers to tough questions on marriage and sexuality, based on Church teachings. You will also learn why spiritual reading, sacrifice, Eucharistic Adoration, the Rosary, and the Divine Mercy chaplet are all essential in these times. Let Fr. Casey guide you in:

    *Cultivating a life of daily mental prayer, regardless of the duties of your state in life
    *Equipping yourself for spiritual battle and perseverance in the quest for souls
    *Developing the heroic virtue needed to stand tall and become a saint in our pagan culture
    *Receiving and sharing the message of Divine Mercy ? while there is still time

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  • Abide : A Pathway To Transformative Healing And Intimacy With Jesus


    In this personal healing retreat from Heather Khym, cohost of the popular Abiding Together podcast, you are invited you to break through the barriers that prevent you from trusting and experiencing the deep love of Jesus and the utter joy that comes when we vulnerably bring our entire selves to the foot of the Cross.

    Rooted in the teaching of Khym’s Vancouver-based ministry, Life Restoration, Abide shares scripture, essential Catholic teaching, and her personal healing journey to reintroduce you to God as your Divine Healer, the Restorer, and Miracle Worker. Khym offers you a compass to navigate your past as you dig into difficult memories that have disoriented your understanding of God and made you afraid to trust him. She challenges you to cast off your self-protective tendencies and to recognize your need for healing so you can be the person you were created to be.

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  • Stand Still : Finding Balance When The World Turns Upside Down


    What do you do when life makes a sharp left turn?

    When the coronavirus pandemic hit, Terry Hershey found himself unexpectedly asking that question; and as a popular speaker and author, he was inundated with other people asking it too.

    In Stand Still, Hershey lays out the answer: that in every unforeseen challenge there is an invitation to pause, re-evaluate the status quo, and welcome the change of heart that is knocking on your door. “Transformative events will be hard,” he writes. “So, whatever love is in your heart…Nurture it. Develop it. Grow it. Spread it.”

    Through real-life stories, thoughtful reflections, and questions to meditate on, you will receive in these pages renewed perspective for a mindful approach to the present moment that can get you through any hardship. Writing in his trademark lighthearted and friendly style, Hershey will encourage you to embrace the challenges of life with hope, curiosity, and a relentless optimism that goodness can be found anywhere–yes, even right where you are today.

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  • Fathers Of The Faith Saint Augustine


    In this volume from the Fathers of the Faith series, you’ll be introduced to Saint Augustine of Hippo. Who was he? What did he teach? Where and when did he live? Why is he an important figure in the history of the Church?

    In this accessible, bite-sized introduction, renowned author, speaker, and television host Mike Aquilina gives an overview of Augustine’s life as a proud North African in the fourth and fifth century. His conversion from sinful young man to Catholic priest and bishop is well known from his autobiography, Confessions.

    One of the four great Doctors of the Roman Catholic Church, Augustine is considered the authority on almost everything because he wrote about practically everything. He incorporated the best of secular philosophy and science into his thought. His works are an encyclopedia of the Christian faith, and his writings have impacted countless millions. His legacy endures today.

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  • Jane Austens Genius Guide To Life


    Popular Catholic podcaster Haley Stewart insists that there’s no better life coach than nineteenth-century British novelist Jane Austen.

    In this uniquely Catholic take, Stewart reveals Austen’s thoughtful, deeply personal exploration of human relationships–including with God–through her six novels. Stewart’s insights take you on a journey that is both literary and spiritual, revealing how Austen’s characters and themes can lead to you to discover and become the person God has called you to be.

    Stewart draws fascinating connections between Austen’s novels and real life and introduces Austen as a capable life coach by how she guides her readers to understand virtue and vice through friendship, love, community, and God’s grace. Austen’s characters reveal how virtuous habits transform us and help us become who we were meant to be. Each chapter focuses on characters and virtues from a single novel:

    *Do you find yourself swayed by superficial charm and yearn to see others more clearly? Let Elizabeth Bennet teach you how to recognize substance in others and address the pride in your own heart through the cultivation of humility (Pride and Prejudice).

    *Are you stuck in selfishness that wounds others (and yourself)? Let Emma Woodhouse and George Knightley help you develop the compassion to see the world more clearly with the eyes of Christ (Emma).

    *Do you get swept away into poor choices due to a lack of self-control? Let the Dashwood sisters show you the virtue of temperance and guide you to embrace your God-given personality and temperament (Sense and Sensibility.

    *Do you have treasured ideals but struggle to live them out? Follow along with Edmund Bertram’s journey toward constancy through the example of Fanny Price (Mansfield Park).

    *Have the disappointments of life grown resentment or bitterness in your heart? Be inspired by Anne Elliot’s vulnerable fortitude in the storms of life (Persuasion).

    *Do you struggle to know what to do or who to believe in tricky situations? Join Catherine Morland in learning prudence to know and act on the truth (Northanger Abbey).

    Whether you are already an Austen fan or are discovering her works for the first time, Stewart’s infectious enthusiasm and captivating spiritual insights will have you digging in to experience firsthand the characters and stories that have captured imaginations in book and film for more than two centuries.

    Discussion questions and recommended film adaptations make this bo

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  • Let Go Of Your Fear


    Gary Zimak, author of the bestselling book Give Up Worry for Lent!, explores two Gospel stories of Jesus calming storms–and his disciples–to show you how to manage the big feelings of life and recognize the difference between feeling fear and living in fear.

    Zimak’s practical retelling of these familiar stories–one in which Jesus is asleep in the boat, the other when he walks across the water toward his disciples–is a gentle invitation to encounter the Lord in the midst of your own storms, to move from discouragement to courage, and away from anxiety and toward hope.

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  • Set The World On Fire


    Only four women in the two thousand-year history of the Church–Therese of Lisieux, Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Siena, and Hildegard of Bingen–have the distinction of being named Doctors of the Church because of their impact on the faith.

    In Set the World on Fire, bestselling author, retreat leader, and spiritual director Vinita Hampton Wright offers a four-week personal retreat that immerses you in the dramatic lives, historical eras, and groundbreaking ideas of these formidable saints and invites you to develop the grit, humility, pragmatism, hope, joy, and vision these women possessed.

    Each week of your retreat begins with weekend reading and prayer to introduce the saint and the primary topic of the chapter, followed by five days of morning and evening prayer. Much of the text comes from the saint’s own writings. Scripture, reflection questions, and suggestions for action are designed to help you engage personally with the saint and her wisdom for living your faith.

    Each week offers a unique and in-depth experience of the saint and her unique gifts to the Church:

    *Week one: St. Therese of Lisieux–the young Carmelite nun whose autobiography sent ripples across Christendom–will teach you to love God through her Little Way.

    *Week two: St. Teresa of Avila–a Carmelite who spent years reforming her order and gave to the world a spiritual masterpiece called The Interior Castle–will instruct you in trusting your personal experience of God.

    *Week three: St. Catherine of Siena–a Third-Order Dominican who poured out her life for people in need but also gave astute, sharp direction to Church leaders–will guide you to live every moment with courage through the love of truth.

    *Week four: St. Hildegard of Bingen–a Benedictine abbess whose spiritual visions led to books, poetry, music, art, and early scientific discovery–will show you how to engage life with passion and creativity.

    Each woman’s experience of God, understanding of spirituality, and timeless wisdom gained her the title Doctor of the Church, which indicates that through her life, research, study, and writing, she has deepened and advanced the faith.

