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  • Bible By Jesus


    Encounter Jesus in every page of Scripture!

    The Bible is far ore than a guidebook of moral codes and life lessons. What’s revealed in the timeless pages of Scripture is the only answer that can satisfy the longing of every human heart.

    The Bible As Told By Jesus is a unique presentation of the Scriptures from the perspective of the Author Himself. Reinforced by Dr. Elmer Towns’ 60-plus years of ministry and extensive study of the Scriptures, this powerful translation of the Old and New Testaments will usher you into a fresh level of intimate experience with God through His Word.

    As you see Christ in every book of the Bible, the way you understand Scripture will be completely transformed!

    *Encounter the Old Testament as a gateway to knowing Jesus in a deeper way than ever before.
    *Learn to hear the voice of Jesus speaking through the epistles and Pauline letters, revealing His divine nature, purposes, and will for His people.
    *Experience Scripture as an invitation to a lifestyle of sustained encounter with God.

    Within the pages of Scripture is the very Son of God Himself. Draw near and encounter His Presence today!

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