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  • Your Most Powerful Question


    Your Most Powerful Question offers a practical, simple discernment tool to help Catholics find their purpose and define their role in God’s plan. Dr. Olesnavage provides clear, easy-to-follow steps to identify the powerful question embedded in your own life story?no matter where you are on your journey. Readers will also discover an energizing lens that empowers them to see service as a gift to themselves as well as to God. Dig a little and you will find that extraordinary people, including the apostles Peter and Andrew, were called not with a command or request, but rather with a life-changing question: “What do you want?” (John: 1:38). This book introduces the reader to faithful Catholics who have found their passion and their purpose through the lens of their finding their most powerful question.

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  • Keep At It Riley


    “This is a story of how Catholic faith accompanied my family through the sickness and death of my elderly parents. What could mistakenly be seen as a downward spiral was actually upward. As my parents were called home to God those around them caught a glimpse of heaven. Ministering to them during this time was challenging, yet a blessing, not a burden… I discovered my source of strength was my Irish Catholic upbringing, the sacraments, and my God. Our family motto, ‘Keep at It, Riley!’ sums it up well. We don’t give up; we give it to God.”

    This is the second book of the Magenta series, edited by Charles Camosy. The Magenta project brings together authors who will treat important topics from the standpoint of Christian conviction without being trapped in a polarized mindset.

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  • Let Us Dream


    In this uplifting and practical book, written in collaboration with his biographer, Austen Ivereigh, the preeminent spiritual leader explains why we must-and how we can-make the world safer, fairer, and healthier for all people now.

    In the COVID crisis, the beloved shepherd of over one billion Catholics saw the cruelty and inequity of our society exposed more vividly than ever before. He also saw, in the resilience, generosity, and creativity of so many people, the means to rescue our society, our economy, and our planet. In direct, powerful prose, Pope Francis urges us not to let the pain be in vain.

    He begins Let Us Dream by exploring what this crisis can teach us about how to handle upheaval of any kind in our own lives and the world at large. With unprecedented candor, he reveals how three crises in his own life changed him dramatically for the better. By its very nature, he shows, crisis presents us with a choice: we make a grievous error if we try to return to some pre-crisis state. But if we have the courage to change, we can emerge from the crisis better than before.

    Francis then offers a brilliant, scathing critique of the systems and ideologies that conspired to produce the current crisis, from a global economy obsessed with profit and heedless of the people and environment it harms, to politicians who foment their people’s fear and use it to increase their own power at their people’s expense. He reminds us that Christians’ first duty is to serve others, especially the poor and the marginalized, just as Jesus did.

    Finally, the Pope offers an inspiring and actionable blueprint for building a better world for all humanity by putting the poor and the planet at the heart of new thinking. For this plan, he draws not only on sacred sources, but on the latest findings from renowned scientists, economists, activists, and other thinkers. Yet rather than simply offer prescriptions, he shows how ordinary people acting together despite their differences can discover unforeseen possibilities.

    Along the way, he offers dozens of wise and surprising observations on the value of unconventional thinking, on why we must dramatically increase women’s leadership in the Church and throughout society, on what he learned while scouring the streets of Buenos Aires with garbage-pickers, and much more.

    Let Us Dream is an epiphany, a call to arms, and a pleasure to read. It is Pope Francis at his most personal, profound and passionate. With this book and

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  • Work In Progress


    Do you feel adrift, unsure of your future and purpose? You aren’t alone: The pressures and lack of connection in modern life leave many young adults struggling. It’s time to rediscover who you are and where you’re going!

    Using psychological research, engaging real-life examples, and discussing the truths of the Catholic Faith, author and therapist Julia Marie Hogan shows in A Work in Progress: Embracing the Life God Gave You how to reclaim your sense of direction and purpose in life. By identifying priorities, making empowering decisions, setting boundaries, practicing self-care, knowing your limits, and embracing commitment (rather than being afraid of it) you can find your path to fulfillment.

    Becoming an adult is more than just balancing your work and personal life, navigating friendships beyond college, or managing your money. It’s about rediscovering your identity in Christ and taking an active role in the direction of your life. When we lean into our responsibilities, remembering that we are still a work in progress, we can cultivate the conditions in which God will transform us.

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  • Cannonball Moments : Telling Your Story, Deepening Your Faith


    Using Ignatian spiritual principles and storytelling practices, Eric A. Clayton guides readers to understand the power of their own life stories and how those narratives can heal and inspire others.

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  • Fathers Of The Faith Saint Irenaeus


    In this volume from the Fathers of the Faith series, you’ll be introduced to Saint Irenaeus of Lyons. Who was he? What did he teach? Where and when did he live? Why is he an important figure in the history of the Church?

    In this accessible, bite-sized introduction, renowned author, speaker, and television host Mike Aquilina gives an overview of Irenaeus’s life as a second-century Greek and the historical surroundings that affected his life and thought. A friend of Saint Polycarp from the same town in Asia Minor, Irenaeus was born in a Christian family and eventually became a bishop. His foundational works include Against Heresies and The Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching, and their relevance endures today.

    More than 1,800 years after Ireneaus’ death, the U.S. bishops voted unanimously in agreement with a French initiative that Irenaeus be named a doctor of the Church, testament to the importance of his writings and teachings. In 2019, the bishops’ approval was forwarded to the Vatican for consideration by Pope Francis.

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  • Sharing Faith Online


    This handbook narrates the ongoing media efforts of Christians–from the 1960s to the twenty-first century–to communicate the gospel in the modern age and draws powerfully from the story of how one group of seventy-four people sought spiritual growth via an interactive digital Ignatian retreat on Facebook. Written by a Jesuit priest with years of experience in journalism as well as spiritual formation, the book draws lessons from these stories to present a “how-to” guide for individuals and groups seeking more effective ways to share faith on social media.

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  • Hit Of Hope


    In 2018, Betsy Johnson’s life went sideways. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, had to undergo chemo and radiation, and was asked for a divorce she didn’t want. Betsy knew there were all kinds of things she could do to numb the pain, but she wanted to get better, not worse. She decided to walk through this crucible with hope and grit, and thus began these meditations.

    To heal, we have to get real and name the mess, the fear, the pain. And we have to see a way forward. A way out. Or at least a way to sit while the storm crashes . . . because no storm in the history of the world has ever been able to hold the sky forever. Whatever you or someone you love are facing, these meditations can bring a hit of hope and help you not only to survive but to live light.

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  • Choosing Forgiveness : Unleash The Power Of God’s Grace


    To say that offering forgiveness is a challenge is an understatement. Forgiveness is tough! Forgiveness is often messy. Forgiveness doesn’t feel good to most of us. And when it comes to the biggest, deepest hurts in life, forgiveness can seem impossible.

    Some hurts are the everyday, garden-variety irritations we endure for having to live in the company of other human beings who lose their tempers, get up on the wrong side of the bed, say nasty things, are ungrateful, selfish, and irritable. Some hurts are of a magnitude that far transcend these — degradation, exploitation, abandonment, rejection, humiliation, racism, bullying, physical, sexual, or emotional abuse. But with God’s grace, even in those most difficult cases, forgiveness is possible.

    In Choosing Forgiveness, Fr. Thomas Berg and Dr. Timothy G. Lock are your guides on the way toward forgiveness through the grace of God. This book will help you discover the pathway to healing, peace, and interior freedom, releasing you and those who have wronged you from the bondage of unforgiveness.

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  • These 12 : The Gospel Through The Apostles’ Eyes


    The apostles weren’t random, interchangeable parts?mere pawns that Jesus exploited to accomplish his mission. No, these men were the mission. In this riveting re-examination of familiar Gospel events from the ground-floor perspective of Christ’s hand-picked heirs, author Rod Bennett takes you on a journey through the eyes of the apostles. Re-discover the true meaning of apostleship established by Jesus over 2000 years ago, and why it’s an essential mark of the one Church that Jesus founded to make the whole world his Chosen People.

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  • Walking Together : A Primer On The New Synodality


    What is synodality, and why does it matter to ordinary Catholics today? The Second Vatican Council (1962-65) shone a light on the idea of all the baptized – the whole People of God – walking, working and discerning together to further their mission as Christians. More recently, Pope Francis has brought the Church’s teaching in this area into sharper focus, calling synodality “an essential dimension of the Church.” This user-friendly guide explores this fascinating topic while preparing, encouraging and guiding readers to take part in diocesan and regional consultations leading up to the Synod on Synodality in Rome in 2023. Through this global consultation process, lay voices can be an important part of the conversation with official Church leaders as we shape the future Church together.

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  • Rising : Learning From Women’s Leadership In Catholic Ministries


    Through reflection on first-person narratives of a range of women involved in leadership positions in Catholic ministries (social justice, LCWR and religious congregations, educational, media, diocesan, NGOs, etc.), will examine the role of women in leadership in the Catholic church. The book shows the range of leadership roles that women play in the Catholic Church, explores the particular challenge that women face, as well their distinctive styles of leadership, while also pointing toward an expanded understanding of ministry and leadership in the church. The contributors represent a broad range of women in leadership positions, ranging from the conservative Becket Fund, to Sr. Simone Campbell, Kerry Robinson, Kerry Weber (America media), Sr. Carol Keehan (Catholic Health Association), Kim Daniels (staff for USCCB), etc.

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  • Forever In Thy Path


    Forever in Thy Path makes the case that the God of biblical revelation is today’s God of black liberation and that black liberation will realize itself given that the eternal power of God’s liberating presence will ultimately defeat the historical power of white supremacy. In this book the author employs “path” as a metaphor to denote the trek of black people on its liberating journey from the holds of ships to today. It affirms black strivings for freedom as consistent with divine will despite those strivings’ branding as iconoclastic and ungodly by the white Christian establishment.

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  • On Pilgrimage : The Seventies


    A collection of Dorothy Day’s “On Pilgrimage” columns from the 1970s. Highlights: Travels around the world, including Tanzania and the Soviet Union; arrest with the farmworkers at age 75; a standoff with the IRS over refusal to pay federal income tax; the end of the Vietnam War; speaking at the Eucharistic Congress; opening a new house of hospitality for homeless women; and the slow, inexorable journey toward the culmination of her “pilgrimage” in 1980. After the tumult of the 1960s, Dorothy welcomed in the 70s the signs of constructive work, pointing to an alternative society. These writings, from her last years, represent a moving testament to a life among the poor, her work as a prophetic peacemaker, her model as a new kind of saint for our times.

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  • Whole Bunch Of Values


    ??Did you know what we all have values? And some values are more important for some people that they might be for others. No matter what values you feel are important to live by, they are your values and they belong to you! Let’s go explore a whole bunch of values, including compassion, resects, responsibility, and so many more!

    A Whole Bunch of Values is a delightful book that teaches children the importance of values. Children will learn all about various values and that it’s okay to embrace different values than other people.

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  • Heavens Are Telling The Glory Of God


    Building on the work of Teilhard de Chardin, the New Cosmology integrates scientific facts and theories, including discoveries about the expanding universe and evolution, and proposes that creation is developing into greater complexity. But how are we to understand concepts like “original sin” and “redemption” if creation isn’t complete and humanity is still in process? How does one “retrofit” religious tradition and Scripture into this scenario? Is there room for the historical Jesus in the New Cosmology? While a ready concern for all Christians, this question has unique implications for women religious whose lives are centered on the person and mission of Jesus Christ. How is a Catholic sister to understand her vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in light of a cosmology in which the need for redemption and the role of Jesus are significantly redefined?

    The Heavens Are Telling the Glory of God probes these questions and offers possible answers. Beginning with the experiences of women religious and their encounter with the New Cosmology or Universe Story, this book seeks to mediate among the various perspectives and proposes how informed and reflective engagement with science, tradition, and theology can bridge the generational divides and foster a spirituality that is both emergent and incarnational.

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  • True Obedience In The Church


    Pope Benedict XVI affirmed the ongoing growth and perpetual validity of the Traditional Latin Mass, insisting that “what earlier generations held as sacred remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful.”

    However, with the 2021 release of Traditionis Custodes, his successor has declared precisely the opposite, sending shockwaves through the Church by calling for the restriction and eventual suppression of her most beautiful and venerable form of worship – and the one experiencing the most dramatic and impassioned growth.

    What is a conscientious Catholic to do?

    In this pivotal book, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski offers an essential treatise on the question of obedience in the Church-whence it derives and how it is to be properly and prudently understood and lived. He explores St. Thomas Aquinas’s guidelines on the subject, what type of obedience is necessary for salvation, and which types are lawful and unlawful. Can there be situations where the usual structures of obedience become impediments to, rather than facilitators of, the Church’s mission and the good of souls? Have there been instances in Church history where faithful priests have exercised their ministry in violation of ordinary canonical norms? How should the clergy respond if the traditional Latin Mass is forbidden to them or if it were to be declared “abrogated”? What is the proper role of conscience and how are liberal and conservative views of it defective?

    Other questions on obedience that Dr. Kwasniewski deftly engages include:

    *Is it ever licit for individuals to follow Enlightenment ideology and be their own authority?

    *What should you do when your superior instructs you to do something in contravention of God’s law?

    *Why is opposing the traditional liturgy equivalent to opposing the work of the Holy Spirit and harming the Church’s common good?

    *Are Catholics required to live in blind obedience, even in situations of anarchy or breakdown, corruption or apostasy?

    *Can Catholics who strive to preserve traditional beliefs and practices ever be credibly denounced as disobedient revolutionaries?

    *Why are unjust laws acts of violence?

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  • Rooting Out Hidden Faults


    This step-by-step guide on how to make a Particular Examen is rooted in the five wounds of Jesus and includes prayers, sample format, and predominant faults to avoid in prayer, work, study, and recreation. As most of us struggle with the same assortment of sins, these targeted reflections will assist you in conquering your faults.

    This reprint of the 1952 classic contains prayers for each topic from the traditional Roman Missal that help you foster the proper spirit of mind and unction of heart for fruitful meditation.

    Here is a valuable resource for any Catholic – priest, consecrated, or lay – wishing to develop a plan for spiritual holiness. It provides self-inventory questions for each vice to help determine angles of attack and addresses misconceptions about each vice. You will learn ways to defeat your vices, and thus serve God more wholeheartedly, and will find rules for practicing fraternal charity by contemplating the cardinal and theological virtues.

    If your root sin is a type of pride, this book will show you how to cultivate the corresponding virtue of humility by meditating on the lives of Jesus and Mary. By the same token, if your predominant fault is avarice, the biblical references provided will bolster your resolve and engender thoughts of poverty in spirit instead. Penetrating reflections are offered to overcome lust with purity, anger with meekness, gluttony with temperance, envy with common sense, and sloth with zeal.

    You will also acquire tips on how to:
    *Read the Bible more efficaciously to reflect on Christ and grow in union with God

    *Thank God for His goodness and the many graces He showers upon you and others daily

    *Ask the Holy Ghost for self-knowledge, growth in virtue, and the seven gifts

    *Determine your dominant sin and assess your progress daily through the Particular Examen

    *Practice the presence of God in imitation of Our Lady in every circumstance

    *Develop personal and practical resolutions and a firm purpose of amendment

    Hidden saints embolden the Church in times of persecution. Take up your cross. Defend your faith for God’s glory and the salvation of souls.

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  • Pocket Guide To The Stations Of The Cross


    The Pocket Guide to the Stations of the Cross invites Catholics to discover the depths of Christ’s love shown to us by his passion and death. In this beautiful book, readers will find a guide to accompany them and help them meditate on Christ’s Passion.

    Edward Sri, author and presenter of the popular Ascension studies No Greater Love and A Biblical Walk Through the Mass, explains the origins of this ancient devotion and gives powerful original meditations for each station.

    Within this small but impactful book, Catholics will encounter:

    *Gorgeous, classic artwork for every station to help meditate on the passion of Christ

    *New reflections on the scriptural Stations of the Cross

    *New reflections on the traditional Stations of the Cross

    *The origins of the Stations of the Cross

    *Why the Stations of the Cross are not just for Lent

    Its small size, place-marking ribbon, and durable Alpha Cowhide cover make the Pocket Guide to the Stations of the Cross perfect to bring with you during Lent, on Fridays, or anytime you want to pray this age-old devotion.

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  • Spiritual Excellence : The Path To Happiness, Holiness, And Heaven


    Pope Benedict XVI affirmed the ongoing growth and perpetual validity of the Traditional Latin Mass, insisting that “what earlier generations held as sacred remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful.”

    However, with the 2021 release of Traditionis Custodes, his successor has declared precisely the opposite, sending shockwaves through the Church by calling for the restriction and eventual suppression of her most beautiful and venerable form of worship – and the one experiencing the most dramatic and impassioned growth.

    What is a conscientious Catholic to do?

    In this pivotal book, Dr. Peter Kwasniewski offers an essential treatise on the question of obedience in the Church-whence it derives and how it is to be properly and prudently understood and lived. He explores St. Thomas Aquinas’s guidelines on the subject, what type of obedience is necessary for salvation, and which types are lawful and unlawful. Can there be situations where the usual structures of obedience become impediments to, rather than facilitators of, the Church’s mission and the good of souls? Have there been instances in Church history where faithful priests have exercised their ministry in violation of ordinary canonical norms? How should the clergy respond if the traditional Latin Mass is forbidden to them or if it were to be declared “abrogated”? What is the proper role of conscience and how are liberal and conservative views of it defective?

    Other questions on obedience that Dr. Kwasniewski deftly engages include:

    *Is it ever licit for individuals to follow Enlightenment ideology and be their own authority?

    *What should you do when your superior instructs you to do something in contravention of God’s law?

    *Why is opposing the traditional liturgy equivalent to opposing the work of the Holy Spirit and harming the Church’s common good?

    *Are Catholics required to live in blind obedience, even in situations of anarchy or breakdown, corruption or apostasy?

    *Can Catholics who strive to preserve traditional beliefs and practices ever be credibly denounced as disobedient revolutionaries?

    *Why are unjust laws acts of violence?

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  • Things Hidden : Scripture As Spirituality


    Discover how reading the Bible can change your life.

    The Bible is meant to be about transformation, not merely information. In Things Hidden, Richard Rohr invites you to experience Scripture as spirituality–as a living text that can breathe new life into your relationship with God and change your way of seeing the world.

    Diving deep into topics like morality, power, and wisdom, Rohr paints a picture of a biblical God who is grace-filled and abundant, and who calls us to be fully alive. Things Hidden will invigorate your relationship with the Bible and leave you feeling nourished, hopeful, and better able to embody a Christ-centered spirituality.

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  • Desecrators : Defeating The Cancel Culture Mob And Reclaiming One Nation Un


    The enemy is no longer hidden in the dark but instead operates in broad daylight. Its attacks on Americans are clear and intensifying: cancel culture, wokeness, public shaming, urban violence, “whiteness,” and critical race theory. The enemy also seeks to undermine the sacredness of human life, failing to provide basic protection for the lives of the unborn. This enemy is called the Desecrators. The Desecrators tear down not only monuments but human nature, the biblical-natural conception of marriage, the family, parental rights, fact-based education, traditional moral values, and the Church. The Desecrators are taking over the media, publishing, educational institutions, corporate boards, labor unions, amateur and professional sports, foundations, and professional associations ranging from the American Medical Association to the Chamber of Commerce. They leave nothing untouched.

    In this powerfully provocative book, Deal W. Hudson and Matt Schlapp provide firsthand accounts of the Desecrators’ actions and intentions, including their remarkably angry and uncharitable treatment of President Donald Trump, which Hudson and Schlapp uniquely observed. The authors also describe how Catholics have been stifled for years because many bishops have failed to confront pro-abortion Catholic politicians. But fortunately, there is hope. As Hudson and Schlapp lay bare the Desecrators’ path of destruction, they also lay out a plan for the faithful to turn things around. Here is a book that will embolden all people of faith and good will to make their voices heard once again in the public square and political realm by countering the enemy with reason, faith, and hope. Here is a vision to build up rather than tear down.

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  • OSV Kids Stations Of The Cross


    OSV Kids Stations of the Cross helps children understand and connect with the Passion of Christ.

    Perfect for schools, parishes, and families, this wonderfully illustrated booklet includes age-appropriate descriptions of each Station, prayers, and questions for reflection and discussion.

    This beautiful, ancient devotion allows children to understand the strength and mercy of God, to praise and thank Jesus for giving his life for us, and, ultimately, to find great hope in the redemption of the world through his holy cross.

    As children walk with Jesus in OSV Kids Stations of the Cross, they begin to see how he walks with them at home, at school, and in every moment of their lives.

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  • How To Attack Debt Build Savings And Change The World Through Generosity


    Most of us were never taught how to handle money, let alone what God has to say about it. Just thinking about money makes us worried and anxious. If you’re tired of living in debt, stuck in the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, stressed out when emergencies pop up, and wish you could be more generous, Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira are here to help.

    How to Attack Debt, Build Savings, and Change the World Through Generosity is your step-by-step guide to gaining control of your money so that, as a Catholic, you can live your life in freedom and generosity according to God’s will. The Teixeiras make learning about your finances not just informative and helpful but fun and entertaining. Among other topics, they cover:

    *What money really is – and why you should care about it as a Catholic
    *Common mistakes people make that keep them in debt
    *The key to gaining financial momentum (hint, it’s not a bigger income)
    *How to get the financial results you want while actually enjoying your life
    *A financial blueprint you can use to get out of debt, build savings, and live generously

    The Teixeiras will walk you through a proven, practical strategy for managing your money, no matter what your circumstances. You’ll hear stories from individuals and families who have applied the Teixeiras’ method and changed their lives. Ultimately, Jonathan and Amanda will equip you to pursue financial freedom for yourself and your family – and change the world while you’re at it.

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  • Beckoning : A Novel


    Tabby Long is a non-Christian girl in a Catholic school whose world gets turned upside down when her dad, who has never been a man of faith, experiences a miraculous healing on Good Friday. Her father’s dramatic religious conversion alienates her mother, who deserts the family. In her struggle to understand what has happened to her family, Tabby follows the suggestion of her school’s religion teacher, and she begins spending time reading Scripture while in Eucharistic Adoration.

    Following the practice taught by Saint Ignatius of Loyola, she inserts herself into the biblical stories she reads. Through this process, she “time travels” to first-century Jerusalem, where she is Tabitha Longinus, the daughter of the centurion Gaius Cassius Longinus, who pierces the side of the crucified Jesus, incurs a spontaneous healing, and undergoes immediate conversion. Tabitha is a Gentile girl with Jewish friends and a mother who can’t accept her husband’s newfound (and dangerous) faith.

    When her mother flees to Rome and her father retires from the army and leaves Jerusalem, Tabitha finds herself alone in the holy city, her life in jeopardy for having entered a part of the Temple that is off-limits to Gentiles. She is drawn into belief in Jesus through her friends who are close to the Apostles, even as she struggles to devise a way to save and reunite her family — a duty that consumes her in her modern-day life as well.

    Tabitha’s experiences are rooted in the stories found in the first ten chapters of the Acts of the Apostles. On the last of several days of her Scripture meditations, Tabby emerges from Adoration with a newfound faith and clarity about how her family can be reunited and healed, all with the help of the Lord.

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  • Gods Superheroes Amazing Catholic Women


    Superheroes are everywhere — in movies, on television, and in video games. It’s exciting to think about these extraordinary people with amazing powers who save us from evil and are a force for good in the world.

    But did you know that God has real-life superheroes of his own? They started out as ordinary people. Then something (God!) happened to them, and they changed.

    God’s Superheroes will introduce you to more than three dozen amazing Catholic women, including Saint Brigid, Saint Joan of Arc, Saint Josephine Bakhita, Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Venerable Satoko Kitahara, Saint Teresa of Calcutta, Servant of God Thea Bowman, Saint Therese of Lisieux, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    The women in this book went out into our world with courage and determination. Whether as mothers, religious, or teenaged girls they stood against evil and made a difference. Some even had superpowers — they could be in two places at once, or read minds, or heal sickness! They all used the talents God gave them and sacrificed to change the world for the better. They are still champions for good today, and these are their stories. These amazing Catholic women want to stand by your side throughout your adventures and help with the obstacles you face. They want you to become one of God’s superheroes, too!

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  • Gods Superheroes Amazing Catholic Men


    Superheroes are everywhere — in movies, on television, and in video games. It’s exciting to think about these extraordinary people with amazing powers who save us from evil and are a force for good in the world.

    But did you know that God has real-life superheroes of his own? They started out as ordinary people. Then something (God!) happened to them, and they changed.

    God’s Superheroes highlights three dozen amazing Catholic men, including Venerable Augustus Tolton, Saint Anthony of Padua, Blessed Carlo Acutis, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint John Paul II, Servant of God Nicholas Black Elk, Blessed Miguel Pro, Blessed Justo Takayama Ukon, and Saint Joseph.

    The men in this book were brave and bold in their Catholic faith. Whether as fathers, priests, or teenaged boys, they stood against evil and made a difference. Some even had superpowers — they could fly in the air, or foretell the future, or cure the sick! They all used the talents God gave them and sacrificed to change the world for the better. They are still champions for good today, and these are their stories. These amazing Catholic men want to stand by your side throughout your adventures and help with the obstacles you face. They want you to become one of God’s superheroes, too!

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  • Lifetime Of Love


    If you ask legendary football coach Lou Holtz about his greatest accomplishment, he doesn’t talk about winning a national championship at the University of Notre Dame. Instead, he’s most proud of his fifty-nine-year marriage to Beth and raising their four successful children together.

    In A Lifetime of Love, Holtz offers couples young and old practical advice on marriage and parenting gleaned from his fifty-nine year marriage. He shares stories from he and Beth’s life away from the football field that reveal the couple’s deep faith in God and commitment to each other and their children.

    The Holtzes faced many challenges throughout their marriage: Lou’s coaching jobs meant he was often away from home and caused their family to move multiple times. Beth suffered a long battle with illness. Through it all their marriage–and family–remained strong because of the practical lessons they learned as they rode the ups and downs of life.

    In this inspiring story, you’ll find Lou and Beth’s powerful examples for successful marriage and parenting, including:

    *Find ways to connect daily.
    *Make sure your children feel loved and appreciated.
    *Be intentional about time together.
    *Learn from each other and accommodate one another’s needs.
    *Prioritize faith and prayer.

    The Holtzes intended to write this book together, but after Beth’s death Lou decided to celebrate his wife’s memory by completing the story of their life together. Their children–Luanne, Skip, Kevin, Elizabeth, and their spouses–also share memories of growing up in the Holtz family, adding their voices to the story of their parents’ love.

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  • Art Of Dying Well


    Rather than turning away from death, great saints such as Robert Bellarmine, the author of this book, use it as a lens through which to view life from the right perspective – God’s perspective.

    Seen this way, death becomes for them – and can become for you – a source of spiritual liberation rather than a reason for fear, enabling you to love the world as it ought to be loved and to answer your final summons with joy.

    St. Robert Bellarmine makes it simple for you. He explains sixteen things you can do to put your life in order now, so you’ll start living better today and be prepared for death whenever it comes, be it tomorrow or years from now. Not only will these sixteen insightful measures free you from fear; they’ll invigorate your spiritual life and bring into all aspects of your life the consoling peace of Christ.

    Let St. Robert Bellarmine – the brilliant Doctor of the Church who influenced the writing of the Declaration of Independence and other American founding documents – introduce you to the art of dying well. You’ll discover:

    *Why learning these principles is more important than anything else you can do today
    *How to die to the world while living in it – without losing the truly good things in life
    *Fasting: how this spiritual discipline can determine your soul’s destiny
    *The secret spoiler of prayers and good works: has it crept into your heart?
    *Why now is the time to prepare for death – whether you’re young or in your twilight years
    *And much more to help you learn to live well now and to die holy when God calls you!

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  • Deceiver : Our Daily Struggle With Satan


    Fr. Livio Fanzaga, the Rome-educated, Vatican-endorsed writer and director of Europe’s largest Catholic radio network, warns: Efforts to soft-pedal the reality and continuous threat of the devil have left many Catholics “unarmed and unprepared” to resist him. But the question is: How does Satan tempt and deceive us? And how can we see through and resist him?

    In The Deceiver: Our Daily Struggle with Satan, Fr. Fanzaga confidently guides you through everything the Catechism, Sacred Scripture, and the wisdom of the saints tell us about the wiles and antics of the devil. You’ll come to understand why evil exists, and you’ll explore real-life examples of how the enemy tempts and ensnares us. The Deceiver masterfully unmasks the devil’s seductive plan to create a kingdom of his own in your heart, ruled by pride, sensuality, greed, anger, fear, violence, and destruction.

    Most importantly, Fr. Fanzaga provides you with the weapons you need to combat the darkness of the enemy and the seven capital vices. “Satan wants to buy you at a cheap price, but Jesus has poured out His blood in order to obtain your soul,” reflects the author.

    These pages correct many of the most common misconceptions about Satan while shedding important light on the end times. They also reveal:

    *The strategy of the evil one in attacking our minds and hearts
    *Why sin is so alluring
    *How we can help – and harm – others on their way to salvation
    *How you can use the light of God to expose evil
    *How to be on constant guard against temptation and Satan’s traps
    *The proper roles of repentance and mortification
    *The keys to opening your soul to grace and discernment

    Fr. Fanzaga warns us in this stunning book: “In a cultural climate that excludes the supernatural, the devil acts without being noticed. In a context of life in which God and His moral law are denied, Satan moves like a fish in water. Souls without light and deprived of the weapons of the holy battle are doomed.”

    The Deceiver will equip you with the weapons you need to defeat Satan while opening your eyes to the miracles of God’s healing love as you prepare for eternity.

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  • Therese De Lisieux


    In 1895, at the Carmel of Lisieux, sister Therese of the Child Jesus, following the order of her Prioress, her own sister Pauline, undertakes to write her life story. At first, The Little Flower was Therese Martin, a hypersensitive child, following her mother’s premature death. When she joins the Carmel order of her sister Pauline, who in many aspects replaced her mother, a strange illness takes over her and interferes with her abilities. But the miraculous smile of a Virgin Mary statue sparks off her swift recovery. But that is not all – Therese receives a second blessing on Christmas Eve, and overcomes her hypersensitivity. From then on, and in her own words, she starts “to run like a giant”, and obtains a derogation to enter the Carmel of Lisieux at the premature age of 15. She dies of tuberculosis on September 30th, 1897, leaving her burning, passionate autobiography, The Story of a Soul.

    At dawn on the day she was born, Therese Martin receives from a child the promise to become a rose one day. Twenty-four years later, at the Carmel of Lisieux, she promises “to let fall a shower of roses” upon her death. Mysteriously followed by this mystical leitmotiv, Therese lets herself be consumed by love until her very last breath. According to her, to love is to give all. In a century still marked by jansenism, she rediscovers Divine Mercy and invents a spiritual childhood path, which will later make her a Doctor of the Church. After Joan of Arc, whom she deeply admired, she is the Second Patron of France.

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  • Devil In The Castle


    We often think of demons appearing only in extravagant and extraordinary manifestations or working only through “bad” people. But the truth is more frightening than that. Most demonic activity takes place undetected, under the radar, and can even be hidden in our own prayer lives and in the churches where we attend Mass. Subtlety, illusion, and deceit are the preferred tactics of Satan’s army of fallen angels, and they are waging an invisible battle for souls – right now – within and around us all.

    With St. Teresa of Avila’s masterpiece The Interior Castle as his guide, bestselling author Dan Burke takes you on an illuminating journey through the seven levels of spiritual progress, explaining what God is accomplishing within your soul at each stage, as well as the finely tailored demonic strategies applied to throw you off your path.

    You’ll learn how the devil is as active in your prayer life as you are, and how the saints were able to counter Satan as he adapted his schemes to correspond with where they were on their spiritual journeys.

    By discovering the myriad challenges St. Teresa faced and the remedies she employed to advance the spiritual progress of her soul, you’ll know precisely what to expect as you progress in your current state to your final spiritual destination. You’ll also learn:

    *The marks of authentic contemplative encounter with God
    *Why God uses dryness in prayer to advance the progress of our souls
    *How to know if you’re still in the “Purgative Way”
    *How desolation can work for the good of the soul
    *Why it’s dangerous to assume that your decisions are correct if you feel at peace
    *How to fight distraction in prayer
    *The 11 ways to test the authenticity of charismatic gifts

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  • Saint Francis And The Way Of Lent


    The Francis of Assisi Spiritual Practices series utilizes New City’s groundbreaking and now complete Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, Volumes 1-4 to offer readers of all backgrounds inspiring, encouraging, and challenging entry-points to the essential issues of a Christian life. Each book in the series should appeal to readers who desire to walk the Way of Saint Francis with relevance to his life, writings, and legacy.

    Saint Francis and the Way of Lent offers a four-week format designed for both individual and group use. Each week, or chapter, focuses on a Lenten theme:

    Week 1: Lent as a Balanced Way of Life

    Week 2: The Lost Art of Compunction

    Week 3: Spending Time Alone

    Week 4: Imitating Christ

    Short introductions are written by the editor and designed to preface selections from the primary texts, and these are followed by questions for discussion or reflection. There are six readings for each week, followed by prayers of intention and spiritual practice suggestions practice suggestions to deepen your Lenten journey as you follow Christ in the Way of Saint Francis.

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  • Homeboy Way : A Radical Approach To Business And Life


    Leading with heart, authenticity and purpose, Thomas Vozzo provides a clear path to a new bottom line–including 55 rules to break–bringing the Homeboy Way to life as the perfect anecdote to the massive tidal currents of social injustice and inequities.

    By every traditional measurement of success, Vozzo was a clear winner. In his world of billion-dollar revenues and million-dollar profits, he knew exactly what shareholders wanted and how to get it for them.

    Then, through a series of fateful events, Vozzo landed as CEO of Homeboy Industries, the most successful gang intervention, rehabilitation, and re-entry program in the country, founded by Jesuit priest Greg Boyle. “I arrived at Homeboy at a time when I needed to learn more about myself and my life’s journey,” Vozzo writes. “And after 8 years of working with the poor, forgotten, and demonized people of our society, I’ve come to learn that I didn’t really know as much about life as I thought.”

    Vozzo’s enlightening journey leads to his recognition that a radical approach is needed in business and in life: “What Homeboy has taught me is that we need to do business differently . . . . We need to bust up the system, swim upstream, avoid herd mentality.”

    Blending personal stories of his day-to-day with Fr. Greg and the Homies along with counterintuitive business ideas that are changing lives for the better, Vozzo shows you how you can live, lead, and shake things up with toughness, determination, compassion, and grit.

    That’s the Homeboy Way.

    100% of author royalties go to support the mission of Homeboy Industries.

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  • Cathonomics : How Catholic Tradition Can Create A More Just Economy


    A Georgetown University Press Title

    As inequality skyrockets, economists and politicians alike demand a new economic paradigm to promote the common good. In Cathonomics, Anthony M. Annett draws on economics, Catholic social thought, philosophy, climate science, and psychology to show how readers of all faiths and backgrounds can work together to create a more just economy.

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  • Luminous : A 30-day Journal For Accepting Your Body Honoring Your Soul And


    What if your body could be a good and true part of your spiritual life?

    Every day, women are inundated with internal and external messages that pit us against our own bodies, resulting in dissatisfaction, shame, and an inability to experience our bodies as connected to our souls. We long to break these chains and reclaim the sacredness of our flesh and bones, but lack the tools to do so–keeping us stuck in harmful cycles of self-loathing.

    In Luminous: a 30-Day Journal for Accepting Your Body, Honoring Your Soul, and Finding Your Joy, author Shannon K. Evans offers women the chance to reflect on the connection between our bodies and our souls, to question the lies we have swallowed about things like aging and weight gain, and to dare to imagine a vibrant spiritual life that radiates from the inside out.

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  • Dies Irae : The Sequence Of The Mass For The Dead


    A sign will appear in the sky before the glorious return of Christ the King. Angelic trumpets will sound, and the dead will arise. Souls who humbly wait in expectation will rejoice and enter into heavenly rest. Those who reject God will cry in terror, as they enter the eternal flames.

    “Dies Irae” (day of wrath), called “a musical gem even without the music” and “the giant among hymns,” was composed by Thomas of Celano, a companion and the first biographer of St. Francis of Assisi. First written in Latin, it has been translated hundreds of times into many languages and is regarded even by secular experts as one of the greatest masterpiece of Western poetry.

    In this reprint of his classic work, Msgr. Nicholaus Gihr elucidates Dies Irae: The Sequence of the Mass for the Dead for devotional reading and meditation. Although we do not know when the end of the world and the final judgment will come, each soul will face a particular judgment upon his death. Drawing from the Bible, the Liturgy of the Church, and the writings of the saints, Msgr. Gihr grandiloquently reflects upon the beauty and insights of this renowned lyric poem and chant, allowing the reader to dwell upon the soul’s final journey in a way that is both convicting and inspiring. Msgr. Gihr’s reflections challenge and spur us on; amid pain and suffering, his words comfort and uplift.

    As “the Day” draws near, Rev. Gihr encourages readers to:

    *keep watch, as in Advent, and cast off sloth

    *fulfill even the smallest duties with intentionality

    *guard against idle conversations and indifference

    *reflect upon the things of Heaven

    *remember that thoughts, actions, and inactions will be revealed

    *repent, serve the poor, and show and receive God’s mercy

    *abandon lukewarmness, pray for others, fast, and do penance

    *adore in fear and trembling now

    *ask the intercession of Our Lady, the angels, and the saints now … to enjoy their friendship later!

    Dies Irae reminds us that the future of the just is hopeful, since God will re-create the earth and transform our lowly bodies into glorified bodies. Although the day of reckoning must inspire a just

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  • Companion Book Of Catholic Days


    This beautiful book will bring the rich traditions of the Catholic Church’s liturgical year into your home and your heart. You’ll find each month and season of the liturgical year is brimming with possibilities–feasts to be celebrated, litanies to discover, and saints to befriend. Throughout the year, you will learn and be encouraged by the saints, follow feasts and fasts, tune into the Liturgy of the Hours, and offer up a penance on Fridays in commemoration of Jesus’ sacrifice for you. Most importantly, you’ll grow closer to the Lord. Practical and easy to use, you’ll find opportunities to connect to your faith in meaningful and extraordinary ways, including ideas for finding time to pray, making seasonal snacks for the whole family, observing a meaningful Lent, celebrating the full Octave of Christmas, and so much more! Discover how you can grow closer to the Lord as you connect with him through the Church, her rhythms, and the many celebrations and observances she offers us.

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  • Easter Season Of Realized Hope


    Easter is the high point of the church year and the very heart of Christian hope, and yet sometimes we are tempted to simply move on once Easter Sunday is over. Easter, Season of Realized Hope invites us to linger a bit. Join the women who visit the tomb of Jesus in the early morning and encounter the risen Lord. Travel with the disciples walking to Emmaus and let your heart burn with recognition. Learn from Paul what a difference it makes that Christ is risen. Let your deepest hopes be realized.

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  • Benedict 16th : Defender Of The Faith


    Pope Benedict XVI will go down in Church history as one of the greatest popes. In this heartfelt defense of Pope Benedict’s words and works, a tribute to his life and legacy and a homage to his sanity and sanctity, Joseph Pearce’s biography provides an unforgettable encounter with this great historical figure.

    As the defender of the Faith, Pope Benedict XVI fought tirelessly and largely successfully against the forces of secularism first as the indomitable Ratzinger and then as the incomparable supreme pontiff. As an uncompromising defender of the dignity of the human person, he fought the wickedness of the world in his unremitting battle against the dictatorship of relativism and its culture of death. Within the Church, he fought against the spirit of the world in his war on modernism and its worship of the spirit of the age, restoring the splendor of truth in his defense of orthodoxy and the splendor of the liturgy in his defense of tradition. Years from now, Catholics will still look back on Pope Benedict’s enduring legacy with enormous gratitude. For he successfully steered the barque of Peter in charity and truth against the evil tides that sought to engulf the Church.

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  • Ever Ancient Ever New


    The Church is enduring one of the worst crises in her history. There has been a collapse in the number of laity, clergy, and religious participating in the Catholic faith. According to the Index of Leading Catholic Indicators: The Church Since Vatican II, approximately 460 million Catholics have left the Faith since Vatican II. Not only is there a crisis in participation, there are a plethora of surveys which reveal the extent of heterodox teachings in the modern United States Church.

    Despite this rapid decline in Catholic demographics, there is hope. A recent study conducted by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter found that while Novus Ordo (that is, the 1969 Mass of Pope Paul VI) parishes have been shrinking, parishes that offer the Latin Mass have been growing. Another study conducted by Dr. Joseph Shaw found that the average traditional parish has larger family sizes, younger attendees, and higher male attendance. What is the explanation for this?

    In Ever Ancient, Ever New, millennials enthralled with the traditional devotions of our Faith which have been left largely abandoned since Vatican II explain this phenomenon. These authors include Alexander Tschugguel, Stephanie Nicholas, as well as Timothy, and Stephanie Gordon.

    Ever Ancient, Ever New offers the path forward for the Church’s future: her past.

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  • Lenten Cookbook


    From hearty breads to succulent stews to mouth-watering omelets and desserts, award-winning chef and former Vatican Swiss Guard David Geisser returns with 75 new international recipes that were specially conceived for the penitential season of Lent. From delicious soups and salads to zesty curries and rich smoothies, Chef Geisser offers here a uniquely Catholic way of celebrating the Lenten season in your home each year.

    Much more than a cookbook, this first-ever guidebook for mealtimes in Lent features essays from acclaimed biblical scholar Scott Hahn, who reflects on the history of fasting and its integral role in our personal spiritual growth. Hahn guides you on how to practice a holy Lent that will enable you to return your focus to Christ, and how to carry the unique and extraordinary joys of Lent forward into the rest of the year. You’ll also learn of forgotten Catholic traditions and timeless customs, such as St. Martin’s Lent, Ember Days, and Rogation Days and how you can apply these time-honored periods of grace to your spiritual life today.

    Here’s a culinary masterpiece that is a must-have for any Catholic and an ideal gift for a loved one’s kitchen or coffee table. It also includes:

    *Scores of meatless dishes that are both simple and savory
    *Nearly 50 pages of exclusive content from Scott Hahn on the Lenten season
    *Over a dozen meals ideally suited for those pursuing a rigorous Lent
    *Several variations on the traditional Lenten hot-cross bun recipe
    *Inspiring Scripture verses and quotes from the saints to keep you on track this Lent.

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  • Good Life Method


    SKU (ISBN): 9781984880307Meghan Sullivan | Paul BlaschkoBinding: Cloth TextPublished: 2022Publisher: Penguin Group USA

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  • Imagine You Walked With Jesus


    Contemplative, or imaginative, prayer is a method of meditative prayer developed by Saint Ignatius of Loyola in which you imagine yourself as a character in a Bible story, experiencing the events described in the passage as if you were actually there.

    In Imagine You Walked with Jesus, you’ll be introduced to contemplative prayer through forty episodes from the Gospels. Each entry includes:

    *A brief introduction to the Bible text, with vivid details to aid your imagination and place the text in a larger interpretative context

    *An introductory prayer

    *The full text of the Bible passage

    *Journaling prompts

    As you prayerfully immerse yourself in the Bible passages in this book, you’ll be invited to draw on your imagination to rewrite the story from your own perspective: what you saw and heard, your feelings and emotions, and how you interacted with Jesus and the other people present in the story.

    Saint Ignatius taught that the imagination can be an instrument of prayer. By imagining how we would respond to a particular biblical episode, we can respond to God’s word in a deeper, more meaningful way — and perhaps hear what God has to say to us, too.

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  • Whats Wrong With The World


    In the aptly titled treatise What’s Wrong With the World, one of the twentieth century’s most memorable and prolific writers takes on education, government, big business, feminism, and a host of other topics. A steadfast champion of the working man, family, and faith, Chesterton eloquently opposed materialism, snobbery, hypocrisy, and any adversary of freedom and simplicity in modern society.

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  • Greatest Commandment : A Fulton Sheen Anthology On Love


    In modernity, the word love is one of the most commonly misused and abused in our language. Devoid of order, misconceptions about love run rampant, steeped as we are in narcissism, secular humanism, relativism, and hedonism. Separated from God, society tragically propagates a notion of love that is, in truth, the antithesis of authentic love.

    Now more than ever we need Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen’s wisdom, wit, and logic to refute these errors. In our sightless, irrational, and deeply polarized world, his prescient words elucidate the most divisive issues of our time. Mindful that we are all children of God, Archbishop Sheen decries anti-Semitism, racism, and sexism. He also explains what real tolerance means and why anti-hate campaigns don’t work.

    The Greatest Commandment is a timely reprint of Archbishop Sheen’s two seminal books Love One Another and God Love You. This anthology of his bestselling reflections also contains quotes and prayers that he compiled to foster ecumenism and societal unity. Drawing on Sacred Scripture, the writings of the saints, and philosophy, Archbishop Sheen explains:

    *The meaning of love in light of the Holy Trinity
    *Why God created us to love – and to be loved
    *The three types of love and the nine ingredients to charity
    *How Heaven is the ultimate fulfillment of our joy, desire, and love
    *Why love cannot exist without truth
    *How we give the greatest glory to God at Mass by uniting ourselves to Christ

    A treasure to contemplate, The Greatest Commandment expounds upon our deep-seated need to love God and implore His mercy by developing a personal relationship with Him through Sacred Scripture and the Sacraments, especially the Holy Eucharist and Confession. God’s loving quest for our souls in turn impels us to love our neighbor. Love is a decision and requires sacrifice; it is the total gift of self for another. Our witness aids the disillusioned in finding their way to God. By cooperating with God’s Love, we will bring about the restoration of the world.

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  • Catholic Mass : Steps To Restore The Centrality Of God In The Liturgy


    We are going through a period of liturgical exile, explains Bishop Athanasius Schneider in this enlightening book, and the vast proliferation of modern abuses are crying out for liturgical reform. The primary source of most modern abuses, he declares, is man’s narcissistic tendency to idolize himself instead of paying homage to God.

    In what is sure to be seen as one of the most impressive and authoritative books ever written on the Catholic Mass, Bishop Schneider reestablishes what Catholics have known for centuries but have largely forgotten today: that the Mass is the highest form of Christian prayer, which enables us to express with exterior worship our interior belief.

    He describes how saints such as Padre Pio and John Vianney helped the faithful enter into a profound spiritual experience during Mass, and he explains why the Mass should serve as a means to lift our hearts to God so we can surrender to His will. You’ll come to understand why the rubrics are vital to preserving the authenticity of the liturgy, and you’ll learn why architecture, music, sacred art, and even incense are vital symbols that direct our attention to Heaven. You’ll also learn:

    *How to recollect and listen to God’s Word properly
    *The keys to lifting your heart and surrendering to God’s will at Mass
    *Why it’s essential to celebrate the Mass ad orientem
    *How following the rituals assists you in contemplating the spiritual
    *Ways you can unite yourself to the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross
    *The most profitable ways of spending time in thanksgiving following Holy Communion

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  • Unforgettable : How Remembering God’s Presence In Our Past Brings Hope To O


    From beloved spiritual writer and Catholic leader Gregory Floyd comes a moving meditation on the power of memory and how God is often more clearly seen when we look back.

    This is a book about memory, about what stays in the mind, and why. It is a book about the presence of God in our lives and the sights, sounds, words, and experiences that become unforgettable. Beginning with a single word he heard in the middle of the night–one that changed his life–this powerful memoir by Gregory Floyd asks the question: without memory, who are we? It is a meditation on beauty, marriage, family, and prayer, asking of the memories that each implants: what do they reveal? Where do they lead? –and witnessing to their potential to draw us to God.

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  • Immersion : A Pilgrimage Into Service


    Immersion: A Pilgrimage into Service is a resource for those discerning or undergoing an immersive service experience or post-graduate volunteer service program. It utilizes recent Catholic social thought, Scripture, an Ignatian paradigm of service-reflection and Christian spirituality. This book helps readers to identify and navigate their innermost call to service by providing tools for reflection and discernment. It also challenges harmful attitudes that can reinforce unhealthy uses of privilege and power and perpetuate historically deleterious impacts on host communities through cultural and racial hegemony. A book which invites reflection on the motives, potential pitfalls, and outcomes of immersion and service programs is timely as the United States grapples with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and a greater sense of the need for racial justice. Despite the vast resources used to sustain immersion and post-graduate volunteer programs, there are few resources to guide students, their parents, team leaders, discerning post-graduate volunteer participants, and program directors through the personal, social, and spiritual transformation that is sparked by these experiences. Immersion: A Pilgrimage into Service fills that void.

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  • Saint Mary Of Egypt


    From its origins in the fourth and fifth centuries, first in monastic circles and then in wider Christian communities, the story of Mary of Egypt was wildly popular. From early Christianity through the medieval periods, from Egypt to Scandinavia, verse lives in Greek, Latin, and vernacular languages portray her as the model of repentance. Continuously venerated in the liturgy and icons of the Orthodox Churches, she is now seldom known in the West. This modern verse life and the accompanying essay reintroduces St. Mary’s extraordinary life, its theological and spiritual implications, and its remarkable depiction of gender complementarity.

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  • Braving The Thin Places


    A “thin place” is where God’s grace is waiting to happen.

    Your thin place might be an important threshold, a soul friendship, a fresh chapter in your own life story, a painful secret or fear, or a time of hardship. Whatever the circumstance, a thin place is where God and humanity meet in a mysterious way. These moments open us to places of rawness and beauty. When we enter into a thin place, something seems to break open inside us, and words are inadequate to describe what we are experiencing. In these moments, we feel a sense of breakthrough as we break free of the ordinary and experience the extraordinary amid our daily lives.

    Drawing on her Irish-Celtic heritage, Julianne Stanz helps us explore those times and holy places of transformation. Inspired by faith and guided by spiritual practices, we can experience each thin place as a point of departure on a sacred journey to a truer understanding of who we are meant to be.

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  • From The Depths Of The Heart


    St. Gregory of Narek (ca. 945-1003), Armenian mystic poet and theologian, was named Doctor of the Church by Pope Francis on April 12, 2015. Not so well known in the West, the saint holds a distinctive place in the Armenian Church by virtue of his Prayer Book and hymnic odes-among other works. His writings are equally prized as literary masterpieces, with the Prayer Book as the magnum opus. With this meticulous translation of the prayers, St. Gregory of Narek enters another millennium of wonderment, now in a wider circle. The prayers resound from their author’s heart-albeit in a different language, rendered by a renowned translator of early Armenian texts and a theologian.

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  • White Stone : The Art Of Letting Go


    Esther de Waal is one of today’s most beloved spiritual writers. In The White Stone, she reflects on the changes and losses that come with growing older. Esther reflects on solitude and, following a period of illness, saying goodbye to a family home and the Welsh border landscape she had known for decades which inspired some of her greatest writing. In her characteristic style, she sees everything as a portal into a deeper spiritual understanding.

    She draws on the wealth of the Christian tradition, especially scripture and the monastic and Celtic spiritualities she knows so well, to help her navigate her way through not only the inevitable sense of loss that accompanies such change, but also to embrace the new possibilities it brings. The white stone of the title refers to a small pebble from the river that ran through her garden that she keeps in her pocket, but also strikes a note of hope referring to the new identity promised by God (Revelation 2.17). This is a book of simple, profound wisdom that will speak to many coping with change in their own lives.

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  • Revelation


    The book of Revelation, also known as the Apocalypse, has fascinated believers for centuries. Colorful imagery, rich symbolism, layers of meaning, and brilliant allusions to the Old Testament convey the book’s perennial truth: God will triumph over evil, and God’s faithful ones will share in that victory. Break open this ancient text with Little Rock Scripture Study’s Revelation and discover its ongoing relevance for us today. Commentary, study and reflection questions, prayers, and access to online lectures are included. 7 lessons.

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  • Being Claimed By The Eucharist We Celebrate


    The eucharistic celebration is a vital part of the life and ministry of every priest and deacon. At the same time, the Eucharist is also a compelling narrative of all that Christ is for the People of God. In this book, Fr. Detisch explores a spirituality of holy orders through the eucharistic actions of Christ: take, bless, break, and give. These are more than ritual actions the deacon or priest performs within the liturgy. As they did for Jesus Christ, these eucharistic words define who a priest or deacon is for God’s people.

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